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Football betting in the UK is huge, so it’s no surprise that one of the sport’s top continental competitions draws a large betting crowd. With more bettors than ever playing online, there’s no shortage of Europa League betting sites, while the internet is now awash with Europa League betting tips too.

With so much noise and so many options, it can be a daunting task selecting a site to bet with, especially for the newcomer. Fortunately, we’ve sifted through the options, and so you can make the right choice, have compiled a list of the top ten Europa League betting sites.

Our Recommended Bookmakers For Europa League Bets

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How we rank Europa League betting sites

  • Safety – We take safe betting very seriously and thus nothing carries more weight for us when it comes to compiling top 10’s. As such, there are various security measures that Europa League betting sites must have in place. They also need to ensure that they adhere to regulations and that customers are treated fairly.
  • Markets – Markets are important too, specifically the number of markets. It’s no good for a Europa League betting site to offer great odds if they only offer a small number of markets. The more choice in terms of markets, the higher a site will rank.
  • Promotions – While perhaps not as weighty in terms of importance as the above, bonuses can still make the difference between ranking highly or lowly on the list, so those sites that consistently offer good sign-up offers, price boosts, free bets or Europa League specials feature prominently in our top 10.
  • Odds – The best betting sites need to be offering good odds on a consistent basis. Those who do not will struggle to find a place in our top 10.
  • Features – Sites that go above and beyond in terms of features often rank higher than others. Betting sites with useful features such as cash-out, Europa League specific stats, great content, live streaming, and Europa League betting are those that rank the highest.
  • Usability – Usability is important. For all the categories above are key, they become somewhat insignificant if a Europa League betting site is difficult to use. To feature in our top 10, a site must be both aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate.

Popular Europa League betting markets

Outright Winner

This market allows punters to bet on which team they think will win the tournament. Many punters choose to bet on this market before the competition has begun, though players can still select the winner in the Europa League outright betting market all the way up until the final.

To Reach the Final

Not different from ‘Outright Winner’ in that punters can place the bet before the tournament begins, ‘To Reach the Final’ is where a team can be selected to reach the final. For the bet to be classed as a winner, the selected team must reach the final, though the result of the final match is irrelevant.

Top Scorer

Usually placed before the competition begins, this market allows punters to bet on a player to finish the tournament with the most individual goals. To win, the selected player must finish the tournament with the highest number of individual goals. Punters can also place an ‘each-way’ top scorer bet. In other words, they will place two bets, one bet on the player to finish as the top scorer, and another on the player to finish in the places. This means that a payout will be made if the player finish 2nd, 3rd or sometimes 4th (depending on the Europa League betting sites used, but it will be smaller than if the player finishes as the top scorer in his own right.

Group Winner

Does what is says on the tin. Punters can select which teams will win which groups. The winner of just one group can be selected, or if a bigger win is what you’re after, the winner of multiple groups can be selected together.

Stage of Elimination

This market allows punters to bet on what stage a team will exit the competition. For example, ‘Valencia to be Eliminated in the Round of 16’. For such a bet to yield a return, the Spaniards would need to be knocked out in the Round of 16. Before or after this stage would result in a loss.


Unsurprisingly, the ‘Win/Draw/Win’ market, which is arguably the most popular generic type of football betting, is hugely popular when it comes to the Europa League. As the name of the market suggests, bettors can select a home win, the draw, or an away win.

Both Teams to Score

‘Both Teams to Score’, which is commonly referred to as ‘BTTS’, is a market that’s all about goals and thus results have no meaning. Punters simply choose whether both teams will score or not. If ‘BTTS – YES’ is chosen, then both the home and away side will need to find the net for the bet to be paid out as a winner, but if ‘BTTS – NO’ is taken, then at least one of the teams must fail to score.

Under/Over 2.5

Another massively popular Europa League betting market. ‘Over/Under 2.5’, is a goal orientated market, so punters choose if there will be more, or less than three goals in the match. If the over is taken, then at least three goals need to go in for a return. Similarly, if the under is taken, less than three goals must be scored.

How to succeed at Europa League betting

The Europa League can be a fun competition to bet on, especially as there are often upsets, though for some it can be a more serious pursuit.

Europa League betting tips

  • Information. We’re living in a digital age, an age where there is no shortage of information, so find this information, harness it, and use it to your advantage. Take a look at a Europa League betting preview written by a respected writer/expert, learn from them. Some stuff is easier to find than others, but there’s plenty of resources out there that can lend a hand with Europa League betting.
  • Team news. It’s important to factor in team news whenever weighing up a football match from a betting perspective, but it is perhaps more important in this competition. Bigger clubs will often make several changes ahead of a Europa League club, so to make better informed betting decisions, it’s necessary to stay on top of team news and personnel developments.
  • Manager/team preferences. The Europa League is quite a divisive competition, especially for teams in the bigger leagues. Some managers love the tournament, while other shun it completely. Knowing manager/club preferences is also important when weighing up Europa League betting odds.
  • Keep a record. Keeping a record of your bets is a must, not only because this allows you stay on top of the profit and loss, but as it can help to provide an insight into the areas in which you’re doing well. When recording bets, note down bet types to get a fuller picture.
  • Specialise. Those punters who take things seriously specialise. Even if we’re focused on just one competition, in this case the Europa League, there are simply too many markets for us to attack on all fronts. Pick an area to focus on, such as ‘Over/Under’ or ‘Asian Handicap’. If you want to go even more niche, then you could, for example, specialise is betting on under valued home teams, or betting on home underdogs on the handicap markets.
  • Value. Above all, learning about value is key. Value is a highly spoken about term when it comes to football betting, and with good reason. If you’re to have any success betting on the Europa League, then it is imperative that you’re somebody who can identify value. After that, you should be only when value exists. Value is something that cannot really be covered in a few lines, but in essence, value exists when the odds of a selection are greater than the true probability, or rather the perceived true probability. For instance, football probabilities can vary depending on who does the calculating. There are lots of information about value out there, using such resources and learning how to spot and use value to your advantage is critical.
  • Time and effort. As with anything, success levels when betting on the Europa League will match effort levels. Unfortunately, there is no shortcut to betting success, which is why, relatively speaking, there are very few long-term winners. As a result, to have the best chance of succeeding you need to invest time and effort. Work hard, do the research, and try to make sensible, informed decisions.

Previous Europa League winners

Year Winner Runner up Score
2020 Sevilla Inter Milan 3-2
2019 Chelsea Arsenal 4-1
2018 Atletico Madrid Marseille 3-0
2017 Manchester United Ajax 2-0
2016 Sevilla Liverpool 3-1
2015 Sevilla Dnipro 3-2
2014 Sevilla Benfica 0-0 (4-2 on penalties)
2013 Chelsea Benfica 2-1
2012 Atletico Madrid Athletic Bilbao 3-0
2011 Porto Braga 1-0

Bottom line on Europa League betting sites

The Europa League is a hugely popular competition among bettors, especially in the UK. Each of the firms who rank well in general tend to rank well when it comes to offering punters a solid Europa League betting experience, with Bet365, PaddyPower and Betfair standing out the most, particularly in terms of Europa League betting odds. Betting on the Europa League can be a great way to add an extra spark to watching a game but it can also be something of a more serious pursuit.


When does the Europa League take place?

The Europa League runs alongside each of the main domestic leagues in Europe. The early stages of qualifying begin in late July/early August, while the first stage of the competition itself, the groups, begin in September. Group games are played every two weeks until late November/early December, before the knockout rounds, which run until the final in May, start in February.

Does the Europa League follow the same format as the Champions League?

Essentially, yes. Like the UCL, the Europa League consists of groups of four, the top two of which progress to the knockout rounds. Where the Europa League differs slightly is in the number of knockout rounds. After the group stages, the Champions League contains 16 teams, who enter the Round of 16. Once the group stages in the Europa League are done and dusted, 32 teams remain, so there’s an extra knockout round: Round of 32.

Can I bet on the outright winner after the tournament has started?

In short, yes, you can bet on the outright winner at pretty much at point up until the final has finished. Many punters prefer to bet on the winner earlier rather than later, as the more teams left in the competition, the larger the odds.

Is it best to bet on favourites in the Europa League?

In the Champions League, on a regular basis, the favourites come out on top, though the Europa League, being Europe’s secondary competition is slightly different. In the Europa League, lesser known European teams tend to take things very seriously, while bigger clubs tend to put out secondary squads and experiment quite often, especially during the earlier stages of the tournament. Therefore, it is not at all uncommon for betting upsets to occur. Punters shouldn’t shy away from betting on the underdog according to Europa League betting odds.

Can I place a Europa League accumulator?

With lots of games kicking off at the same time, the Europa League is popular among accumulator bettors. Additionally, as it is a competition that involves numerous groups, it lends itself to less traditional accumulators such as ‘Group Winners’, which is where you’d place a single bet on multiple group winners. For An accumulator bet involves grouping together several single bets. If you bet on three teams to win at odds of 5/4, 11/8 and 7/4. Now, a winning £10 bet on either of those three teams as a single would return £22.50, £23.75 or £27.50. Three separate £10 winning bets would yield a combined return of £73.75, leaving a profit of £43.75. In contrast, a winning £10 bet on the three teams in an accumulator would return £136.95. Each leg of the accumulator is multiplied as follows: £10 x 5/4 x 11/8 x 7/4 = £136.95


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About Bradley Gibbs

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