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Peter Addison
We sometimes use affiliate links in our content, when clicking on those we might receive a commission - at no extra cost to you. By using this website you agree to our terms and conditions and privacy policy.

Sports betting bots are automated betting programs that recommend and/or place bets for you. You can subscribe to a betting bot, or you can create one for yourself. You can set parameters that outline your betting strategy, and leave the bot to maintain your sports betting account. This page will outline the best betting bots currently available, how to use them, and how to get the best out of them.

Top Bots for Sports Betting

Now it’s time to introduce you to our ‘top of the bots’ top ten. We have investigated the current upsurge in sports betting bots and picked out ten for you to investigate. If you are on the lookout for a bet bot, then take a gander at any from the following list:

  1. BetIdeas – Daily Football Predictions on top leagues – 100% FREE!
  2. Sports AI – Free sports predictions + pay more for more!
  3. RebelBetting – Boasts a monthly return on investment of over 30%
  4. ZCode System – Has been building up to AI since 1999
  5. Predictology – Revolutionise your betting with a ready-made betting portfolio
  6. Findyourbettingtips – The provision of accurate football predictions with AI
  7. 1X2AI – Get AI-driven betting tips on any football match
  8. Leans – AI for US sports – NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, NCAAF and NCAAB
  9. Accuscore – Boasts an average NFL return of 900% per annum for over ten years
  10. Reggie the Bot – enhanced basketball predictions for profit

The Best Five Betting Bots Reviewed

If you are after a gambling bot, then the five below should have you sorted. We’ve gone for a mix of betting bots where you choose the parameters yourself, and AI sports betting bots where you allow AI to make decisions and place bets for you. One piece of advice – if you are looking for an automated betting bot, then make sure you really know what you are doing before you start committing money to it.

BetIdeas – Daily Football Predictions on top leagues – 100% FREE!

One of the main ‘grumbles’ about sports betting bots is that you usually have to pay for them which, of course, cuts into any profits that you make from using them. Well, there’s nothing to grumble about at BetIdeas as the whole service is completely free! You don’t even have to sign up for an account to use it as all predications can be accessed via the site, and there are special tools too to help with your AI sports bots bets.

betideas home page

Currently, BetIdeas covers football only, but more sports will be added in the future. You can view daily tips on the EPL, La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1 and more, and the markets available include card betting, BTTS yes/no, corner betting, over/under and more. You can even create bet builder bets, and add bets to a bet slip that you can then export to recommended betting sites. And, just to remind you again this service is completely FREE!

What We Like:

  • Service is completely free
  • No subscription is needed to access the data
  • Build your own bets on the site

Room for Improvement:

  • Football only
  • Limited to the top European leagues

Sports AI – Free sports predictions + pay more for more!

Sports AI offers AI for sports betting predictions on several sports including football, tennis, basketball, hockey, volleyball and handball. You can get betting bots free predictions, for all leagues in the offered sports from all over the globe. These range from simple ‘1X2’ predictions to Asian handicap totals. All predictions are based on machine learning algorithms and the most advanced sports data.

sports ai home page

You can register so you can get more information from the site, but you can head to the ‘predictions’ tab and download as many predictions as you want for any sport and any timeframe, and even in a format that you can import into Microsoft Excel. You can even sign up for Sports AI’s Telegram bot which will give you betting prediction information in real-time, so you never miss a winning bet!

What We Like:

  • AI predictions on several sports and leagues
  • Most predictions are available for free
  • Integrates seamlessly with Telegram

Room for Improvement:

  • You need to register for the very best service
  • A limited number of sports

RebelBetting – Boasts a monthly return on investment of over 30%

You may have heard of value betting. It’s where the odds given by a bookie do not actually reflect the chances of the specific event. It’s a common way for experienced sports bettors to make consistent profits. The issue with value betting is that it takes a lot of time, knowledge and experience to find value bets – more time than most people who aren’t dedicated sports bettors have to spare!

rebel betting home page

The AI model at RebelBetting does the value betting search for you. It constantly scans a huge number of the best betting sites to find you value bets. It then presents them to you, constantly updating you. RebelBetting has been running since 2007 and boasts, on average, a consistent monthly ROI of over 30 per cent. That means if you invest £1,000 in RebelBetting, in 30 days you should have around £1,300. Sadly, RebelBetting is not free, but it has different pricing models to suit most budgets, and you can use Rebel betting bots free for two weeks, no credit card required!

What We Like:

  • Has been running for over 17 years!
  • Average monthly ROI over 30 per cent on average
  • Countless tools subscribers can use

Room for Improvement:

  • Football only
  • Is not free

ZCode System – Has been building up to AI since 1999

Although human-driven algorithm sites have been around since the turn of the century, they have been able recently to be fine-tuned with the help of advances in AI. That describes the ZCode system down to a tee, as this continually successful sports betting tool has been adding AI power to its predictive software for the past couple of years. It offers accurate sports betting tips on football, horse racing, golf, tennis, eSports and more.

zcode system home page

ZCode’s patented AI bot for sports betting predictions takes into account over 80 different parameters to analyse predictions based on everything from weather to the physical condition of the competitors. The result is a constant stream of profits that have been ratified by independent third parties. A subscription to ZCode is expensive, but different levels of coverage are available, plus if you fail to make profits in your first sixty days of membership, you get your subscription money back!

What We Like:

  • Has been around since 1999, but now AI-driven
  • Consistent profits have been ratified by third parties
  • Money back if you don’t return a profit over your first 60 days

Room for Improvement:

  • Expensive
  • Site is too gimmicky

Predictology – Revolutionise your betting with a ready-made betting portfolio

Let’s be honest, if you are here looking at AI sports betting bots you’ve probably been working on your own betting systems for years. You may be thinking of using an AI sports betting bot, but you don’t want to abandon your own system. Perhaps you are looking at a way of putting your own systems in place, easily and automatically. Well, how about a site that lets you do that, and has AI algorithms available too?

predictology home page

We’ve just described Predictology, a paid-for subscription service that allows you to build your own betting strategies in minutes. In addition, you can set up your own in-play and Telegram alerts, and select from the thirty or so successful prediction models that Predictology provides. In addition, Predictology’s own AI model will help you detect the very best value bets in the markets you are interested in. There’s no free trial, but different pricing structures are available.

What We Like:

  • Easily build your own betting strategies
  • The site’s AI model will detect value bets for you
  • Free eBook – The Art of Betting (AND Trading)

Room for Improvement:

  • No free trial
  • Too much choice?

The Best Sports Betting Bots Compared

Here we look at a direct comparison of all the bots for sports betting we have recommended and compare some of their key features. Take a look to see which of our recommended bets are likely to be the kind of betting bot software you are looking for.

Site Sports Free Trial? Pricing Models Any Other Info
BetIdeas Football All is free Free Euro Leagues Only
Sports AI Most Popular Sports No $6.99 PCM to $34.99 PCM Telegram bot available
RebelBetting Most popular sports Yes £59 PCM to £118 PCM Often has sales
ZCode System Most popular sports 60 day money back guarantee £157 PCM Often has sales
Predictology Football No £40 PCM £97 for first six months
Findyourbettingtips Football No €9.95 PW Try for one day for €4.95
1X2AI Football All is free Free Global coverage
Leans US sports Free picks available Variable Mainly US based
Accuscore US sports, football Yes £55 PCM Can pay £0.04 per pick
Reggie the Bot Basketball Yes $39 PCM or $79 PCM 10% off first month available

How Do Betting Bots Work?

Generally, there are three kinds of sports betting bots:

  • Betting software you create yourself
  • A gambling bot you can use created by someone else
  • AI betting bots where AI decides which bets to place and places them for you

Below we take a quick look at each software bot variety.

A Betting Bot You Create Yourself

Placing bets can be a tedious business, so how about creating your own bot to do it for you? Many sports betting sites have an ‘API’ (Application Programming Interface) that allows you to communicate with them over the internet without actually using a browser. You can use APIs to get data and pass data to the site.

If you can code, for example, in Python, then you could create your own bot that reads data from a site, works out what bets to place, and then sends that data back to the site to place your bets. Anyone with sufficient programming experience could create a bot for Betfair, for example. However, if you are not a coder, then this option is probably beyond you.

A Gambling Bot Created by Someone Else

The most common form of bot bet software is one that has been created by someone else. These bots draw data from betting sites on a daily basis and, based on an algorithm they’ve worked out that uses past successes and reconfigures itself in reaction to current data, calculate the best bets from that day’s sporting (usually football) match-ups.

This data is then presented to you, either on a site or via some form of communication channel such as email, WhatsApp or Telegram. Some sites leave you to decide which bets to place yourself, and others will allow you to sign up and link your sports betting account to them so that bets are placed automatically. You can decide on your own stakes levels, bankrolls and stop-losses so that should the bot suddenly grow inaccurate, you will not find your bank account being drained.

AI Betting Bots

AI seems to be invading all corners of our lives now and bots for sports betting are no exception. AI bots are usually handed reams of past data and they use machine learning to spot patterns, trends and anything that enables them to come up with as many accurate predictions as possible.

Just like a human-created gambling bot, recommended bets are usually passed to you via communication channels such as Telegram, so it is up to you whether you put the recommended AI bets on yourself. Some bots will allow you to automate the bet-placing, and if you can use APIs you can use the data generated by the bot to place bets yourself automatically.

The Benefits of Using Sports Betting Bots

There is one key aspect of sports betting that’s a successful metric – continual past success over a long period of time usually equates to continual future success. For example, you may calculate in football that when a team with an average ‘goal per game’ ratio less than one over their last thirty home games is at home to a team with an average ‘goal per game’ ratio less than one over their last thirty away games, there are less than three goals in the game seventy percent of the time. This means if you placed a bet on every such match-up you’d be far more right than wrong and would end up making a consistent profit.

Online sports betting

No one really has the time to seek out such match-ups over the thousand or so football leagues across the globe, so setting up a bot to find them for you makes this process much easier. You can then place your bets safe in the knowledge that you’re betting based on data, not on gut feeling.

Of course, if you don’t want to do all the number crunching yourself, you can sign up to a bot that someone else has created, or an AI-powered one. Beware of the ‘boasts’ of ‘90% success’ rate though – although such claims are typically valid, you can only achieve such rates of success if you bet on every recommendation that the bot makes and if you pick and choose, you will never meet the same rates of success. Still, using a bot with a proven track record will be more successful than simply betting on (for example) EPL games via gut feelings, even if you don’t follow every one of the betting tips recommended to you.

Limitations of ChatGPT for Online Sports Betting AI

ChatGPT has become the world’s leading platform for AI, and it is now being used for all manner of tasks, from support channels to artistic creation. Can you use ChapGPT for sports betting? Well, the answer is yes, but at a cost and only if you really know what you are doing.

Firstly, the free version of ChatGPT (3.5) completed its learning in November 2022, which means it has not added to its learning since then, which means that data that is available to it is becoming increasingly out of date. To get up-to-date information from ChatGPT, you would need to subscribe to the latest version of ChatGPT.

Secondly, to get any kind of success from ChatGPT, you need to know what to ask it. Even people who have built successful AI betting bots from ChatGPT took over a year to do it. If you have no or limited experience with AI, then creating a ChatGPT sports betting bot is probably beyond your skillset (as with most people). It would therefore be far better for you to look at AI sports betting models that others have created.

How to Choose the Best AI Sports Betting Bot

There are many AI sports betting bots out there, so how do you go about choosing the best one for you? Here, to point you in the right direction, are three top AI betting bot tips.

  1. How Much Effort is Expected?

    To get the most from a sports gambling bot, you need to follow it as closely as possible. Only then can you expect to get the same returns as historically recorded by the bot. If the amount of bets you are expected to place is too time-consuming for you and the process cannot be automated, then it is probably best that you look elsewhere.
  2. How Much Money is Expected?

    First up, most sports gambling bots are not free. You will have to pay a subscription fee to use most of them. That might sound fair, as you will be making enough money to cover the subscription, but what is the level of betting you need to achieve in order to guarantee enough profit it make your subscription worthwhile? You need to take this into account before you sign up, free trial or no free trial.
  3. Are You Interested in the Sports Covered?

    You may think that you don’t have to be interested in basketball to make money betting on basketball using an AI betting bot, but how bored could you become placing endless bets on a sport you know nothing about, and have no interest in watching? It’s far better to use an AI betting bot that covers the sports that interest you the most.

How to Use AI Sports Betting Bots

Let’s now go through a quick tutorial on how to use AI sports betting bots, using our number one pick, BetIdeas, as an example.

1. Head to the BetIdeas site and have a look through the predictions. If you are using an AI sports betting model that requires a subscription, you will need to log in first and make sure your subscription is up to date. BetIdeas covers football only – the EPL, La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1 and the Bundesliga.

2. Choose as many tips to back as you set fit. We are only going to go through the process of following one tip, as follows:

Here it’s the game between Manchester City and Brentford in the EPL. The proposed bet is ‘BTTS No’, which means the AI model thinks that at least one team (probably Brentford, given Man City’s EPL dominance) will fail to score during the match.

ai bot btts

3. Head to your favourite UK betting site and log in. We are going to use one of our favourites, BetUK. Find the match and the market that you are going to place your bet on.

ai bot btts 2

These are the BTTS odds as presented by BetUK. To place our bet, we click on the odds of 5/6 as those are the odds of BTTS No. This will transfer the bet to our betting slip.

ai bot btts 3

The bet is now on our slip, and we’ve set our stake to £5. All we need to do now is hit the ‘Place Bet’ button, and our AI-powered sports betting wager is placed!

The Future of AI Sports Betting Bots

So, will AI sports betting bots put all bookies out of business with the fiendish accuracy of their predictions? Well, we can’t see it happening. That’s because (at the moment at least) sport is played by humans. While sports in the past have been dominated by names such as Tiger Woods, Stephen Hendry, Phil Taylor and Martina Navratilova, these competitors did not win every single match they competed in. There will always be a measure of unpredictability in anything where humans are involved so no matter how ‘clever’ AI becomes, there is no way it will ever become unfailingly accurate.

If you want to succeed in betting, then AI might just become your best sports betting friend. Why not review the AI for sports betting bots on this page, and see if you are happy to welcome your new AI master?


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