Established back in 2011, The Unibet Sportsbook has expanded its reach across North American and beyond. The 17th sportsbook to be onboarded in the State of New Jersey, the platform offers sports enthusiasts from all walks of life the widest selection of sports to wager on, complete with a host of top markets, exciting incentives and a solid Welcome Offer Promo Code to get you started.

Note: For the most part, this review will focus on Unibet’s North American offerings, namely in the State of New Jersey, unpacking the platform’s many features, promotions, offers and incentives, both in their online casino and their sportsbook.

Starting on the sportsbook side, a world-class sports betting platform always needs a strong Welcome Offer, and Unibet hits the mark with its own unique onboarding promo code. Let’s check it out.

$500 Risk Free Bet


$500 Risk Free Bet

  • Pre-match, live and outright soccer lines
  • American, fractional and decimal formats
  • Price boosts
5 Stars
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The Latest Unibet Promo Codes

Unibet Offers:  Unibet Bonus Description Unibet Promo Code
Unibet Casino Welcome Bonus (1)

100% Deposit Match up to $500

Unibet Casino Welcome Bonus (2)

$10 Free Play

Unibet Casino Live Casino Booster

Saturday/Sunday $5 Bonus

No promo code is required. Select “My Account” > “My Bonuses” > “Live Casino Booster”
Unibet Sportsbook Welcome Offer 

$500 Risk-Free Bet

No promo code is required

Your first cash bet ($10 or over) will qualify.


Unibet Sportsbook Tennis Cash Booster

4x weekly 25% Cash Boosts

No promo code is required add any live tennis bet to your bet slip, choose the 25% profit boost bonus offer 
Unibet Sportsbook Level Up Parlay Booster

50% cash boost on your parlay.

No promo code is required. To qualify, each selection in your bet-slip must have odds of -200 or greater 

Why Claim a Unibet Sportsbook Promo Code

To help players experience all that the Unibet Sportsbook has to offer, the platform will ensure that a players’ first bet remains entirely risk-free. It’s a win-win for both the player and the sportsbook, where, if the bet comes out as a winner, you’ll score returns and the house will get their commission. And on the other hand, if you were to lose, you’d break even and no one would be out of pocket. This is a great way for new players to get the hang of the various betting markets and sporting fixtures on offer, easing themselves into their preferred playing styles and gaining confidence as they proceed through the categories and markets.

Unibet - Sportsbook - $500 Risk-Free Welcome Offer

Signup Today Using the $500 Risk-Free Bet

All new players who have just signed up to the Unibet Sportsbook can expect a solid welcome offer to help them better navigate the platform. Players who sign up will get a $500 Risk-Free Bet on their first wager.

Once you’ve added your funds, the Unibet Sportsbook will ensure that your first bet remains entirely risk-free. They do this by ensuring that the amount you wager (up to $500), will be returned to you, (after you’ve met the initial wagering criteria). This means that if you don’t hit a winner on your first bet, the platform will give you back the amount that you initially wagered and lost. 

To qualify for this incentive, a player will need to register an account, deposit their preferred amount, and be ready to make their first cash bet on the platform. To secure your Sportsbook Welcome Offer promo code, you’ll need to follow the below steps. 

  • Pick a sporting lineup and make a first cash bet on the event or fixture. 
  • If your first bet loses, you’ll be refunded the amount of your wager (up to $500). 
  • Qualifying cash bets need to be $10 or more to qualify.
  • Once the results are in, it will take 72 hours (or less) for your bet to be refunded.

How to Claim the Welcome Offer Promo Code

Once you’ve set up your account, claiming the $500 Risk-Free Welcome Offer promo code is pretty straightforward. The most important thing to note here is that no promo code is required to claim the above offer. The risk-free bet is automatically generated and the only criteria are to have an active Unibet account. 

The casino and the sportsbook work off of the same registration system, meaning that once you’ve set up a player account, you’ll be able to use the same login criteria for both platforms. 

You’ll need to register an account first (if you haven’t done so already). To do this, please refer to the below steps:

  • Head over to the Unibet (NJ) homepage at
  • In the top right-hand corner of the homepage select the “Join Now” button. 
  • Choose your unique password and fill in the required personal details. 

From here, you’ll need to make a minimum $10 deposit into the Unibet Sportsbook for the $500 Risk-free Welcome Offer to activate.

How to profit from the Unibet Sportsbook Welcome Offer Promo Code

Like its casino counterpart, sports betting (for the most part) comes down to luck. But, where chance plays a major role in the selection process, you can use some best practices and strategies to raise your odds of hitting a winner, more often, in few different markets.

And, with a $500 Risk-Free Welcome Offer promo code in your corner, you may want to get a little more creative with your betting style/market selection process.  

Know your sport: It’s crucial to know the ins and outs of the sport you’re placing a wager on. The most successful players are avid followers of the game and have a keen understanding of the sports mechanics, standout players, matchups, and odds. Perfect your knowledge before placing a wager, especially if you’re going after a game with no prior knowledge. 

Use the Welcome Offer: The Unibet Sportsbook Welcome Offer is a one time reward for signing up to the platform that carries no risk. The “worst” outcome is for your wager to be reimbursed as a break-even if your bet doesn’t succeed. That said, use it to the fullest. Wager in the region of $300 to $500 on a market and sport that you’re confident on. After your Welcome Offer promo code has been used, it makes sense to move back to a fixed betting style that won’t impact your bankroll too quickly or heavily. 

Understand your betting style: Try to adopt a fixed betting style that rewards steady wins over time. The temptation might be to go all in and hit hard on a given sport. The truth is, regular returns can boost your bankroll much quicker than the infrequent higher returns you may or may not make on a long shot.

Things to know about the Sportsbook Promo Code. 

Now that you are fully registered to the site and you have the chance to use the Risk-Free Welcome Offer on your first sports wager, it pays to take note of some crucial points that tie in with the promotion at large. 

Important: Players who are using both the online casino and sportsbook will need to decide between one Welcome Offer or the other. Unibet does not give the option to redeem both the Online Casino Welcome Offer (100% deposit match) and the Sportsbook Welcome Offer (risk-free bet up to $500). When registering, you’ll need to choose which of the two offers will benefit your game more. 

Then, as you know, the Welcome Offer is limited to one risk-free bet per player. If your first cash bet is a push, then you will not be eligible for a bonus. And, if you happen to cash out your first cash bet, you will, by default, also not be eligible. And lastly, if your first cash bet wins, the risk-free $500 Welcome Offer will be regarded as complete and you will not receive a refund.

Who can use the Unibet Sportsbook Promo Code? 

The same rules and restrictions apply to the Unibet Sportsbook as they do to the online casino. Players will need to be residing temporarily or permanently in the State of New Jersey while using the sports betting platform and its welcome offers. 

Players will need to be over the age of 21, the legally permitted age for gambling in New Jersey. Players also need to have a valid and verified Unibet real-money account. And they will have to be new to the platform, (i.e about to deposit their first $10 minimum into the Unibet Sportbook platform. 

Unibet Sportsbook Welcome Offer Terms and Conditions

So there you have it. A great Welcome Bonus is ready to be used as soon as you sign up for the Unibet Sportsbook. Here is a recap of the terms and conditions to take into account. 

  • Players will receive a $500 Risk-Free Bet if they don’t hit a winner on their 1st cash bet.
  • A first cash bet ($10 min) on any sports market is eligible for the risk-free bet refund.
  • Players will be refunded in cash (up to $500) within 72 hours of the bet. 
  • There is no promo code required to obtain the risk-free bet.
  • The offer can be used on any sports market or fixture.
  • There are no restrictions on withdrawal as refunds are paid out in cash.

Unibet Online Casino and Sportsbook customer service 

Players can reach out to customer support through email, phone or live chat. For the quickest response times, opt for 24/7 live chat, by clicking the “Support” button on the bottom right-hand side of any of the Unibet sub-pages. Alternatively, you can reach out to the team at the below details. 

Tel:  1-855-655-6310 Toll-free


Unibet Sportsbetting markets and bet types

Unibet NJ Sportsbook compiles, catalogues and offers the widest range of sporting markets in betting today. Here you’ll find exclusive coverage of all the major North American markets, including the NBA, NFL, NBA and other star-studded events. 

The platform is simple to use and allows sports enthusiasts to add new and exciting bets to their betting slips. The platform’s regular promotions (which we’ll cover in a moment) provide top payouts and higher odds. 

There is also a live betting option that allows punters to track their progress, catch regular updates and find their ideal fixtures. The Unibet Sportsbook carries all the major betting types on a wide variety of different sports. Depending on which sport you’ve opted to wager on, betting types include over/under bets, money lines, parlay bets, point spread bets, prop bets, live bets and a whole lot more.

Different lineups at Unibet Sportsbook

Unibet sportsbook prides itself on having one of the most extensive and varied sporting line-ups in the State of New Jersey and throughout North America as a whole. Regardless of your sporting preference, you’re sure to find the perfect sporting lineup, houses in one easy to navigate platform. The world’s top sporting events are brought to the table regularly, with live stats, upcoming fixtures and more.

Choose from over 30 different sporting lineups, including NBA Basketball, Major League Baseball, ATP Tennis, NFL Football, NHL Hockey, Olympic Games, Soccer, Golf, UFC/MMA, Table Tennis, Boxing, Cricket, Cycling, Darts, Lacrosse, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Snooker, and more.  

Unibet Sportsbook App

Now you can place bets on the go, straight from your mobile with the Unibet Sportsbook App. Fast, secure and free to download, the Unibet Casino/Sportsbook app is available on both Android and iOS devices. 

Download the iOS version from the App Store here, or download the Android version directly from the site here, and follow the installation steps. 

Some of the top features on the Unibet NJ Sports Betting App include

  • The best odds on all major sporting events.
  • A wide variety of betting markets, including prop bets, live bets and many more. 
  • All the promotions, rewards and incentives that you’ll find on the desktop platform.

Why You should sign up at Unibet Sportsbook?


  • An enticing $500 Risk-Free Bet promo code stands as the  platforms ongoing Welcome Offer
  • A wide variety of regular bonuses and promotions
  • A wide range of sports and betting markets to choose from.
  • A highly reputable, fully licensed sportsbook  with 24/7 customer support


  • You’ll need to navigate to the sportsbook from the casino when on the app
  • No current Loyalty Program is in place for the Unibet Sportsbook

Additional Offers and Promotions at Unibet Sportsbook

Unibet Sportsbook is known to have more promos and offers than most other online sports betting platforms. These run together and are regularly interchanged with new and exciting incentives. Here are some of the best promos running in 2024.

Unibet Sportsbook - Level Booster Promo

Level Up: Parlay Booster

This promo lets you get a 50% Cash Boost on your parlay. All winning are 100% cash and the offer lets you decide exactly what to add to your parlay. You can also boost as many times as you want. To qualify for the Level Up Booster, each selection in your bet-slip must have odds of -200 or greater (i.e. -150, +100). For more information visit the Level Up: Parlay Booster promo page.

Unibet Sportsbook - Tennis Cash Booster Promo

Tennis Cash Booster

Each week, players can get 4x new Profit Boosts on their tennis bets each week. To qualify, players will need to add any live tennis bets to their bet slip, choose the 25% Profit Boost Bonus offer, and they will be rewarded with real cash on any of their winnings. For more information, visit the Tennis Cash Booster promo page. Unibet Sportsbook - Daily Boosts Promo

Daily Boosts

Each day, the Unibet (NJ) Sportsbook runs a new Profit Boost on a different sporting fixture. For example, players can get a 20% Profit Boost on any Live NBA bet. To qualify for these daily Profit Boosts, you’ll need to head over to your account and navigate to the event that is eligible for a Profit Boost. Add a bet to your betting slip and select the “Profit Boost” on the Bonus Offers page. For more information on how to find and use your Profit Boost, click here.

That’s about it from the Sportsbook side. Let’s head over to the Unibet Online Casino.

Unibet Casino History 

Towards the end of 1999, Unibet launched its first online website out of the UK. What started out as a sportsbook primarily (that would take bets over the phone) quickly morphed into one of the largest and most sought after online casinos in the world. As of 2024, Unibet can be found in over 100 countries, with 650+ employees and a global user base of around 9.5 million gamers. 

Currently ranked number 3 in global gaming, Unibet’s offerings include a fully equipped online casino with 600+ games, including video slots, tables, live dealer experiences, new releases, progressive jackpots, and some top weekly promos and tournaments. Let’s dive into a full review of the Unibet Online Casino platform, starting with their New Player Welcome Offer.

Unibet Online Casino - Welcome Offer

Unibet Online Casino Welcome Offer Promo Code

Right out the gate, the Unibet online casino differentiates itself from the competition, offering its new patrons, not one, but two exciting Welcome Offers that will activate once they have registered their player account. These are a $10 no-deposit bonus for registering your player account and a 100% match bonus of up to $500 on your first deposit.

$10 Free Play Bonus

Starting with the $10 No Deposit (or Free Play) Bonus, players who have just registered a new account will instantly receive a $10 Free Play Bonus. This signup bonus needs no deposit to be redeemed. The funds are sent straight to your account, allowing you to navigate through the platform and find the best games to suit your playing style. The Free Play Bonus can be used on any gaming variants, including slots, tables, live dealer experiences and more. The obvious value that adds to this bonus is that players can play the widest range of newly released games for free, giving them a window into their own strategy and future favourites. And to make your $10 Free Play Bonus go as far as possible, the casino has added a low 1x wagering requirement to redeem the offer. Then we’ve got the… 

100% Deposit Match

The 100% Deposit Match Bonus of up to $500 is an effective Welcome offer used by casinos around the world, this offer ensures that the first deposit you add to your account will be matched dollar for dollar by the house. For instance, if you deposit $300 into your account, the casino will match your $300 with another $300 in cash. As with most offers, the Deposit Match Bonus comes with its own set of wagering requirements, which we’ll get into in just a bit.  

To qualify for both of the above offers, all you’ll need to do is set up your own unique player account on the Unibet (NJ) Online Casino platform. This 3 step process is simple and usually clears instantly. 

Why Claim the Unibet Online Casino Welcome Offer

Most casinos offer a Welcome Offer or a Match Deposit when a player first registers an account. The incentives vary from casino to casino, with some being better and some being worse. It is however quite rare that an online casino should offer both a Match Deposit and a Welcome Offer at the same time. The 100% Deposit Match is a strong onboarding value add in its own right, where players are able to start their on-site journey with up to $500 in gaming funds. 

While this does come with its own wagering requirements, the money tends to go a long way, when used with the right strategy. Added to that, if a player is still on the fence and deciding which online casino best suits their playing style, the $10 Free Play incentive is a no strings attached way for the Unibet platform to show them what the site is all about. Players can enjoy a host of different games, entirely risk-free, and, most importantly, with no deposit needed. 

While $10 might not sound like a lot to get started with, the offer itself has no fine print or catch attached to it. Added to that, the 1x wagering requirement makes your bankroll go further, which boosts your chances of unlocking higher payouts. And of course, anything won with the above two Welcome Offers is for you to keep in full.

Who can use the Unibet Online Casino Promo Code

The Unibet (NJ) Online Casino platform is licensed to The State of New Jersey, and for this reason, any player logging onto the platform from outside of the State will not be eligible to receive the Welcome Bonus. Players signing up to the site will need to be physically present in the state of New Jersey to qualify for the offer. 

This doesn’t mean that you need to reside permanently or hold residence in New Jersey. You’ll just need to be in the State at the time you register an account and start using the Welcome Offer.  

In order to qualify, you’ll also need to have a valid and verified Unibet real-money account. This can easily be obtained by following the steps covered earlier. 

The Unibet Welcome Offer is, of course, only applicable to players who are new to the platform and have just registered an account. Players with an existing casino history and previously deposited funds will not be eligible for the Welcome Offer. 

And lastly, the State of New Jersey prohibits underage gambling, be it online or otherwise. With this in mind, any player who wants to redeem the two Welcome Offers will need to be over the age of 21.

How to Claim the Unibet Promo Code

Here are the steps needed to set up your player account at Unibet Online Casino and Sportsbook. 

Unibet Online Casino - Join Now Homepage

Step 1: Signing up to the Unibet platform

You don’t have to be a New Jersey resident to join Unibet, but you must be physically located in New Jersey at the time of your bet to wager real money online. Here are the steps needed to register your account: 

  • Head over to the Unibet (NJ) homepage at
  • In the top right-hand corner of the homepage select the “Join Now” button. 
  • Here you will need to choose a unique password and fill in some personal details.
Unibet Online Casino - Login Details

Step 2: Depositing funds into your account

Once the system has captured your details, the next step would be to top up your account with a first deposit. The minimum deposit to start playing on the platform is $10. The Unibet Online Casino accepts a host of different depositing options to get you started (which we’ll unpack a little later on).

Step 3: Start playing 

Congratulations! With the above two steps completed, you’ll have your own player account which you can log into and use any hour of the day or night. When starting out, remember to first set your player limits. You can do this according to Session Time Limit, Deposit Limit, and/or Overall Spending Limit. 

Please Note: When moving through the above registration process, an option to redeem your two Welcome Offers will appear on site. To redeem your 2x Welcome Offers, simply follow the below steps.  

Steps to Redeem the $10 Free Play 

  • When first registering onto the Unibet (NJ) site, enter the promo code “UBCASINO10”. 
  • Entering this code will automatically load a $10 Casino Bonus into your player account.
  • Now you can try out all the top games for free, with a low 1x wagering requirement

Steps to Redeem the 100% Deposit Match

  • When you’re adding your first deposit, enter the code “UBCASINO500”.
  • Your first deposit will be matched up to $500.
  • Your deposit and its matching bonus can now be used on all the latest games.

How to use the Unibet Promo Codes

There are a few ways to utilize the bonuses to the best possible outcome, which we’ll cover shortly. But let’s jump into activating the bonus itself, and a few need to know around eligibility, starting with the… 

$10 Free Play Bonus

As mentioned, this bonus comes with minimal red tape around its actual use. In order to activate the $10 Free Play Bonus, you’ll need to enter the promo code “UBCASINO10” into the optional field of the platform registration page. Once your account has been created and approved, the money will be automatically transferred through to your player account and ready to use when you see fit. 

A few things to know about the $10 Free Play Bonus

Selecting the Promo Code: It’s crucial to enter the “UBCASINO10” Promo Code when first registering your account. Once the account has been created, there is no option to go back to the platform and enter the code at a later stage. 

Wagering requirements: A wagering requirement of 1x the bonus must be completed before bonus funds will be available for withdrawal.

Redemption period: Once registered to the site, and upon receiving the bonus funds into your account. you’ll have 30 days to achieve the wagering requirements. 

Wagered amounts: Any wagers that are placed will first be taken from your existing cash amount. When this reaches its end, the funds will then be taken from the bonus balance. 

100% Deposit Match

Moving over to the 100% Match Deposit. With this promotion, you’ll need to head over to the   “New Casino Player – 100% Deposit Bonus up to $500” offer in the promotions section of your Unibet account. From there you can choose your preferred payment method before making your first deposit. To make sure your bonus gets triggered, look out for the promo code “UBCASINO500” which will appear when making your deposit. If this is not the case, contact the support centre before moving forward to payment.

A few things to know about the 100% Deposit Match

Depositing amount: On successful processing of the deposit, the bonus money will appear in your account. Keep in mind that the bonus is capped at a $500 match. This means that, while you can choose to deposit more than the $500 limit, the maximum Match Bonus you’ll receive will never go over the $500 mark. 

Promo Code: With the 100% Match Offer, no promo code is entered onto the registration page. This code needs to be selected when you’re making your deposit in Step 2 of the onboarding process. Please make sure the “UBCASINO500” code is selected on the deposit page or the Welcome Offer won’t be added. 

Wagering requirements: A higher wagering cap than the $10 Free Play Bonus. With this incentive, a wagering requirement of 25x the bonus must be completed before bonus funds will be available for withdrawal.

How to Profit Using the Unibet Promo Codes

Both of the above Welcome Offers can be withdrawn in exchange for real cash. The only real challenge is that, in order for this to happen, the right wagering criteria needs to be met. That being 1x for the $10 Free Play Bonus and x25 for the 100% Match Offer.  There are however a few ways you can speed up this process and cash out your bonuses in the shortest possible time frame. 

Raise your bankroll: Both offers have a withdrawal cut off date attached to them so it makes the most sense to play as frequently as possible while trying to meet the wagering criteria. One trick is to keep a steady reserve of funds that can be added to the roll when you find yourself on a winning streak. These added deposits can take players to the set wagering criteria in half the time it might take if your set limit is too stringent. That said, as always, gamble responsibly and know when to call it a night. Also, make sure you’re playing consistently. Log onto the platform regularly and meet your wagering requirements with the most time to spare. Avoid a 2 or 3 day rush to the finish line as the promo period start to reach a close. 

Play the right games: Look for the games that fulfil the above wagering criteria as quickly as possible. Look for games with simple strategies and strong returns. Progressive and Jackpot slots are a solid choice, whereas tables can take more time to hit the mark, due to their slower play and more time-intensive sessions.  

Try out multiple codes: The Unibet promo codes can, for the most part, only be used once. But this doesn’t mean that they cannot be used at the same time. Once you’ve unlocked your Welcome Offer, head over to the promo section of the Unibet site and find another code that grabs your attention. Using them simultaneously can spread your risk and raise your chances of hitting higher payouts.

Set high limits: Taking your gameplay up to its maximum limit is a great way to reach the wagering requirement in the quickest possible time frame. Watch this strategy carefully, as any losing streaks may carry more loss than usual. But wagering higher cuts the time it takes to reach the wagering quota in half. 

Look for games that carry high RTP: The higher a game’s Return to Player percentage (RTP) the more likely it will be to send some great rewards your way while playing. The RTP can be found in the information deck below any game on the Unibet platform. Anything between 96% and 98% has a good possibility of dishing out consistent returns. Added to that, the stronger advantage over the house could position you to achieve regular winning streaks, and with that a better chance of quickly reaching your wagering requirements.

Consider your match: When it comes to the 100% Match Bonus, you’re not getting any added incentive (over the $500 mark) for depositing more money. Always be careful of overspending when you first hit the platform. Also, a lower Match Bonus is easier to reach in terms of its wagering requirements. So, give some thought to how much time, energy and money you want to spend on-site and make your decisions from there.

Sign Up Using Promo Code “UBCASINO10” and “UBCASINO500”

Remember, all you need to do to get the most out of the 2 Unibet Welcome Offers is to sign up for your account and meet the requirements located in the information above. Here’s a quick recap of the 100% Deposit Match and the $10 Free Play Welcome Offers. 

$10 Free Play Welcome Offer

  • A $10 minimum first deposit is required to qualify for the Match Deposit Bonus.
  • Once activated, the Bonus can be used on all games. 
  • This offer carries a 1x wagering requirement to withdraw.  
  • This offer is redeemable once a player has made a first-time deposit.
  • The offer is applicable to players permanently or temporarily residing in New Jersey.
  • The offer must be redeemed with 30 days of signing up to the Unibet platform.

100% Deposit Match

  • The offer provides up to $500 in Bonus Cash on your first deposit. 
  • Once activated, the Bonus can be used on all games. 
  • The offer carries a 25x wagering requirement to withdraw. 
  • The offer is redeemable once a player has made a first-time deposit.
  • This offer is applicable to players permanently or temporarily residing in New Jersey.
  • The offer must be redeemed with 30 days of signing up to the platform.

Head over here, for more on the Unibet Online Casino Welcome Offers.

Unibet Online Casino customer service 

Players can reach out to customer support through email, phone or live chat. For the quickest response times, opt for 24/7 live chat, by clicking the “Support” button on the bottom right-hand side of any of the Unibet sub-pages. Alternatively, you can reach out to the team at the below details. 

Tel:  1-855-655-6310 Toll-free


Other Promo codes

Below you’ll find a list of  the top Welcome Offers and promo codes from New Jerseys leading online casino’s

Promo Codes

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  • Pennsylvania
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Risk-Free Bet up to $1,000

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21+ and present. First real mo... 21+ and present. First real money wager only. Refund issued...

21+ and present. First real money wager only. Refund issued as non-withdrawable site credit that expires in 14 days.

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447 Codes claimed
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2 Risk-Free Bets up to $2,000

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Get up to a $500 Refund (in Fr... Get up to a $500 Refund (in Free Bets) if your 1st Fixed Odd...

Get up to a $500 Refund (in Free Bets) if your 1st Fixed Odds Bet loses. Get up to a $1,500 Refund (in Free Bets) if your 1st PointsBetting Bet loses. New Customers Only! Eligible clients are entitled to a maximum two (2) refunds. One (1) refund for first PointsBetting wager should it lose and One (1) refund for first fixed price wager should it lose. No refunds are payable for winning, void or wagers resulted as a push.

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989 Codes claimed
9.4 4.5 Stars

Risk-Free Bet up to $600

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This Sports Promotion is open... This Sports Promotion is open to players located in the appl...

This Sports Promotion is open to players located in the applicable state at the time of wagering, aged 21 years, and placing first deposit on their online BetMGM Sports account. To claim this Sports Promotion, you must deposit a minimum of $10 in to your account and place, as your first real money bet after opening your account, any sports wager. Only the first $600 of the first wager are eligible for this promotion. On placing your Qualifying Bet, if your bet loses, you’ll become eligible to risk-free, Freebets back up to $600.

09/03/21 Date Posted
717 Codes claimed
9.8 5 Stars

$40 Free Bet & $500 Risk-Free Bet

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After registering as a new use... After registering as a new user, you will immediately be rec...

After registering as a new user, you will immediately be receiving 2x $10 bets in your bet-slip. If your first settled cash bet loses, you will receive a refund to your account equal to the amount of your losing wager (up to $250). In order to be eligible for this promotion, you must be 21 years or older and physically be in the state of New Jersey. You must have registered for and obtained a valid and verified Unibet real-money account.

09/04/21 Date Posted
649 Codes claimed
8.4 4 Stars

100% Match up to $1,250

Play Now
New Patrons of WynnBet who mak... New Patrons of WynnBet who make a minimum first deposit of n...

New Patrons of WynnBet who make a minimum first deposit of not less than $20 and place an eligible sports wager within ten (10) days after making the qualifying minimum $20 first deposit during the Promotional Period are eligible to receive a Risk Free Sports Bet up to a maximum of $1,000 as a free bet (the “Risk Free Sports Bet”).

09/04/21 Date Posted

Unibet Casino Mobile App

Unibet’s latest online casino app is available for both iOS and Android devices. The Android app can be downloaded directly on the Unibet site, while the iOS variations can be downloaded in the App Store. The app allows gamers and punters alike to enjoy their favourite sports and casino experiences on the go from anywhere in the world. The site’s functionality is optimized for mobile, but still contains the same wide range of gaming/sporting categories that players know and love. As with the desktop version, the Unibet App Gaming App can only be used within the State of New Jersey.

Unibet Online Casino slots and games 

With 500+ top games to choose from, including tables, live dealer experiences, jackpot slots and more, the Unibet Online Casino gaming lineup has something for everyone. New games are regularly released and are developed to precision by the best gaming providers in the business, including Netent, Betsoft and a whole lot more. 

Slots: The platform’s Video Slots are developed with a knack for immersive gameplay. Carrying a wide range of themes and interfaces, these slots are packed to capacity with a host of top incentives, including multipliers, free spins, bonus rounds and more. Check out Legacy of Dead, Rise of Apollo, Reactoonz and other great lineups. 

Table Games: These slick and stylish Table Games carry a nice combination of traditional variants, mixed up with cutting-edge new releases. Intuitive screens display top visuals, spanning blackjack, roulette, baccarat, poker and more. Try your hand at Classic Blackjack: Gold Series, Double Ball Roulette, First Person Baccarat and more. 

Live Casino: The Live Dealer suite is still growing in North America, but as of 2024, Unibet has made strong steps to expanding its current gaming lineup. Placed in a stylish studio setting, these games are interactive and exciting. Players can track their progress, communicate with professional dealers, and win top payouts. Some of Unibet’s Live Casino variants include Roulette Exclusive, Blackjack Lobby, and Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker, among others. 

Jackpot Slots: For chart-topping returns, look no further than Jackpot Slots. With around 40 to choose from onsite, these slots pack a punch when it comes to impressive payouts. As players make bets, the size of the pot increases, with certain machines known to pay out up to 20,000x the initial wager and more. A few of the latest jackpot slots to hit the platform include Jungle: Mega Moolah, Immortal Romance: Mega Moolah, Juicy Joker: Mega Moolah.

Unibet Online Casino and Sportsbook Payment Options 

Unibet (NJ) Online Casino and Sportsbook offer a variety of depositing and withdrawal options for players to choose from. Below are the most frequently used deposit/withdrawal methods.

Method: Deposit:   Withdrawal:  





Bank transfer 

Unibet Online Casino Deposits 

Any players wishing to start wagering immediately should opt to deposit with an online bank transfer or ACH. These depositing options will instantly clear the money to your account. 

While it is possible to deposit with Visa and/or MasterCard, there may be additional charges imposed by your card issuer. After you have made your first deposit, the system will save your preferred deposit choice via the “Quick Deposit” option. 

Unibet Online Casino Withdrawals 

A little more restriction applies to withdrawals, with Bank Transfer, Neteller, and PayPal being the most commonly used. The minimum withdrawal limit is $10 and the withdrawals themselves may take anywhere from 3 to 5 business days to clear.

Why You should sign up at Unibet Online Casino?


  • A strong selection of over 500 games.
  • A 2 in 1 Welcome Offer consisting of a $10 Free Play and a $100 Deposit Match.
  • A well-run casino app with a wide offering.
  • A highly reputable, fully licensed online gaming entity with 24/7 customer support.


  • No current Loyalty Program for the Unibet American market.
  • Limited table games and live dealer experiences
  • Real money bets cannot be made on the mobile homepage. Only on the App or desktop.

Additional Offers and Promotions at Unibet Casino

Unibet Online Casino - Live Casino Booster

Live Casino Booster 

Ace the competition on any live dealer game with the Live Casino Booster offer. Available every Saturday and Sunday, this offer credits a $5 bonus to your account as soon as your wagering hits $10. All you need to do is head over to the “My Bonuses” section of your account each weekend and opt-in to the “Live Casino Booster”. This offer can be used on any number of live casino games, including blackjack, baccarat, roulette and poker. 

Unibet Online Casino and Sportsbook Summary

The Unibet Sportsbook and Online Casino are one of the strongest contenders in online entertainment and gameplay today. With regular incentives, rewards and bonuses across both platforms, players and gamers alike are able to enjoy the ease of navigation, immersive action and wide variety of fixtures/gaming categories that the North American market has to offer.

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