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Modern football is a big-stakes sport. Since going commercial, football has transformed clubs into limited companies. And as is the case with such institutions, the bottom line is key. That reality has seen clubs investing big in their physical infrastructure, technical, and playing units. The underlying motivation is to enhance their competitiveness at the highest …

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The global gambling industry has experienced a massive boom in recent years. Many countries have relaxed their anti-gambling laws, increasing legal gambling venues and online casinos. Inadvertently, that has led to the thriving of certain gambling firms. has been following the trends in the sector. In a new data presentation, the site has shown …

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online casino legislation in the us

The U.S. gambling industry recorded massive gains in its 2021 revenues. According to a presentation, the sector made returns of $52.99B, setting a new gross gaming revenue (GGR)mark. These were 77% better than the $29.98B that the industry achieved in 2020. The sector’s 2020 figures were a 31% drop from 2019’s GGR of $43.65B. …

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