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Welcome to our guide to the best spread betting offers in the UK. We analyzed the best bookies to determine which ones provide top-tier bonuses that you can use to bet the spread. Browse our rankings below for our recommendations, and read further to learn how to spot competitive spread betting bonuses – and avoid the bad ones.

Best Spread Betting Offers UK Ranked

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#1 UK Sports Spread Betting Platform

Up to £300 in Free Bets

  • A huge range of markets available
  • Spread betting and fixed-odds betting both available
  • Large welcome bonus

100% Deposit Match up to £1,000

  • Huge welcome bonus
  • Excellent for racing
  • Loyalty rebate offer

The Best Spread Betting Offers UK – Comparison Table

Sportsbook Free Bet Min Deposit Min Odds
Wagering requirement Expiry (days)
Spreadex sports spread betting Up to £300 £10 None None 28
sportingindex Up to £25 £10 None None 7
Up to £1,000 £10 None 2x None

What Are Spread Betting Offers?

Spread betting offers comprise several types of bonuses that you can use to bet the spread. The competitive online sports betting marketplace forces bookies to invest heavily in their marketing campaigns, and what better way to attract attention than by offering risk-free wagers?

Broadly, online bonus offers fall into one of three categories:

  1. Spread-exclusive bonuses. These are bonuses and discounts that apply only to spread betting lines
  2. Fixed-odds bonuses. You can use them to bet on the moneyline but not on the spread
  3. Mixed-purpose bonuses. Compatible with all wager types and markets

If you enjoy sports spread betting, use this guide to zero in on bonuses of the first and third types.

How We Rank The Best Spread Betting Offers?

Because the number of sportsbooks open to UK bettors is ever-growing, contrasting all the available spread betting bonuses can bolster confusion. To ensure that all of our recommended bonuses are top-tier, we follow a rigorous evaluation process that is based on the following criteria:

  • Value of the offer

    The term “value” signifies different things in different contexts. When it comes to spread betting bonus offers, “value” comprises two components:

    The size of the bonus. Obviously, larger bonuses attract more attention from prospective customers than smaller bonuses. Because we spent dozens of hours sifting through available offers, we know how to identify a great bonus and are in a position to make razor-sharp recommendations. Case in point: Spreadex’s unmatched £300 spread bonus is a gem that many reviewers tend to miss.

    Accessibility. The number of bureaucratic hoops you must jump through to claim and use a spread betting offer factored heavily into our rankings. We want you to spend your time placing exciting wagers and enjoying your favorite sports, not struggling to redeem your bonus.

    We committed extensive resources to verify that each spread betting offer on this page is competitive and easy to claim.

  • Terms and Conditions

    Licensing bodies impose severe penalties on bookies that fail to communicate restrictions associated with their bonuses to prospective players. To avoid misrepresenting their offers and remain compliant with applicable laws, bookmakers must display summaries of the essential bonus terms & conditions on their sales pages.

    Nevertheless, the fine print contained in the full terms and conditions often includes minor technicalities, which, while not “essential,” can affect what you can and can’t do with your bonus.

    To help you make educated decisions, we went over each bonus’ terms and conditions with a fine-tooth comb, paying close attention to any stipulations that could impact you in the future. If we doubted the fairness or transparency of an offer, we removed it from our rankings.

Types of Spread Betting Offers

Free bets

Free bets are omnipresent in the UK’s sports betting market. As you might expect, a free bet enables you to place wagers without risking your own money.

Earlier we mentioned that free bets vary in purpose: some are applicable to spread markets, and others aren’t. As such, before committing to a sportsbook, you should attempt to understand the functionality and limitations of your free bet.

Additionally, market restrictions frequently apply to free bets, limiting how you can use your bonus wager. For example, the Tennis Match 100 Index, the Basketball Match 100 Index, the Dart Player 100 Index, and several other markets are excluded from Sporting Index’s free bet promotion.

Because the best spread betting free bets are easy to claim and require a low or no investment, they are a favorite among recreational players.

Deposit match bonuses

Deposit match offers award a bonus equal to the size of your first deposit, up to a certain maximum size. As an example, SportsSpread provides a 100% first-deposit bonus, up to a jaw-dropping £1,000.

The value of a deposit match bonus is proportional to the size of your deposit; the more money you transfer into your account, the more bonus funds you’ll receive. As such, deposit deals reward experienced punters who are willing to put more money on the line. If you’re just starting out and aren’t ready to commit more than a few quid, focus on free bets instead.

No deposit free bets

To claim a standard free bet, you typically must fund your account with a bit of money – usually around £10 – and place a qualifying wager that meets certain conditions. Fortunately, there are exceptions. For instance, Sporting Index credits its free bet as soon as you open a free account with them – no deposit required.

In contrast to standard free bets, no-deposit versions are difficult to come by, so if you find one, be prepared to pounce.

Enhanced odds

Enhanced odds bonus offers, available exclusive to new customers, allow you to bet on certain matches at artificially boosted odds. The increased odds can be massive, sometimes exceeding the original by as much as a factor of 15.

Although spectacular at first glance, enhanced odds offers suffer from several drawbacks. These bonuses frequently come with stringent restrictions on the sports, wager types, and markets you can bet on. What’s more, winnings generated from an enhanced odds stake are awarded as bonus funds with attached release conditions. Furthermore, enhanced odds are often announced in the final days or hours leading up to the applicable event.

Price boosts

This bonus is functionally identical to enhanced odds but offers less value and is available to bettors with an existing account. Additionally, profits from price boots are usually awarded as non-restricted cash, providing sharps with an excellent return-on-investment.

Profit boosts

A “profit boost” refers to a bonus that amplifies potential winnings from a successful prediction. Here’s a quick example to illustrate it: suppose you redeem a 50% profit boost and bet £10 on England at 8/1 to win the EURO 2020. If England takes the title home, you’ll receive your stake back, £80 in winnings, and an extra £40 from your profit boost.

Money-back offers

A refund guarantee bonus obliges a sportsbook to reimburse you a percentage of your losses, up to a certain maximum, if your pick fails to cover the spread. Depending on the offer, a refund can be in the form of cash, free bets, or bonus funds.

Like price boost and profit boost bonuses, money-back guarantees are often available to returning as well as new members.

Key Terms & Conditions to Look for When Choosing Spread Betting Bonuses

If you’re new to sports betting, you may perceive the rules attached to spread betting bonuses as convoluted or downright nonsensical. To simplify matters, we outlined the most widespread restrictions you are likely to encounter.

Please remember that different conditions apply to different types of bonuses and that the specifics vary between bookies.

Minimum odds

Minimum odd requirements are typically attached to free bet bonuses. If minimum odds apply to your free bet, you must use that bet on a line with odds equal to or higher than the minimum.

The minimum odds at most bookies are evens, but some bookies accept bets on odds as low as 1/4, while the best of the best, including Spreadex and Sporting Index, impose no minimum odds limits at all.

The lower the minimum odds allowed, the more comprehensive the range of markets you can use your free bet on.

If claiming a free bet is contingent on making a deposit and staking a real-money wager, minimum odds usually apply to that qualifying wager as well.

Wagering requirements

Also known as the turnover and playthrough, wagering requirements are attached to most spread betting bonuses. This requirement, usually expressed as a multiplier, denotes the number of times you must play through bonus funds before you can withdraw them.

For example, if you receive £25 in bonus funds with a 10x wagering requirement attached, you’ll need to wager at least £250 before redeeming your bonus for cash.

Keep in mind that restrictions can apply to the wagering requirements as well. For instance, specific markets or bets placed on odds below a certain threshold might be disqualified.

Spreadex dominates competitors by offering bonuses with no wager requirements at all; once you claim their £300 spread betting bonus, you can withdraw it immediately if you wish to.

Expiry date

Bonus funds awarded by sports betting sites carry an expiration date. If you fail to utilize your bonus within the given time frame, the bookie will remove the bonus from your account. What’s more, the time frame for claiming a bonus after opening an account is often limited as well.

When it comes to the best spread betting free bets, the standard expiry period is seven days. However, a few bookies give you almost a month to use your bonus wager. Of course, longer expiry dates increase the odds that you’ll get to bet on a game that matters to you.

Minimum deposit and stake

Most bookmakers require you to deposit a certain amount, usually between £5 and £15, before activating your bonus. This is because an initial deposit shows bookies your seriousness about sports betting and proves that you’re in it for the long haul. Still, a handful of bookies, among them Sporting Index, require no minimum deposit at all.

Another concept you should familiarize yourself with is the “minimum stake,” which refers to the minimum amount you must stake with your qualifying wager to receive a free bet. This minimum oscillates between £10 and £50 at most sportsbooks. Of course, minimum stake requirements don’t apply to free bets that require no deposit to activate.

Qualifying markets

The overwhelming majority of spread betting bonus offers are subject to restrictions on eligible sports markets. These limitations exist to prevent players from placing wagers that, based on the bookie’s assessment, constitute a liability for the company’s financial health.

Some bookies take the opposite approach: instead of listing restricted markets, they provide a comprehensive list of markets eligible for the promotion. As such, before using your bonus to bet on the spread, ensure that you aren’t confusing “eligible” or “qualifying” markets with “excluded” or “exempt” markets.

All things considered, making sense of the terms and conditions attached to a bonus requires knowledge. We strongly recommend that you take the time to develop your understanding of the various restrictions and that you carefully read the terms & conditions of a bonus before depositing money. You can avoid difficulties by proactively contacting your bookie’s support team and requesting help interpreting the rules, when necessary.

How to Claim a Spread Betting Offer

Although claiming a spread betting bonus offer can be an onerous process at some bookies, it’s straightforward at our recommended providers. We’ll illustrate the procedure with screenshots, using Spreadex as an example:

Step #1: Open a free account

Head to Spreadex’s website for a choice between their sports betting and financial trading services. Select the former, obviously, then tap or click the red “Join” link next to the login form. The link will lead you to the first page of Spreaex’s registration form:

Spreadex signup form

Enter your first and last name, a valid email address, a username, an account password, and your nationality and country of residence. Additionally, confirm that you are at least 18 years old. The registration form also lets you declare if you’d like to receive emails about special offers from Spreadex.

Click “Continue” to go to the next page and input your date of birth, phone number, and physical address:

Spreadex signup form page 2

When finished, hit “Continue” yet again to fire up the account security and identity verification form:

Spreadex signup form last page

Here, you will set up a security question for your account, choose your preferred primary currency, and submit pictures of a government-issued ID and a utility bill with your address to verify your identity.

You’ll also need to state your annual income, total level of savings, and total net equity in properties; financial regulators require Spreadex to collect this information about their clients.

Submit your application and wait for the confirmation email to arrive in your inbox.

Step #2: Make a deposit

Log into your account, fire up the “My Account” page, and click “Deposit Funds” to move money into your account. You can choose from several trusted payment methods, including credit cards, bank transfers, direct debit, or cheques.

Step #3 Wager £300 in total

Stake at least £300 on eligible markets within 28 days of opening your account to receive your £300 bonus. The bonus is yours to do with as you please; there are no wager requirements, so you can withdraw it immediately or use it to place more bets.

Best Mobile Spread Betting Offers

Mobile sports betting via smartphones and tablets is rapidly growing and accounts for the bulk of online betting activities in the UK. Nowadays, a bookie’s ability to thrive on the market is closely tied to the quality of its mobile software.

As a result, most top-tier sportsbooks adopted a mobile-first mentality, rendering the betting experience through their Android and iOS apps superior to the experience of betting through their browser platform.

In a bid to expand their mobile player base, sportsbooks occasionally provide exclusive spread betting bonuses to their app users. These bonuses can be geared toward new or returning players, so keep your eyes peeled for announcements from your sportsbook.

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#1 UK Sports Spread Betting Platform

Up to £300 in Free Bets

  • A huge range of markets available
  • Spread betting and fixed-odds betting both available
  • Large welcome bonus

100% Deposit Match up to £1,000

  • Huge welcome bonus
  • Excellent for racing
  • Loyalty rebate offer


Spread betting is a fantastic way to inject excitement and variety into your online wagering activities. To ramp up the fun even further, sign up with one of our recommended sportsbooks to claim the best spread betting offers today.

Best Spread Betting Offer Available Right Now

#1 UK Sports Spread Betting Platform

Up to £300 in Free Bets

  • A huge range of markets available
  • Spread betting and fixed-odds betting both available
  • Large welcome bonus

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