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FanDuel is the top daily fantasy sports site in the US and is offering new users a special limited-time Welcome Bonus of up to $500! FanDuel has promised to instantly match 20% of our readers’ initial deposit, available directly in your balance. The bonus funds will be applied directly to your deposit and the money is as good as yours. The best part of it all?

No Promo Code necessary! Just use any link from this article and FanDuel will automatically apply your deposit bonus. This is an offer you can’t miss as FanDuel is constantly adjusting their deposit bonus offers. SafeBettingSites has ensured this is the best promo code available to sign up for FanDuel’s Daily Fantasy Sports platform.

First Deposit Bonus up to $500


First Deposit Bonus up to $500

5 Stars
Play Now
FanDuel Promo Code  Just use our link!
What will you receive? A 20% instant deposit match up to $500
Last Updated: June 2024
Promo Terms: 18+ years old, reside in legal state
Play-Through Requirements: None – Bonus added directly to balance
Mobile Platforms iOS, Android

FanDuel Promo Code

  • 20% Instant Deposit Bonus up to $500 
  • No Play-through Necessary 
  • Best FanDuel Promo Code Offered
  • Easy to Withdraw 

FanDuel has released a new bonus for 2024 and are giving all new players a $500 Welcome Bonus. This exclusive promo code doesn’t require any play-through, so the money is as good as yours!

To claim your bonus:

  1. Visit FanDuel via any of the links in this article. You will be directed to the page above to claim your bonus.
  2. Verify your identity and create an account.
  3. Deposit anywhere from $5-$500 to be eligible.
  4. Receive a Deposit Bonus of up to $500.

This bonus does not require a promo code and is automatically added when you open an account at FanDuel via the links on this page.

You’ll find different sign-up bonuses for FanDuel depending where you look, but you can be sure this is the best offer you will find. In order to receive the 20% FanDuel sign-up bonus, all you have to do is click the “Join Now” button below. FanDuel will automatically apply your bonus and match 20% of your first deposit instantly up to $500. This is the best promo code FanDuel has offered to date and you’d be wise to jump on the free money. 


How to Sign-up For FanDuel 

1. Click the “Join Now” button next to any FanDuel logo in this article, which will lead you directly to the FanDuel sign-up screen and automatically apply the SBS exclusive promo code.

2. Enter the “Fantasy Sports” Section of the FanDuel homepage. This will bring you to the DFS part of FanDuel, opposed to the sportsbook.

FanDuel Homepage

3. Enter your basic information, including your email, proposed username, and password.

FanDuel Sign-up

4. Verify your identity. You will be asked for your full name, address, and potential social security number. FanDuel must ensure you’re in a legal state as well, so expect them to track your location.

FanDuel Sign up


What do I get with the FanDuel Promo Code?

With FanDuel offering a 20% deposit match up to $500, you can sleep tight knowing you’re getting the top bonus offered in the industry. Upon deposit, FanDuel will automatically match 20% directly in your balance. You won’t be asked to play through anything to receive those funds, which is rare in the daily fantasy sports industry. 

That means if you deposit $500, your balance will start at $600 and that money is as good as yours. You must play through these funds just once to withdraw. Sign up for FanDuel now to receive the best promo code in the industry. 

FanDuel promo code

How to Use the FanDuel Sign-up Bonus

With most daily fantasy sports sites sign-up bonuses, you will be required to play through a certain amount of your deposit before the bonus funds are released. FanDuel has taken a different approach and gives you 20% of your deposit upfront with money that’s as good as yours. This means you only have to play through these funds once before you’re allowed to withdraw. This is extremely rare in the daily fantasy sports industry and something you should be taking advantage of. 

Converting Bonus Funds to Cash

The most efficient way to turn your bonus funds into cash is with cash games, or 50/50’s. These are contests that FanDuel offers where 50% of the pool is paid out double their money. As a beginner, you would be best off using a safe DFS lineup to enter some beginner-only FanDuel cash games. After you play through all of your deposit and bonus once, you will be eligible to withdraw your funds via PayPal, ACH transfer, or a check. 

Who can use the FanDuel Promo Code?

The daily fantasy sports industry is still undergoing significant growth and the main sites are working daily to make sure you can play DFS in the state you reside in. For now, you can use the FanDuel promo code in any of the states FanDuel legally operates in. You can use the FanDuel promo code in the states below. FanDuel remains at the front of all legislative battles when it comes to daily fantasy sports in the US. All but two states fail to explicitly name daily fantasy sports in their laws, and FanDuel has maintained since their inception that they are a game of skill and therefore regular gambling laws don’t apply to them. DFS is undergoing constant legal change and it’s only a matter of time until it’s legal in all 50 states. 

Where FanDuel is legal

Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming

Where FanDuel is illegal

Arizona, Louisiana, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Washington

You can still play in free and InPlay contests on FanDuel in the states above, so make sure to still sign up for an account. It’s only a matter of time until you’re able to play paid contests as well. 

FanDuel Map

FanDuel Interface and Software

When playing daily fantasy sports, it’s crucial to feel comfortable navigating the site you’re playing on. Things can happen fast and there is nothing worse than feeling lost and helpless. FanDuel is widely regarded for its elite user interface that enables extremely fast and efficient browsing. This enables you as a user to make quick decisions when crunch time is underway. 

If you are a fan of glitz and glam, the FanDuel interface might not interest you. However, daily fantasy sports players are typically more concerned about functionality and FanDuel gives you everything you could hope for in that aspect. When playing on FanDuel, you can sit comfortably knowing just how rare any technical bugs are that hinder your playing experience. When things have gone down in the past, FanDuel has always given users full refunds with no questions asked. 

First Deposit Bonus up to $500


First Deposit Bonus up to $500

5 Stars
Play Now

FanDuel Mobile App

FanDuel offers fully functional mobile apps on both the App Store for iPhones and the Google Play Store for Androids. While you’re best served on the desktop version of the site, both mobile apps offer every feature available on the website. This includes entering contests, editing lineups, viewing standings, and contacting customer support. You can also sign up for a FanDuel account via the app, where you will be required to verify the identical information. 

FanDuel App

Setting up a FanDuel Account

When you visit the FanDuel website via our link, make sure to click the “Daily Fantasy” option to begin the sign-up process. This will lead you to a “create an account” page, which will ask you what username and password you would like. If available, you will move on to verifying your identity.

This involves giving FanDuel your full name, residential address, and potentially your social security number. You will then be led to a deposit page, where you will have the opportunity to claim your bonus with a deposit. 

Can I change my FanDuel username?

You can request to change your FanDuel username via customer support, though there is no guarantee this wish will be granted. FanDuel wants to ensure folks aren’t changing their names to avoid being identified, so you have a better chance of your wish being granted as a low stakes player. 

Can I create two FanDuel accounts?

No. FanDuel strictly prohibits this and you put yourself at risk of getting your main account banned when making a duplicate. If someone else in your household is looking to make an account, FanDuel will likely ask both accounts to send in identity verification documents. You must also not use the same deposit method as FanDuel will pick this up and lock both accounts immediately. 

It’s never a bad idea to reach out to the FanDuel customer service beforehand if you know something might set off a red flag, like a significant other or sibling with a similar name creating a referral account. 

FanDuel Accepted Payment Methods

When signing up for a daily fantasy sports site, it’s important to make sure you can pay and be paid in a variety of different ways. FanDuel is one of the industry leaders and they accept more deposit and withdrawal methods than any other DFS site. You can also be sure that any money withdrawn will be received in a timely manner, typically within 1-2 days. 

Deposits Withdrawals
American Express
Bank Transfer
Wire Transfer

How does FanDuel payout?

If you’re skilled enough to beat your fellow daily fantasy sports players and win some money, you have a couple of different options to withdraw. The simplest of which are PayPal and a direct bank transfer, which are both completed within 48 business hours. You can also request a mailed paper check, which will arrive within 2-3 weeks. FanDuel has the fastest withdrawals in the industry and you won’t pay any service fees. 

What Happens if my Promo Code Doesn’t Work?

While your deposit bonus should automatically be applied upon your initial deposit, you can contact FanDuel Customer Support in the case it doesn’t hit. This is rare and not something you should be expecting to happen. 

The easiest way to contact support would be through email at support@fanduel.com. You can also check the lower right hand corner of the website to see if an agent is available for a live chat. You will find them available during regular business hours. 

How Does FanDuel Work?

FanDuel is the industry-leading daily fantasy sports platform for a reason. Outliving their original competition, FanDuel was established in 2009, which happened to be three years prior to DraftKings. Since, they’ve remained on top and have even introduced their sportsbook in legal states. 

The FanDuel daily fantasy sports product is thought of by many as the “original” daily fantasy format and interface. The user experience on FanDuel is a very friendly one, from the large tournament prize pools to exquisite customer service. They also do a great job of standing up for their players, often issuing refunds and vouchers when they’re not obligated to. 

You’ll never feel left behind on FanDuel. From the top of the line bonuses and promotions to the exquisite user experience, this is a site that covers every base. If you’re looking for a home for your daily fantasy sports needs, FanDuel is where I would recommend. 

FanDuel Promo Code and Bonuses 

While you won’t often see reload bonuses on FanDuel, they are offered a few times per year and are worth taking advantage of. Current users also have many other promotions to take advantage of, including special contests and exclusive loyalty freerolls. 

You can find FanDuel’s ongoing promotions here. Using these is a great way to build your bankroll as a beginner as daily fantasy sports can be a challenge at first. Bonuses give you a huge edge and allow you to play without the typical vigorish that sites take from the prize pool.

First Deposit Bonus up to $500


First Deposit Bonus up to $500

5 Stars
Play Now

Sign up for FanDuel now to receive an instant 20% deposit bonus.

FanDuel Promotions  

When you begin playing on FanDuel, you will see special contests offered constantly. These promos add free money to the prize pool and are great tournaments to take advantage of as a beginning daily fantasy sports player. They can be of great assistance to building your bankroll or even cashing big. 

For example, an NBA FanDuel bonus contest might award an extra $25k to players who roster the highest-scoring player of the night. That $25k would be split between everyone who qualifies for the promotion, so your winnings can range greatly. AN NFL promotion might offer an additional $50k to anyone who roster a running back who acquires more than 150 rushing yards. 

FanDuel has a page built just for their ongoing promotions and you can check that out at FanDuel.com/promos. This page is updated daily and you can find both live and upcoming promotions here. 

FanDuel Free Contests

While the FanDuel sign-up bonus is one of the best in the business, the bonus money won’t stop after you sign up. The good folks over at FanDuel will constantly throw various bonuses at you, including special contests and reload bonuses. These are paramount to take advantage of as you’re leaving money on the table if you don’t. You should also make sure you’re signed up for every freeroll possible as that’s just more free money sitting around to be claimed. 

FanDuel offers free daily fantasy sports contests for every sport and every state, including ones that FanDuel doesn’t offer paid contests in. These free contests don’t award any prizes, but they do allow DFS players to practice for when they are able to play in real money contests. 

You can find FanDuel’s free contests in the regular lobby. Just toggle the entry bar to $0 and you will find a plethora of different contests available – all for free! You won’t win any prizes with these contests, but it’s a great way to practice for the real thing without putting any of your real money at risk. 

FanDuel InPlay Contests

One of the more exciting contests offered on FanDuel are the free in-play contests they offer for every sport. These contests are typically offered for the “bigger” games of the day, but you will see them scattered throughout. These contests include staying in FanDuel while the game is being played and making real-time predictions. 

This is not only an extremely fun way to play DFS on FanDuel, but it’s completely free and you can play in any state. Remember, no states ban free contests and you can still collect any earned rewards. You can find FanDuel’s “InPlay” contests in the “Play Free” section of the lobby. They are offered for every sport and you have to assume FanDuel will have some fun plans for the upcoming NFL season. 

FanDuel Beginner Contests 

FanDuel is widely regarded as the best daily fantasy platform for beginners and these “beginner-only” contests are a big reason why. These tournaments and cash games limit the entrants to other beginners, allowing you to play against fair competition. 

One of the biggest criticisms of FanDuel is the number of pros that play on the site, so this gives newbies a great way to understand the game before being thrown into the shark pool. You will have access to FanDuel beginner-only contests for your first 50 entries on FanDuel. 

You will know if someone is a beginner on FanDuel by the star next to their name. If that star is colored in, they are a VIP and likely an experienced player. If the star is white, the player is likely newer and also a DFS beginner. 

FanDuel Points Explained

For every $5 you play on FanDuel, you will receive 1 FDP (FanDuel Point). These points can be used to enter paid contests, and you can build up as many as you would like. You would need 13,000 FDP to enter a $5 contest and 132,000 to enter a $55 one. 

There is nothing better than racking up FanDuel points and getting a free entry to a contest you would otherwise be paying for. Make sure you keep track of your FanDuel points as they will expire after (1) year of inactivity. All you have to do to reset that clock is gain or lose any FanDuel points, which is very easy. FanDuel points are an opportunity to make free money. This is paramount to pay attention to as a new daily fantasy sports player. 

$1 spent = 5 FDP earned

FanDuel Loyalty Program

We’ve touched on FanDuel giving you (1) FanDuel points for every $5 you play and this ties directly into their loyalty program. Depending on how many FDP’s you earned the month prior, you will be assigned to a reward tier. Let’s dive into each of these tiers and the benefits you will receive with each. 

The “FanDuel Players Club” is a way for FanDuel to say thank you to their users. They’ll be offering weekly and monthly freerolls for each tier, along with premium customer service and free merch for certain users. Your level in the Players Club is determined by how many FanDuel Points were earned in the month prior. 


FanDuel promoFanDuel promo

The real benefits begin at the MVP tier, where you will begin gaining access to special promotions and VIP customer support. You must earn 25,000 or more FDP in the month prior to be eligible. At the Hall of Fame tier and above, you gain access to a personal account manager and will be sent FanDuel merchandise. FanDuel offers the best loyalty program in daily fantasy and it gives playing on the site a fun incentive.

FanDuel – Types of Contests

As the original daily fantasy sports site, FanDuel is known by many as the “default” DFS platform. It’s extremely easy to understand and the lobby is leaps and bounds above any others in the industry. Last updated prior to the 2017 football season, FanDuel will likely make their interface even better before long. Let’s take a look at some of the different ways you can play real money contests on FanDuel. 

Guaranteed Prize Pools (GPP’s) – Known by most as simply tournaments, these contests are the ones you will see on the FanDuel lobby featured page. GPP’s are contests where a set prize pool is set, no matter how many entrants end up joining. While most FanDuel contests completely fill, you can sometimes get overlay, which is known as a tournament that doesn’t fill and gives out more money than it takes in. These were more common in the earlier days of DFS. GPP’s are the contests that give you a chance to hit big, though only about 15% of entrants will win any money back at all. Consider these the high-risk, high-reward daily fantasy contests of the bunch. 

Cash Games (H2H, 50/50) – When you’re looking to play it a bit safer, cash games will be right in your wheelhouse. Paying out half of the field, cash games come in a variety of ways. From 2-man head-to-heads to 10,000-man 50/50’s, there are many different ways to build your bankroll with cash games. Remember, you win just as much as the guy who just barely cashes, so the reward isn’t as high for cash games on FanDuel.


3-100 Man Contests – Sitting somewhere between tournaments and cash games are these 3-100 man contests. These are contests with anywhere from 3-100 players that payout 1-12 entries. The 3-man is a winner-take-all and closer to a cash game than a tournament in terms of approach. As for contests with five or more people, they’re to be approached as tournaments as only the top 15% or so end up paid. These contests are great ways to diversify your contests selection and can be great bankroll builders. 

FanDuel 3man

Snake Drafts – With the acquisition of DRAFT in 2018, FanDuel is now the daily fantasy sports home of snake drafts. This combines the regular snake draft format of fantasy and daily fantasy sports. You can draft against 1-7 others players. Snake drafts are offered for every slate and even single-game showdowns. This is a fun way to play DFS, though the prize pools are obviously smaller as there are fewer entrants. 


FanDuel Refer a Friend Promo

The FanDuel 20% sign-up bonus isn’t the only way to make free money on FanDuel. FanDuel users can also help sign their friends up and both players will receive $10 that must be used to enter FanDuel contests. These rewards will expire after 14 days, so make sure you jump on your free money quickly. 

What makes someone a qualified referral?

In order for someone to qualify as a referral, they must first be in a legal state and be signing up for their first and only FanDuel account. They also have to make a deposit and play through at least $10 of those funds in the first (30) days after the deposit is made. Both the referring account and new account must be “live” for either account to be rewarded. If you have any problems, you can contact customer support and they will be eager to help connect the dots. 


FanDuel Promo Rewards Center

The FanDuel Rewards Center is the home base of all your FD rewards. You will find your FDP balance here, along with your current loyalty tier. You can also look for any earned tickets here as they will show up months before they are in your upcoming contests tab. Keeping track of your FanDuel rewards is essential as many of them expire after a certain amount of days. Do yourself a favor and keep track of this. 

Here is an example of what the FanDuel Reward Center looks like for an All-Star Player:

FanDuel Rewards


FanDuel Vouchers

Vouchers on FanDuel can come in a few different forms. The most common of which is a ticket won in a qualifier. A qualifier is a contest that awards entry into another contest, instead of cash. You will find your tickets and vouchers in the FanDuel Rewards Center, which can be found under the account tab of the main page. Make sure to pay attention to your vouchers as they will expire at different times. You will also find free tickets here that FanDuel will occasionally give out, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled. 

FanDuel promo code


What Makes FanDuel Stand out in the DFS Industry

The FanDuel brand started in 2009 as just five guys with a vision and a trying other business. FanDuel stomped the original competition, outliving all five other sites that existed at the time. FanDuel has always been on the forefront on the DFS legislative end as well, ensuring players around the entire country can play on FanDuel. 

When it comes to a user experience standpoint, you won’t find a daily fantasy sports site better. FanDuel offers some of the best sign-up bonuses and promotions available, and they are always innovating. Your money is safe on FanDuel and you can always be sure the deposit and withdrawal processes will be smooth. If you’re looking to play daily fantasy sports, FanDuel is a must to learn the ropes. There are some smaller sites like Monkey Knife Fight and PrizePicks, though they don’t offer the opportunity to win big like FanDuel does. 

First Deposit Bonus up to $500


First Deposit Bonus up to $500

5 Stars
Play Now

You can sign up here to earn a 20% match on your initial deposit up to $500!


FanDuel Safety and Security

To ensure the security of their users, FanDuel works with HackerOne to incentivize anyone that is willing to report a bug or vulnerability. If you are able to find a bug, FanDuel is willing to reward you with an amount that will be discussed privately. Those who report these bugs and are rewarded are added to the FanDuel Security Hall of Fame. This is a publicly displayed list that dates back to 2015 and has just over 100 names on it. Here is a quote directly from FanDuel on the importance of security. 

“At FanDuel, our talented team of engineers and security specialists work non-stop to make our code as secure as possible. However, software without a single vulnerability simply does not exist in the real world. As our products evolve and technology advances, new vulnerabilities are bound to arise. But our Vulnerability Disclosure policy and partnership with HackerOne help us stay ahead of any potential problems.”


Which is better: FanDuel or DraftKings?

There are pros and cons to both sites, so it truly does depend on what you’re looking for. When looking at the sites for beginners, I would certainly recommend FanDuel. The interface is extremely user-friendly and straightforward while maintaining elite features and functionality. You also have a diverse selection of contests to choose from, as FanDuel has some contests that DraftKings doesn’t offer. 

You will find folks with very strong opinions on this argument, but that typically just comes down to where they call home. If you’re a brand new daily fantasy sports player, I wouldn’t recommend starting anywhere other than FanDuel. It’s simply the most straightforward user experience and everything is right in front of your face, opposed to other sites that are beyond confusing at times. 

There is no wrong answer to this question and you will check out both as a daily fantasy sports player. It will come down to your preference between FanDuel and DraftKings as both sites have their own strengths and weaknesses. 

FanDuel Promo Code Bottom Line

FanDuel has established itself as an industry leader for 12 years now and it hasn’t been by accident. They maintain elite features, from receptive and fast customer service to the simplest interface and software you’ll find anywhere. You can also receive an instant 20% deposit bonus that will be applied to your balance immediately. 

There is no doubt about signing up for a FanDuel account if you plan on playing daily fantasy sports. The majority of advice you will hear will be for FanDuel and you won’t find a site that looks out more for their players. Sign up for FanDuel today with our exclusive link to receive a 20% instant match up to $500.

First Deposit Bonus up to $500


First Deposit Bonus up to $500

5 Stars
Play Now

FanDuel FAQ

What is FanDuel?

FanDuel is a daily fantasy sports website that was established in 2009. Widely regarded as the industry leader, FanDuel has maintained their stronghold as the number one grossing DFS site in the US since their inception. You can sign up to FanDuel today and receive an instant 20% deposit bonus. FanDuel began as simply a daily fantasy sports platform, but has turned into so much more. While their foundation remains in the DFS industry, FanDuel has now opened a sportsbook and continues to partner with some of the biggest media brands in sports, including Pat McAfee and others. The FanDuel Sportsbook is legal in just 10 states, so they are far behind the 40+ that daily fantasy sits at. If you’re in a state where daily fantasy is legal and betting is illegal, you can still sign up for FanDuel’s DFS platform. They have nothing to do with each other and you don’t have to worry about breaking any laws. You will also be able to claim seperate bonus funds for the two different sections, so don’t worry about ruining your future sportsbooks bonus code.

Where to enter FanDuel promo code?

When signing up for a new FanDuel account, all you have to do is use a link from this article. FanDuel doesn’t require you to enter any promo code. This makes everything a lot easier as your bonus will be applied automatically when you use one of our links to sign up. FanDuel has always been on the cutting edge of daily fantasy sports bonuses and this 20% instant deposit bonus is no different. When signing up and making a deposit, you will see the 20% of your deposit hit your balance immediately. If it doesn’t, you can contact support and they will do that for you in just a few minutes. Remember, deposit as much as you can initially as this is the only time the 20% bonus will be available. It’s smart to claim as much free money as you comfortably can.

How to use FanDuel promo code?

You can use the 20% initial deposit bonus like they are your own funds. FanDuel will immediately put this money in your balance and it won’t require any more playthrough than regular funds.

How do I put a promo code on an existing account?

If you signed up for a FanDuel account and your deposit bonus wasn’t applied, immediately send a ticket to customer support. You can contact them via email at support@fanduel.com or live chat in the bottom right hand corner of the FanDuel main page.

How old do you have to be to play on FanDuel?

In the majority of states where FanDuel is legal, you must be 18 years or older to play. Alabama requires you to be 19 or older. Massachusetts, Iowa, and Louisiana require users to be 21 or older to play on FanDuel. Remember, you can still play free contests and promotions in states where FanDuel isn’t legal, though you must be 18 or older to collect any rewards won.

What is the current FanDuel promo code?

FanDuel doesn’t currently require you to enter a promo code to receive the initial 20% deposit bonus. Instead, you can just use any of the links from this article and they will apply your 20% immediately. The best part about this FanDuel promo code is you’re not required to play through these funds any more than your own. This means you can withdraw funds after playing through this money just once. This isn’t something you see often as daily fantasy sites typically force you to stick around and play a while before releasing all bonus cash.

Who owns FanDuel?

FanDuel was sold in mid-2018 to Paddy Power Betfair, also known as Flutter Entertainment. The site was originally started by Nigel Eccles and Tom Griffiths, who are no longer involved with FanDuel. FanDuel and DraftKings were expected to merge in 2017, but federal regulators denied that as it would have resulted in a monopolized industry.

How to play FanDuel in restricted states?

This is a dangerous move and you risk breaking local laws. While many will try to use VPN’s, these actually will not work for daily fantasy sites as they can detect these. While they might not be able to find your real location, they will prohibit you from playing until they can. You also risk being banned for the rest of your life, which wouldn’t be worth it with the legal landscape under constant growth.

Austyn Varney
Austyn Varney

Austyn Varney has been writing about Daily Fantasy, Sports Betting and iGaming for the last eight years. Primarily focused on MLB, NBA, NFL, and CFB, Austyn has experience in sports betting of all kinds. Growing up playing sports, Austyn now volunteers as a youth sports coach.