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DraftKings has been a stalwart in the daily fantasy sports industry since its inception in 2012, offering their users some of the best bonuses and promotions out there. To date, DraftKings has paid out over $10 Billion total dollars in winnings. There is a ton of money to be made and we have you covered with the best DraftKings promo code you will find.  Make sure to join DraftKings via any link in this article to receive a free $20 and bonus up to $500.

Free Bet Deposit Bonus up to $1,000


Free Bet Deposit Bonus up to $1,000

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Best DraftKings Promo Code

SafeBettingSites prides itself on bringing you the best possible promo code DraftKings has to offer. For the daily fantasy sports product, that is a $20 sign-up bonus on top of a $500 potential match.

DraftKings Promo Code None – Use our links
What will you receive? 100% Deposit Match up to $20
Last Updated June 2024
Promo Terms Legal Age + Location
Play-Through Requirements 1x
Mobile Platforms iPhone, Android

DraftKings Sign up

  • 100% Instant Deposit Bonus 
  • 1x Play-through Necessary 
  • Best DraftKings Promo Code Offered
  • Easy to Withdraw 

DraftKings has unleashed their top 2024 promo code and are giving all new players a 100% instant deposit bonus up to $20 on their initial deposit. These bonus funds require just a 1x playthrough before you can claim the money.

To claim your bonus:

  1. Visit DraftKings via a link in this article
  2. Verify your identity + Create Account
  3. Deposit $5-$500
  4. Receive 100% Deposit Bonus up to $20

This sign-up bonus doesn’t require a promo code. Just use any of the links found via this article to claim your special offer. 


How to Sign-up for DraftKings

1 – Click the “Join Now” button next to any DraftKings logo in this article. That will lead you directly to the DraftKings sign-up screen and automatically apply the SBS exclusive promo code.

DraftKings promo code


2 – Click the “Sign-up Free” button on the DraftKings main page. This will bring you to the sign-up screen and start the process of signing up for a DraftKings account.

Draftkings deposit bonus


3 – Enter your basic information, including your proposed username and password. Use code SAVE for a FREE $20 bonus.


4 – Verify your identity. You will be asked for your full name, address, and potential social security number. DraftKings must ensure you’re in a legal state as well, so expect them to track your location.

5 – Make your first deposit. Once your identity is verified, DraftKings will bring you to the deposit page, where you will see the promo you entered offered. This is the final step on your way to winning money on DraftKings!

DraftKings promo offer


What do I get with the DraftKings Promo Code?

With DraftKings offering a 20% deposit match up to $1,000, you can sleep tight knowing you’re getting the top bonus offered in the industry. Upon deposit, DraftKings will automatically match 20% directly in your balance. You won’t be asked to play through anything to receive those funds, which is rare in the daily fantasy sports industry. 

That means if you deposit $1,000, your balance will start at $1,200 and that money is as good as yours. You must play through these funds just once to withdraw. Sign up for DraftKings now to receive the best promo code in the industry. 

Who can use the DraftKings Promo Code?

The daily fantasy sports industry is still undergoing significant growth and the main sites are working daily to make sure you can play DFS in the state you reside in. For now, you can use the DraftKings promo code in any of the states DraftKings legally operates in. 

Where DraftKings is legal

Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming

Where DraftKings is illegal

Arizona, Louisiana, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, WashingtonDK Map

DraftKings Interface and Software

When playing daily fantasy sports, it’s crucial to feel comfortable navigating the site you’re playing on. Things can happen fast and there is nothing worse than feeling lost and helpless. DraftKings is widely regarded for its elite user interface that enables extremely fast and efficient browsing. 

If you are a fan of glitz and glam, the DraftKings interface might not interest you. However, daily fantasy sports players are typically more concerned about functionality and DraftKings gives you everything you could hope for in that aspect. 

DraftKings Mobile App

You can rest assured that FanDuel has you covered with an app that blows away the competition. The DraftKings mobile app gives you full capability to the  DFS site, allowing you to play solely on the app if you would like to. While some prefer the desktop version of DraftKings, it comes down to preference and ease of use. The DraftKings mobile app is available for iPhones via the App Store and Android users can find it in the Google Play Store. 

The DraftKings mobile app is extremely secure and doesn’t take up much space in your phone’s storage. Download the DraftKings app today to give yourself access to DK on the go!

DraftKings App


Opening a DraftKings Account Details

When you visit the DraftKings website, make sure to click the “Daily Fantasy” option to begin the sign-up process. This will lead you to a “create an account” page, which will ask you what username and password you would like. If available, you will move on to verifying your identity. This involves giving DraftKings your full name, residential address, and potentially your social security number. 

Can I create two DraftKings accounts?

DraftKings strictly prohibits any user from creating multiple DraftKings accounts and you subject yourself to being banned by doing this. DraftKings is extremely good at tracking this, looking at things from your IP address to basic and advanced information. If you plan on a close family member with the same last name creating a referral account, it would be wise to send DraftKings support an email making them aware of the situation. The same goes for other unique situations, like a roommate that lives in the same house. A bit of communication can fix problems before they start and the DK support team is a very strong bunch.

DraftKings Accepted Payment Methods

DraftKings is one of the industry leaders and they accept more deposit and withdrawal methods than any other DFS site. You can also be sure that any money withdrawn will be received in a timely manner. This is an extremely important factor when considering which daily fantasy site to pick and DraftKings does a great job of covering the majority of bases you could ask for. 

Deposits Withdrawals
American Express
Bank Transfer
Wire Transfer

How does DraftKings payout?

It doesn’t matter what deposit methods are accepted if you can’t get your winnings. DraftKings offers a few different ways to receive your withdraw, with the easiest being PayPal or a direct bank transfer. You can also have your money wire transferred or a paper check sent to your residential address. DraftKings has the fastest withdrawals in the industry and you won’t pay any service fees. You can also expect to receive your money with 48 business hours of your withdrawal request. 

What happens if my promo code doesn’t work?

While it’s extremely rare for your initial sign-up deposit bonus to not process, it can certainly happen and you shouldn’t worry about a thing if it does. Contact customer service and let them know what happened. They will be sure to apply your SafeBettingSites DraftKings promo code so you can receive the free $20. 

The easiest way to contact support would be through email at support@draftkings.com. You can also contact DraftKings Support in a number of different ways, as listed below. 

draftkings customer support

How does DraftKings work?

DraftKings is one of the top daily fantasy platforms in the industry and they’ve hold a strong foothold since their inception in 2012. It took just three years for them to take the number one spot in the industry, and it’s been a daily battle ever since. DraftKings is a daily fantasy sports site that offers some of the biggest tournament prize pools in the industry, along with a user experience that blows away the competition. 

The DraftKings daily fantasy sports product is thought of by many as the “fancy” daily fantasy format and interface. The user experience on DraftKings is a very advanced one, from the large tournament prize pools to some of the best features in the industry. You can also expect to see some of the best features in the entire industry, from DK Social to the DK Shop. 

DraftKings Bonuses 

While the sign-up bonus is always going to be the most lucrative, DraftKings gives their current users a ton to look forward to. From exclusive loyalty tier freerolls to daily missions, DraftKings is always giving their users ways to make free bonus cash. We’ll dive into some of the ways to do this, and where you should be watching to stay on top of things.

Sign up for DraftKings now to receive an instant 100% deposit bonus up to $20.

While the DraftKings sign-up bonus is one of the best in the business, the bonus money won’t stop after you sign up. The good folks over at DraftKings will constantly throw various bonuses at you, including special contests and reload bonuses. No other daily fantasy sports platform can live up to what DK offers daily.

DraftKings promo code

How to Play on DraftKings

As one of the original daily fantasy sports sites, DraftKings is known by many as their “default” DFS platform. DraftKings isn’t necessarily simple to look at, but that’s because they offer more features than any other daily fantasy platform. DraftKings also offers their users the best possible “rake” in the industry, which is another word for how much the house takes to run a contest. 

Guaranteed Prize Pools (GPP’s) – Known by most as tournaments, guaranteed prize pools are what daily fantasy sports commercials are made of. These are the contests that promise to payout a certain amount of $, no matter how many users end up joining the contests. Overlay is when a tournament doesn’t fully fill, gifting users free money. This isn’t very common on DraftKings nowadays, though it does still happen on rare occasions and is something to watch out for. DraftKings offers the biggest GPP prize pools in the entire industry and you can get a piece of the pie on any given night by signing up above. 

Cash Games (H2H, 50/50) – Cash games are contests that payout anywhere from 40-60% of entrants, giving users a lot more safety than a tournament. While cash games don’t give you the ability to hit big, they do allow you to build your bankroll in a much more methodical way. Cash games are extremely popular and a great way to sustain your bankroll while taking selective shots at tournaments. Cash games include head-to-heads, 50/50’s, and 2x multipliers.

3-100 Man Contests – These are a bit of a mix between the above two types of contests. 3-100 man contests offer the most value of any, giving you the ability to hit big while still playing against a few number of opponents. These contests can hold anywhere from 3-100 players and payout anywhere from one to 12. Contest selection is one of the most important aspects of winning in daily fantasy sports and 3-100 man contests are a great way to sustainably build your bankroll. DraftKings offers some of the best rake in the industry, so you will never have to worry about losing out on money.

DraftKings Promotions  

When you begin playing on DraftKings, you will see special contests offered constantly. These promos add free money to the prize pool and are great tournaments to take advantage of as a beginning daily fantasy sports player. They can be of great assistance to building your bankroll or even cashing big. 

DraftKings Millionaire Maker

DraftKings is known for their Millionaire Maker, notoriously giving out a million-dollar top prize multiple times per year. It started as a one-time promotion to start the 2017 football season, but quickly exploded into something DraftKings offered on a weekly basis. We’ve also seen millionaire makers for other big sporting events, including the Masters. These contests often have a prize pool around $10 million dollars and cost anywhere from $20-$27 dollars to enter.


The kind folks at DraftKings do a tremendous job of keeping the promotions fresh and spread out across different sports, often running two or three different promos at the same time. You can find this page in your account tab, or by visiting the URL above. You’d be wise to take advantage of these DraftKings promotions as there is free money up for grabs on the daily.

DraftKings promo code

DraftKings Free Contests

DraftKings offers free daily fantasy sports contests for every sport and every state, including ones that DraftKings doesn’t offer paid contests in. These free contests don’t award any prizes, but they do allow DFS players to practice for when they are able to play in real money contests. 

You can find DraftKings’s free contests in the regular lobby. Just toggle the entry bar to $0 and you will find a plethora of different contests available – all for free!

One of the more exciting contests offered on DraftKings are the free in-play contests they offer for every sport. These contests are typically offered for the “bigger” games of the day, but you will see them scattered throughout. These contests include staying in DraftKings while the game is being played and making real-time predictions. 

This is not only an extremely fun way to play DFS on DraftKings, but it’s completely free and you can play in any state. Remember, no states ban free contests and you can still collect any earned rewards. You can find DraftKings’s “InPlay” contests in the “Play Free” section of the lobby. 


DraftKings Beginner Contests 

DraftKings is widely regarded as the best daily fantasy platform for beginners and these “beginner-only” contests are a big reason why. These tournaments and cash games limit the entrants to other beginners, allowing you to play against fair competition. 

One of the biggest criticisms of DraftKings is the number of pros that play on the site, so this gives newbies a great way to understand the game before being thrown into the shark pool. You will have access to DraftKings beginner-only contests for your first 50 entries on DraftKings. 

You will know if someone is a beginner on DraftKings by the star next to their name. If that star is colored in, they are a VIP and likely an experienced player. If the star is white, the player is likely newer and also a DFS beginner. 

DraftKings beginner

DraftKings Crowns Explained

DraftKings Crowns are points earned for playing in real-money DraftKings contests, and you’ll be awarded a different amount of crowns depending on the entry fee. There are other ways to gain these crowns as well, including daily missions, promotions, and season-long achievements. You can use these funds to go shopping in the DraftKings Shop, which has products ranging from contest tickets to apparel. 

DraftKings Refer a Friend Promo

DraftKings users can also help sign their friends up and both players will receive $20 that must be used to enter DraftKings contests. These rewards will never expire, so don’t feel the need to use these quickly. Referring your friends is easy as DraftKings gives each of their users a unique link that will track any incoming action and automatically apply the bonus to your account. 

What makes someone a qualified referral?

In order for someone to qualify as a referral, they must first be in a legal state and be signing up for their first and only DraftKings account. They also have to make a deposit and play through at least $10 of those funds in the first (30) days after the deposit is made. Both the referring account and new account must be “live” for either account to be rewarded. 

DK Dollars

DraftKings Dollars are earned via rewards and referalls and can only be used to enter contests on DraftKings, and is unable to be withdrawn. These funds do not expire and can be used for any tournament regular money can buy into.

DraftKings Rewards Center

This will be your home base for your DraftKings rewards, giving you everything from your current crown balance to a list of upcoming missions and promotions. DraftKings will also give their users a mission every day with a certain crown bonus if you complete the mission. 

DraftKings Rewards

DraftKings Daily Missions

You can check the DraftKings Reward Center daily for a brand new mission that can be completed on DraftKings. These will typically be very simple tasks and will promise to pay you an extra boost of crowns once you’ve finished. You can also gain boosts by completing a certain number of daily missions in a row, often somewhere between 7 and 10. DraftKings daily missions will award users who finish the task with anywhere from 100-500 crowns.

DraftKings promo code

Draftkings promo code

DraftKings Loyalty Program

Depending on your DraftKings Daily Rewards Status Tier, you will receive different benefits. Your DK daily tier level is deemed by how many DraftKings Crowns you earned the month prior. There are six different tiers and the difference is substantial between each. Once you reach the upper tier levels, there are massive bonuses every single day. 

DraftKings Monthly Bonus Calendar

The promotions team at DraftKings does a great job of keeping their users informed on any ongoing and upcoming promotions, offering separate calendars for every single loyal tier level. DraftKings offers daily bonuses for every single one of their users and this calendar will let you know what to expect in the coming days. Here is what the Bronze calendar looks like next to the Black one.

Bronze Tier Calendar

DraftKings promo code

Black Tier Calendar

DraftKings promo code

DraftKings Social

If you’re looking to play daily fantasy sports with your friends, DraftKings is the site you’re looking for. In DraftKings social, you can connect with friends and keep track of each other’s daily scores, along with playing free and paid contests against each other. DraftKings Social is a great way to connect with friends while playing DFS on your favorite platform.

DraftKings Social

What Makes DraftKings Stand out in the DFS Industry

The DraftKings brand was established in 2012 by Matt Kalish, Jason Robins, and Paul Liberman, former employees of Vistaprint. The company launched out of Liberman’s house as a 1v1 baseball fantasy platform, but quickly grew. The launch coincided with the 2012 MLB Opening Day, so the company is approaching 10 years in business as an industry leader. Making its name as the daily fantasy sports site with the best features, DraftKings offers something that no other daily fantasy platform can give you. 

There are smaller sites like PrizePicks and Monkey Knife Fight to choose from, but they don’t offer anywhere near the large winnings you can take home with just one DraftKings tournament.

You can sign up here to earn a 100% match on your initial deposit of up to $20!

DraftKings Safety and Security

To ensure the security of their users, DraftKings works with HackerOne to incentivize anyone that is willing to report a bug or vulnerability. If you are able to find a bug, DraftKings is willing to reward you with an amount that will be discussed privately. Those who report these bugs and are rewarded are added to the DraftKings Security Hall of Fame. This is a publicly displayed list that dates back to 2015 and has just over 100 names on it. Here is a quote directly from DraftKings on the importance of security. 

DraftKings Player First Initiative

The folks at DraftKings pride themselves on being a daily fantasy sports platform that is fun for all users, no matter what price point you’re playing at. To ensure this happens, DraftKings has listed some things they do to increase the user experience of their smaller players.

DK player first

DraftKings Promo Code Bottom Line

DraftKings has established itself as an industry leader for nearly 10 years now.



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