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The supreme court’s 2018 ruling to abolish federal anti-gambling laws has paved the way for a betting revolution in the USA. Most of the biggest existing gambling companies – like MGM and Caesars – have begun offering online betting across a range of different states. These have been joined by a series of other excellent online sportsbooks in the US. When choosing which one to sign up with, betting offers should be one of the main factors you consider.

There is already some excellent variety in the types of online betting offers you can get from American sportsbooks. In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about these valuable promotions. We’ll cover what betting sites offers are available, how they work, help you to understand their T’s & C’s, and plenty more besides.

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10 Bookmakers that match your criteria...

Risk-Free Bet up to $1,000

  • Get your refund within 72 hours
  • Available in 10 different states
  • Applies to your first real money sports bet

Up to 20% Parlay Boost

  • Applies to qualifying parlays with 3+ selections
  • Football, baseball, ice hockey, basketball, soccer, and tennis covered
  • Fair qualifying odds of -145 per selection

$10 Free Bet Every Week

  • Get a $10 free bet each Monday
  • Place $50 in qualifying wagers to trigger the offer
  • Use the free bet on any game you like

Saturday Super Boost

  • Boost your odds on selected markets each Saturday
  • Cover a wide range of the biggest matchups
  • Available to all Fox Bet customers

20% Profit Boosts for Users

  • Available on NBA, MLB, and NHL markets
  • Different boosts available each day
  • Live, in-play boosts also available

What are Betting Offers, and How Do They Work?

Betting offers are special deals which are only available to users of a particular brand. To trigger them, you must usually have not only registered a new account, but be willing to wager some money too.

Do so, and – in return – you’ll be given rewards. The forms these rewards take vary dramatically, and we’ll look at them in more detail throughout this article. For now though, simply know that promotions can play a huge role in making a long-term profit from your gambling.

At a basic level, there are two types of deal – welcome offers, and ongoing promotions. Both work in completely different ways, so let’s take a closer look at each in turn.

New Customer Betting Offers

Sign up offers are the main way in which sportsbooks entice new players into signing up to their site. They provide much bigger rewards than ongoing promotions. American sportsbooks in particular are very generous here, sometimes dishing out up to $1,000-2,000 per customer. The catch, of course, is that these are one-time bonuses. Once you’ve triggered the offer (sometimes requiring a promo code), and used the reward, you’re done.

There are two main types of new customers betting offers.

Deposit Match Bonus

The first is called ‘deposit match’. In this case, the bookie will match your first deposit (up to a certain maximum amount). If you deposit $100, for example, you’ll be given an extra $100. You will often need to either wager through your deposit amount or bonus funds, however, before actually withdrawing any money.

Risk-Free Bet

The second form of sign up offers is a ‘risk-free bet’. This applies to your very first wager on a new platform. If it wins, you simply keep your winnings as normal. If it loses, you get your stake refunded (again, up to a certain amount). Bet $50 on the Lakers to beat the Timberwolves after signing up, for example, and – if they lose – you simply get your $50 back. These refunds will usually be given as free bets, but – in special cases – may come as real money.

The best free bet offers in the US

Ongoing Sports Betting Offers

Ongoing promotions are deals for existing customers on a sportsbook. After finishing with your sign up bonus, these are where you should go to keep getting rewards. While new customer betting offers can only be triggered once, these can be used over and over again, with no bonus code required.

There’s much more variety here than with betting signup offers. We’ve explained several of the most popular in the ‘Popular Betting Offers’ section below. To simplify matters though, there are two main types.

The first aims to increase your profits. This might come as ‘boosts’, in which your odds are inflated, and your winnings therefore increased. The second aims to reduce your losses. This usually comes via ‘insurance’, in which your stakes for losing wagers are refunded.

What to Look For When Choosing Online Betting Offers

We’ve already listed 10 of the very best betting offers at the top of this page. You’ll find dozens more out there though, and evaluating their quality for yourself – particularly if you lack experience – can be tricky.

To help you along, here are the first four factors you must consider when you compare betting offers.

  • State Eligibility

Online US sportsbooks still only operate in certain states. FoxBet, for example, has websites for Colorado, Michigan, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

Before getting excited about a bookie’s offer, make sure it’s available on the specific sportsbook version for your state. If a brand only has one website – like DraftKings – check the T’s & C’s of the deal to see whether there are any state restrictions

  • Betting Markets

Some top betting offers are eligible on every sport on the platform, meaning you can use them on any matchup you like. Others, however, can only be triggered on certain sports.

Let’s say you’re specifically a baseball bettor, with no interest in other markets. In this case, you should look for either deals that can be used on all sports, or ones that are specifically designed for baseball, like BetRivers’ 20% Baseball Profit Boosts.

  • Risk/Reward

Different sports bettors have different approaches. Some enjoy the thrill of long-shots, while others like the relative safety of a surer thing. Either way, identify your own preference and let it guide your comparison of special offers.

If you’re the first type of bettor, for example, you might prioritize a site with odds boosts. These will inflate the already-impressive winnings of any high-odds bets you place. If you’re the second type, you might look for insurance deals instead, or those which give you extra places on your horse racing each ways.

  • Wider Sportsbook

Some punters literally just use bookies for their special offers, having no interest in regular sports betting. If you’re searching for somewhere that you can enjoy placing casual wagers over the long term though, you should look at the wider sportsbook.

Outside of its promotions, how does the rest of the platform look? Does it have all your favorite markets? Do you find it easy to use? Does it have the special features you need, like live streaming or a mobile app? If you’re trying to compare betting offers that you like, this is a very good way to help make a final decision.

How We Rank the Best Betting Offers

Our staff at Safe Betting Sites have been comparing promotions for a long time now, not just in the US, but on sportsbooks around the world too. Our analysis is based on a series of consistent factors, with these being arguably the three most important.

  • Value

Quite simply, this is the most crucial part of all top betting offers. If a promotion doesn’t offer bettors any value, we’ll discard it immediately.

What exactly do we mean by value? As noted, triggering almost all promotions will require you to spend some money. Even betting offers with no deposit might come with rollover requirements. That’s fine, but the important thing is to be sure the bettor is getting rewards that are fair – in value – compared to that spend.

A 100% match bonus – which you’ll get from several of the best betting signup offers – is excellent. You’re immediately getting your spending power doubled, which is good value in anyone’s book. A 20% match, however – in which you might spend $100 but only get a $20 bonus – simply wouldn’t be worth your time or money.

  • Descriptions

Modern sportsbooks have a duty to their customers to explain their sports betting offers clearly. You should be able to find out quickly and easily exactly what you’re getting into, before spending any money.

When you head to a promotion page, you should get a general idea of how a particular deal works immediately – ‘20% NHL Profit Boost’, for example, is pretty self-explanatory. It must then be easy to dig deeper into the details. Ideally this will include a regular description of how to trigger the offer, plus the full terms and conditions right below.

If we get the sense that a bookie is trying to dupe bettors with an offer, or describe it in a deliberately difficult way, that promotion will be immediately discarded. In turn, promotions which are carefully explained – with clear T’s & C’s easily available to read – are rewarded.

  • Conditions

This ties into both of our previous factors, but is hugely important in its own right. All sports betting sites offers will come with T’s & C’s attached. ‘Small print’ might have a negative connotation, but this is actually great for bettors, as it allows you to completely understand a deal before spending any money.

We’ve combed the T’s & C’s for every offer we recommend, and found them to be acceptable. In general, we’re mostly looking for fairness here. Factors like minimum odds, minimum stakes, market restrictions, and rollover requirements are all minor frustrations to the bettor. If they’re set at fair levels though, they’re usually a good price to pay in return for the rewards you’re given.

Popular Betting Sites Offers in the US

Take a quick look at a few sportsbooks, and it won’t take you long to see that there’s plenty of variety in their promotions. This applies to the form which both the deals and the rewards take. With that said, five main promotion types stand out above all others in terms of popularity.

1. Singles Boosts

All singles boosts have the same general purpose – they inflate the odds on a specific market before you place your bet. As such, they obviously inflate your payout too. There are two main names for these deals – ‘odds boosts’ and ‘profit boosts’ – but these terms are interchangeable. More important are the two forms these promotions take.

The first, better type allows bettors to boost their own odds, on whichever eligible markets they please. If you’re taking the Saints to beat the Panthers in the NFL at -100, and have a site-wide odds boost to use on a site like BetRivers, you can choose to boost those odds to +100 (for example) yourself.

With the other type, the bookies choose which odds get boosted. This loses you some control, but gives you value on your wagers anyway. There’s still plenty of variety too, with many sportsbooks offering fresh odds boosts on different markets every single day.

2. Parlay Boosts

These achieve the same general aim as singles boosts, increasing the odds on a particular market before you bet on it. In this case, they’re simply being boosted on a parlay rather than a singles wager.

Functionally though, they work a little differently. For starters, you’ll always be in control of the markets you pick, rather than the bookie choosing for you. Crucially, the size of the bonus amount will also usually increase as you add more selections. On Golden Nugget, for example, boosts for smaller parlays will start at 3-4%. Add in 20 selections, and that can grow all the way up to 20%.

3. Parlay Insurance

While these deals also apply to multiples, they offer something completely different to parlay boosts. Instead of increasing your profits, these are designed to minimize your losses.

Usually, if any selections of your parlay lets you down, you lose the whole bet. Parlay insurance changes this. With it in place, if just one leg loses but the rest all win, you’ll get your whole stake refunded. FanDuel is definitely the best bookie around for parlay insurance right now, offering an impressive five different variations on this offer type.

4. Free Bet Offers

While promotions that give you cash are preferable, free bets are also very valuable rewards. In fact, if you’re looking to follow something like a risk-free matched betting strategy, they should be a priority.

Technically you can get free bets from other deals, like parlay insurance, but actual free bet offers – such as free bet ‘clubs’ – are a far more reliable method. They can usually be triggered every single week after you opt in, in return for meeting some wagering requirements. At BetMGM, for example, you can get a $10 free bet every Monday if you’ve wagered $50 in the previous week.

5. Predictor Games

Getting something for nothing is usually unheard-of on sportsbooks, even with betting offers requiring no deposit. Predictor games are a very rare exception to the rule. After opting-in, you will be asked to predict the results of a specific set of matchups. Get a certain number right, and you’ll start getting bonuses. Get them all right, and you’ll get the biggest reward possible.

888sport’s current Pick 8 deal is a perfect example. Six or seven correct predictions net you a $5 or $10 free bet respectively. Nail all 8 though, and you’ll split the hefty $8,000 jackpot with any other winners that week.

Understanding Betting Offers Terms and Conditions

Before trying to trigger any betting signup offers, it is absolutely crucial that you both read and understand the terms and conditions before even inputting a promo code. We can’t stress how important this is, as – if you fail to do so – you risk losing your money and getting no reward whatsoever in return. As you scan those T’s & C’s, these are the four key areas to concentrate on.

1. Depositing Rules

Two main rules usually apply to your first deposit on a sportsbook.

The first is a minimum requirement. If the minimum deposit amount is $10, for example, you must put at least that much into your account. Be aware that the minimum amount to trigger a welcome bonus might be more than the minimum amount for the site itself.

The second regards eligible payment methods. Again, certain deposit methods which are permitted by the sportsbook might be ineligible for triggering promotions. PayPal might be listed as an option, for example, but actually using PayPal will render you ineligible for the deal. Credit/debit card is typically your safest bet here.

2. Qualifying Wagers

You will almost always need to place a qualifying wager to trigger the best betting signup offers. These will usually come with three types of restrictions.

The first is a minimum stake amount for the bet. The second is a minimum odds requirement, which could be different for qualifying singles sports bets and parlays. The third is market eligibility, which might mean that only certain sports or bet types can be used for the offer.

3. Rollover Requirements

Even after you’re given a sportsbook bonus, you won’t usually be able to withdraw either it, or any winnings from it, straight away. Instead, you’ll need to bet through at least that amount, if not more. If you get a $100 match on your first deposit with a 1x rollover requirement, for example, you’ll need to bet $100 before you can really use that bonus money.

Some of the aforementioned requirements – especially minimum odds requirements – will usually apply to your rollover too.

4. Free Bet Usage

Many betting bonuses will be given as free bets, rather than cash. That’s fine, but it means there will be more rules on how you actually use them.

Again, both minimum odds requirements and market restrictions are common here. In these specific cases though, expiry dates also come into play. Some sites might give you a full 28 days to use any tokens you acquire, but – elsewhere – you could have as little as one week.

Top Betting Offers for Mobile Apps

For many punters nowadays, on-the-go betting via mobile apps has replaced traditional desktop platforms. Our recommended sportsbooks are typically ahead of the curve here, with excellent mobile apps already in place.

These replicate the functionality of the main website completely, giving you access to the same markets, customer support, and account management options. Crucially, they also allow you to use the same promotions, including new customers betting offers. There should be no difference whatsoever in how you trigger those deals, with all the same T’s & C’s applying, and the same rewards being dished out.

While – as noted – all our recommended brands have good mobile offerings, three in particular stand out above the crowd for the sheer quality of their apps. You can check those out below, along with their very best promotion. In all three cases, both iOS and Android apps are available.

Best Betting App Offers

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3 Bookmakers that match your criteria...

$100 Free Bet

  • More Boxing Lines Than Any Other Sportsbook
  • Great In-Play Section for Live Betting
  • Only Available in New Jersey

Risk-Free Bet up to $1,000

  • Parlay Insurance on Fight Betting
  • Special Markets & Lines For All Fight Nights
  • Bet on Boxing in NJ, PA, IN, IL, WV, MI, CO, TN, VA

$1000 Welcome Bonus

  • Boxing Betting Available in 10 States
  • Official Partners of UFC
  • Enhanced Odds Regularly on Big Fights


Despite things only really opening up in the last couple of years, you already have a good amount of choice when it comes to picking an online sportsbook in the US. We’re delighted to say that this variety applies to sports betting offers too. If you’re looking for new customer betting offers, there are some highly lucrative rewards on offer, with some sites giving you a bonus of up to $2,000. While those bonuses drop in size for ongoing promotions, the amount of variety increases dramatically. Parlay insurance, odds boosts, free bet bonus clubs, and prediction games are just a few of the top betting offers you can get your hands on right now.

There’s genuinely never been a better time to wager on sports in the USA. Use the right online betting offers in a smart way, and you could see both your bankroll and enjoyment increase dramatically.


What are the best sports betting signup offers right now?

There are two main types of signup offer available in the US - risk-free first bets, and matched deposit. The former gives you cashback on your first bet if it loses, while the latter matches your first deposit, usually as a free bet. The best versions of each right now are those created by FanDuel and DraftKings respectively.

What should I look at when I compare betting offers?

There are several key factors, which are explained in detail above. Most importantly you must assess whether bonus offers have genuine value, and whether its terms and conditions are both clear and fair. Other considerations are which bet types, sports, and even states are eligible.

Are there any betting offers with no deposit required?

These are rare, but there are a handful around right now. The best comes from Unibet, which gives you two $10 free bets when you sign up, before even making your first deposit. You’re then also given a risk-free first bet of up to $500.

What T’s & C’s come attached to new customers betting offers?

Plenty, but some are far more important than others. These include minimum amounts for deposits and qualifying bets, minimum odds requirements, expiry dates on any free bet credits, and payment method eligibility. Be sure to check all of these out before committing to an offer.

Where can I find the best ongoing betting offers?

Most of our recommended US sportsbooks have high quality ongoing promotions, in addition to good welcome offers. FanDuel has an exceptional volume of bonus offers for existing customers, but BetMGM - while not having quite so many - provides fantastic quality in their offers.


About Joe Halliday

About Joe Halliday

Joe is a highly-experienced writer, with a focus on sports betting content. His specialties include sportsbook reviews and betting tips. A keen football fan, he also loves analysing and writing about the beautiful game.