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A reported 17 million Americans play darts. So, with online sportsbook licensing rolling out across states in the USA, it’s only a matter of time before the darts gambling figures follow suit. And when they do, fans of the former British pub pastime turned global television sensation are going to want to cast bets at the best darts betting sites available.

That’s where we come in: our team has trolled the internet to seek out the ten best darts betting apps and sites available in America.

Each of the sites listed on this page is 100% safe and verified. Some of the sites are even in partnership with major darts tournaments and events.

Because each darts betting app is unique in its own right and has different strengths and weaknesses, we’ve taken the liberty of listing out the key pros and cons of each to help you make the best possible selection for yourself and your own specific requirements.

Best Darts Betting Sites

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Risk-Free Bet up to $1,000

  • America's Biggest Sports Betting Brand
  • Very Competitive Darts Odds and Lines
  • Deep Market of Prop Betting Options for Major Darts Tournaments

$600 Welcome Bonus

  • One of the Top Betting Brands in America
  • Deep Market of Prop Bets Available for Darts
  • Live, In-Game Betting for Major Darts Tournaments

$100 Free Bet

  • One of the Biggest Worldwide Names in Betting
  • Great value on Darts Prop Lines and Odds
  • One of the best live, in play Darts betting sites

Free Bet up to $250

  • Massive Brand in PA, IN & IL through Rivers Casino
  • Offers Early Buy Out Option on Single & Parlay Bets
  • Loyalty Bonus and Regular Promos for Darts Bettors

Risk Free Bet up to $500

  • Darts Prop Betting Specialist
  • Live Darts Betting Available
  • Attractive $500 Sign-up Bonus for New Customers

$1000 Welcome Bonus

  • Up to $1,000 sign up bonus for newcomers
  • Early to Market with Futures for PDC Darts Championship
  • Available in More States Than Any Other Brand in America

$500 Risk Free Bet

  • Live, In Play Betting Available for Major Darts Tournaments
  • Lead Sponsor of the Darts World Championships
  • One of the Most Trusted Retail Betting Brands in America

Top 10 Best Darts Betting Sites

(in alphabetical order)


Bet 365 offers one of the most comprehensive darts betting markets available; possibly the most comprehensive. If you glance at the image below, you’ll see markets open for just about everything: match-winner, correct leg score, 170- & 9-dart finish in the match, and many many more.

The famed sportsbook enables bettors to get involved in outrights (futures), match-play, and darts live, in-game betting for the majority of major darts tournaments on the calendar.

Bet365 also has darts live-streaming options available for many matches each year, making it easier for patrons to keep half an eye on the big match whilst wagering their hard-earned.

What we like:

  • Bet365 has the deepest selection of markets available for darts, including many markets that simply aren’t available elsewhere
  • Live, in play darts betting is a feature
  • Darts Live-streaming option for many of the world’s major tournaments
  • Virtual darts tournament (the Gatehouse) is a lot of fun
  • Cash out option allows bettors to take a return early

What we don´t like:

  • Bonuses and loyalty rewards not as lucrative as some of those on offer from the lead competitors
  • Site and app not as stylistically smooth as some of the other darts betting sites ranked on this page


BetMGM is another of the most comprehensive darts betting sites. The Las Vegas-based sportsbook has many markets on offer, including (but not limited to): match-winner, handicaps, number of 180s in the match, the first player to score a 180, and so on.

One of the best darts betting apps, BetMGM also has a live, in-play betting option for all the major tournaments. Users will find even deeper markets where it’s possible to bet on the number of legs, or the second player to hit a 180, etc.

The famed sportsbook offers a very generous onboarding bonus of $600 to new users too, making it one of the premier darts betting sites available on the US market to date.

What we like:

  • Competitive odds available for darts matches
  • Live, in-play darts betting available for the major tournaments, featuring tons of optionality for bettors
  • Deep markets available for match-play and futures, putting BetMGM in the 90th percentile of sportsbooks for this feature
  • One Play parlay betting feature
  • BetMGM currently offers a welcome bonus of up to $600 in risk-free bets

What we don´t like:

  • No darts live streaming currently available on the site or app


BetRivers is a solid option for darts betting. The sportsbook has all the regular markets you’d expect for a big darts match at the premier tournament (game-winner, 180s, spreads, etc.), and live, in-play betting is an option. All the futures/ outrights are available for bettors to get their teeth into as well. BetRivers might not provide the market depth of some of the aforementioned betting sites. But it’s not far off either.

The BetRivers VIP program is a nice touch, too. It’s called the iRush Rewards, and it enables customers to earn loyalty points each time they place a wager, including on the darts. These points can later be used to unlock reload bonuses, free spins at the casino, money-back offers at the sportsbook, and a whole bunch more.

What we like:

  • BetRivers sportsbook matches a new user’s deposit by up to $250
  • The site offers an Early Buy-Out option, which means patrons can cash out early on bets
  • Darts betting lines on futures are competitive
  • The sportsbook offers tons of bonuses to registered users, including the iRush Loyalty Rewards Program.

What we don´t like:

  • BetRivers can be difficult to access out of state
  • Other darts betting sites have much more market optionality


A sponsor of numerous global tournaments, Betway is one of the very best darts betting apps available in the USA. The sportsbook offers highly competitive odds and lines on the sport of darts; live in-play betting featuring play-by-play graphics (see image below of the players’ championship and note the board), and a unique commentary feature for the major clashes in both league and tournament formats.

On top of that, BetWay provides its customers with easy-to-access stats to help bettors make smarter decisions with their money. BetWay is nothing if not user-friendly when it comes to wagering money on darts.

This sportsbook’s depth of market is immense for futures, match play, and live in-play betting. BetWay features an early cash-out option too, enabling anxious users to run for the hills with their loot. We could go on – BetWay has you covered when it comes to betting on a game of darts.

What we like:

  • Slick graphics for live, in play betting
  • A stylish commentary feature that not many of the competition can boast
  • Early cash-out option on parlay bets
  • BetWay sponsors numerous darts tournaments, including the recently played World Cup of Darts in Frankfurt, Germany
  • Competitive odds and lines for the majority of darts futures and match play
  • Currently offering a $200 risk-free bet to new customers
  • Deep markets with plenty of unique options: checkout color, for example

What we don´t like:

  • At present, BetWay is only available in two states, CO and IN


DraftKings has finished near the top of every other sport we’ve covered as part of our sportsbook review/ ranking service. There is no doubting that this site is one of the very best for market optionality, in play stats, blogs, fantasy, and a host of other features when ranking for NBA, NFL, UFC, etc.

Unfortunately, however, DraftKings is not one of the best darts betting sites. At present, the site and app only offer outright futures on the moneyline for the PDC Championship. The odds are competitive at least (Michal van Gerwen at +350 is good value) but there are no other bets available at the time of writing (June 16, 2021).


What we like:

  • A stylish-looking betting app that tends to rank highly for just about every other sport, besides darts
  • Multiple parlay betting feature (Round Robin)
  • DraftKings has a money-back feature for parlay bets
  • Most easily accessible site in the USA
  • $1,000 sign up bonus would be enough to tempt us into joining up and placing a wager on the PDC for an outright winner

What we don´t like:

  • Not much focus on the sport of darts: almost no markets available
  • Better odds for the one currently available futures market (PDC) are usually available elsewhere
  • No live streaming of darts matches


FanDuel is certainly a sportsbook that’s in the upper echelons of the table when it comes to betting on darts.

The FanDuel market is deep; there are plenty of darts betting lines available, and the live, in-play betting for darts is varied. In particular, there are many options for prop bets. Mostly these props are over/ under options on games in a particular set, but compared to other sites listed, varied nonetheless.

FanDuel also has some of the best darts betting odds available on the market. And, as always, the site and app look great and are easy to find your way around – placing bets on FanDuel couldn’t be easier. Overall, it’s a very good choice of sportsbook for darts betting.

What we like:

  • A great looking site and accompanying app that’s easy to use and navigate
  • Deep prop markets available for those who enjoy live, in play betting on darts
  • Live betting on PDC championship and countless other tournaments is available (see image above)
  • FanDuel offers new customers some of the best bonuses: $500 free bet to wager on the darts for any new customers
  • Fantastic odds on PDC futures market for the outright winner – some of the very best available anywhere, in fact

What we don´t like:

  • No live-streaming of Darts
  • Limited markets available compared to other sites
  • No graphics for live-betting; darts is evidently not one of FanDuel’s primary focuses


FOXBET provides darts fans with deep all the markets they’d expect to find at one of America’s best sportsbooks. There are futures (outrights), match play, and even live, in-play betting markets to enjoy.

The darts betting site and its app is just as slick as anything else available on the market – it’s very easy to navigate and casting a wager couldn’t be any easier.

FOXBET also offers a plethora of sign-up bonuses and promotional codes to newcomers and veteran bettors, respectively. The $500 risk-free bet for new sign-ups is of particular interest. But expect to see plenty of promotional codes, etc. dished out when it’s time for the premier league darts season or the world matchplay series, et al.

What we like:

  • One of the world’s most famous sports broadcasters – highly trustworthy
  • Stylish site and app that looks and feels great
  • Live, in-play darts betting is available
  • Quite a deep market for darts futures, gameday, and in-play betting
  • Attractive sign-up bonuses: FOXBET allows risk-free bet of up to $500 to new users

What we don´t like:

  • Tends not to broadcast the very best darts lines and odds
  • No live-streaming of darts matches in the USA


PointsBet surprised us a little with its deep market optionality for darts betting, including live-betting props on the players’ championship.

Other than that, PointsBet contains a vast futures market for the PDC World Championship. The odds broadcast on this outright betting market are highly competitive, too.

The site and app look great – perhaps not quite in the same league as some of the competition in terms of graphics and features, but both are aesthetically pleasing in their own right.

Plus, PointsBet offers perhaps the most lucrative sign-up bonus we’ve seen to date: the $2,000 free bet is a fantastic promotion for new users to take advantage of. And why not use it to win big on the PDC Players Championship?

What we like:

  • Live betting feature for major darts leagues and tournaments
  • Deep market of betting options; plenty of prop betting options for live darts, too
  • Pointsbet offers a partial cash-out option
  • Currently offering a $2,000 risk-free bet to new customers
  • Stylish-looking darts betting site and app
  • Parlay betting available for darts matches
  • SSome of the best darts odds and lines available

What we don´t like:

  • No live streaming on darts matches just yet.


Unibet is a sportsbook synonymous with the sport of darts. It’s the prime sponsor of many of the world’s biggest tournaments, including the Unibet Champions League of Darts, the Unibet World Grand Prix, and the Unibet European Championship.

As you might expect, with such a close connection to the sport, the Unibet sportsbook is one of the very best darts betting sites available in the US and around the world. The darts betting app is crammed full of easily accessible stats and it’s possible to bet on practically every other darts tournament there is, including the Modus Online Live League. Only one or two other sportsbooks enable betting on this tournament.

On top of that, Unibet’s unrivaled sponsorship of the world’s biggest darts tournaments enables the sportsbook to offer a live-streaming service, which is a great feature.

The Unibet markets are as deep as they come: futures and match play markets are available, and there are a plethora of options for live-in-play darts betting, including 180s, leg betting, handicap betting (and numerous others).

The darts betting lines aren’t half bad either! Make no mistake about it, Unibet is a great place to wager on a game of darts.

What we like:

  • Stats for all players/leagues/tournaments easily accessible onscreen when placing bets
  • Unibet is synonymous with the sport of darts and sponsors many of the biggest tournaments, including the World Grand Prix
  • Stylish looking darts betting site and app
  • Unibet offers a $20 free bet & a $250 risk-free bet to new customers
  • More darts tournaments available for betting than practically all other sportsbooks
  • Deep prop market for live in play betting on darts matches
  • Competitive darts odds and lines

What we don´t like:

William Hill

Globally, William Hill is one of darts’ premiere betting partners and is the current sponsor of one of the sport’s flagship events the PDC Championship.

The famed sportsbook has long operated out of Nevada in the US and, as such, tends to offer fantastic Vegas odds on the darts competitions it broadcasts odds and lines for. William Hill is also one of the quickest sportsbooks to the market with its darts odds.

The site does offer live, in-play betting for World Matchplay and William Hill World Darts Championship in some states, too.

The only issue we found with William Hill is that betting on darts isn’t available in every state just yet.

What we like:

  • William Hill provides Las Vegas odds on darts and is quick to market with darts lines and spreads for PDC futures
  • William Hill sponsors many of the world’s premier darts tournaments
  • The famed sportsbook offers numerous bonuses and rewards to customers: $500 free bets, $250 free bets, etc.
  • Live betting available on World Matchplay and William Hill World Darts Championship

What we don´t like:

  • US darts betting market not as deep as expected
  • Darts betting unavailable in some of the states that William Hill is licensed to operate in

Best Darts Betting Tips

Wagering money on the outcome of a darts match adds a whole new level of excitement to the event. There’s a reason this sport is so popular around the world and it stems from the world of sportsbook gambling.
As with most other sports, bettors seek to earn money wagering on darts by betting on the game lines. The most popular game lines for darts are as follows: match result/winner (moneyline), Handicap (spread), and total checkout/legs (over/under).

Moneyline Betting on the Match Result/ Match-Winner

Placing a money line bet on a darts match result is a fairly easy practice, hence it’s the first of our darts betting tips.

In the above image courtesy of the excellent darts betting site PointsBet, you can see the moneyline odds for Shaun McDonald (-165) vs. Keelan Kay (+122).

McDonald is the oddsmakers’ favorite for this clash. His -165 line means that a bettor must wager $165 to win $100. So, if you bet on him and he emerges the victor, you will receive a $100 profit on the wager.

Kay is the underdog for the match at +122. If you wager $100 on Kay to win and he strikes it lucky, you will profit $$122.

There’s not much more to it than that. A moneyline bet is simple and a great place to start for a newcomer to darts gambling.

Match/Leg Handicap Betting

In essence, this is exactly the same as spread betting on the NBA or NFL.

Some darts players are excellent most of the time, so sportsbooks struggle to offer much value on them on the moneyline. By handicapping the better player, sportsbooks are able to entice bettors into wagering money on the match.

In the example above courtesy of Unibet, Reese Robinson is the betting favorite and has been disadvantaged with a handicap of -1.5. Should a bettor wager on Robinson in this market, he must win the match by two clear legs in order for your bet to come through. If Robinson wins but only by one leg, you lose.

The same is true in reverse for the underdog Adrian Gray. Unibet has challenged him to lose but to come within +1.5 legs. If you wager on Gray and he loses but only by a leg, you win. Or if he wins, you also win.

Correct Score

Bigger odds can be found if you can pick the winner and correct score. For example, if Michael van Gerwen playing Peter Wright in a best of 19 legs match, the winner will be the first to get to 10 legs.
If you back Michael van Gerwen to win 10-7 at odds of 10/1 and are successful, that provides a much bigger return than backing him to win the match.

Prop Betting on Darts

Bet on Which Player Will Score the Most 180s

180 is the highest number of points a player can score with three darts (3x double 20).
For this wager, simply bet on which of the two competitors you think will hit the most 180s in a match.

Over/Under on Total 180s in the Match

Over/Under betting on the total number of 180s can be a lot of fun when watching a game of darts. In the example above, the two players aren’t exactly renowned for hitting 180s, so the odds are pretty crazy!
If you bet $100 on Over +1.5 (so two 180s to win), the profit would be $1,150, and so on. Wagering on the Under -1.5 for the above example would be bad practice! Risking $3,335 to make $100 doesn’t make much sense.

Wagering on the Player with the Highest Checkout

In the game of darts, the two players start with 501 points that they need to checkout, and the game continues until they check that number off exactly.
Betting on the player with the highest checkout is precisely what it says it is; the highest possible checkout would be 180.

9-Dart Finish

There are many ways to hit a 9-dart finish, but the most common requires 2x treble 20 on the first six throws to get a player up to 360. With the next three darts, the player would need to score 141. Scoring a triple 20, treble 19 and a double 12 is a common way to finish on the final three darts, but there are many others.
As you can imagine, a 9-dart finish is incredibly difficult. So, the odds tend to be very high – it’s not even a market that sportsbooks tend to bother with unless the very best in the world are playing.

Bet on Who wins the First (or any other) Leg

Generally, a game of darts is divided into five legs (though not always). Betting on the leg is much like betting on the set in a game of tennis. It’s a particularly fun and oftentimes lucrative market during live, in-game betting because the odds jump all over the place, especially when a player breaks in the first leg.

Combination Darts Bets

The best darts betting sites and apps will allow combination darts bets. These are just simple combinations of single betting markets, kind of like placing a parlay bet all at the same time.
In the example above, you can see great odds of +1600 for a combination bet on Corrine Hammond to be the match-winner, have the highest checkout, and also hit the most 180s. The chances of Hammond achieving all three feats are slim, hence the great odds.
Some other more popular combination markets include:
  • The Most 180s and Win Match
  • Most 180s, High Checkout and Win Match
  • Most 180s and Lose Match
  • Highest Checkout and Win Match
  • Highest Checkout and Lose Match
  • Total 180’s

Live, In-play Darts Betting

Most of the matchplay markets mentioned thus far are available to wager on live and in-play. Live, in play just means betting while the actual darts game is in progress.
As mentioned during the segment about ‘leg betting,’ live, in play darts betting can be a lot of fun and often lucrative betting option due to the constant fluctuation in odds.
Several other darts betting lines appear on the best darts betting apps and sites for live betting, too:
  • 180 in the leg
  • Checkout in the leg
  • Red (triple/double) finish (and so on).

Betting on Darts Futures

Even the darts betting sites and apps that don’t specialize in the sport will tend to offer markets and odds on darts futures.
Generally speaking, it’s possible to wager on a future at the biggest tournaments, such as the World Championship, up to almost a year in advance.
In the example above you can see that we’ve placed a wager on Dimitri van den Bergh to win the PDC World Championship title, an event that’s still some six months away at the time of writing.
There are often other futures markets available on the best darts betting apps for the major events during the build-up to the big day/week. These include:
  • Reaching the final of the tournament
  • Being a finalist in the tournament

Parlay Betting on Darts (or Building an Accumulator or Acca)

Because a bettor receives improved odds for each match/leg added to the ticket, parlay betting on darts is a simple and effective way to boost your odds and potential profits.
Many matches take place each day, so just bet on two or three match-winners on one of the best darts betting sites. In the PointsBet example above, you’ll notice you have an option to bet on the 3-leg parlay itself – doing so increases your odds even further.

Promos And Rewards Available Online at the Best Darts Betting Sites

There are almost always great promotions and deals available at all the best darts betting apps and sites. Some will directly correspond to a major darts event; others will simply be risk-free bets and sign-up bonuses aimed at luring in new customers.

Regardless, you’d be doing yourself a disservice in not taking advantage of these kinds of offers. Who wouldn’t want a free $500 bet?

Below we’ve listed out a few of our favorite promotions and bonus features available from a select few of our elected best darts betting apps.

PointsBet Promo

PointsBet ranks highly in most departments when it comes to darts betting lines and odds. But this risk-free $2,000 bet is the most lucrative on the market and sets the sportsbook apart from a lot of competition, in our opinion.

It’s not a darts-specific offer – simply join up, deposit up to $2,000 and PointsBet will match your deposit in the form of a risk-free bet which you can wager on whatever you like. But why not vouch for the World Darts Championship betting odds being broadcast across all sportsbooks right now!?

BetWay Promotion

BetWay is another of the best darts betting sites that offer a tidy bonus to newcomers to the sportsbook.

As you can no doubt ascertain from the above image, new customers are rewarded with a $250 risk-free bet which you could of course use to wager on the PDC World Championship should you wish to.

Best Darts Betting Promotions

Below are our highest-rated sign-up offers for the best darts betting sites.

5 Best Darts Betting App Offers

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5 Bookmaker that match your criteria...

Risk-Free Bet up to $1,000

  • America's Biggest Sports Betting Brand
  • Very Competitive Darts Odds and Lines
  • Deep Market of Prop Betting Options for Major Darts Tournaments

$1000 Welcome Bonus

  • Up to $1,000 sign up bonus for newcomers
  • Early to Market with Futures for PDC Darts Championship
  • Available in More States Than Any Other Brand in America

$600 Welcome Bonus

  • One of the Top Betting Brands in America
  • Deep Market of Prop Bets Available for Darts
  • Live, In-Game Betting for Major Darts Tournaments

Risk Free Bet up to $500

  • Darts Prop Betting Specialist
  • Live Darts Betting Available
  • Attractive $500 Sign-up Bonus for New Customers

Darts Betting Strategy

We’ve covered a lot of basic betting strategies on other pages, such as the soccer and NFL pages (for example) that are easily transferable when it comes to forging your own winning darts betting strategy.

Some of the darts betting tips listed below are universal to all sports. But that doesn’t make them any less important. We implore you to read and remember the list and to visit some of our other pages to get a more complete understanding.

  • Don’t just bet on the favorite – eventually the dog will have his day!
  • Manage your money – try not to wager more than 1-10% of your account on darts bets
  • Do your research – visit a darts betting forum; read darts blogs and watch darts vlogs – it pays to know what the gambling pros say and do.
  • Look for value on the market: darts in play betting tends to offer great value since the game is fast-paced and the darts betting odds turbulent as a result
  • Try to attend live darts matches for faster access to odds
  • Open up multiple accounts on sportsbooks to find the best darts betting odds

As mentioned, the above tips are practically universal – they’ve just been adapted slightly to suit darts.

Below, however, are two more darts betting strategies for beginners – take a look.

The Darts Futures Betting Strategy

This is a simple enough strategy to add your repertoire as a beginner to darts betting.

The darts betting odds on a top player to beat an intermediate player tend not to be great.

As such, most European bettors (where darts betting is much more popular) tend to wager their darts betting predictions on the spread and over/under markets for match play and darts in play betting.

Better odds are typically available for futures, or outright bets. Darts can be an unpredictable game. So to lure in the betting public, sportsbooks broadcast attractive odds even on the favorites for a tournament.

It’s also possible to place outright bets on a player who you think will reach the semi-finals or quarter-finals, which is a great way to underscore your championship future bet if you’re not feeling too confident that your pick is going to go all the way. Covering your own behind in this manner is what’s known as an each-way bet.

You can see in the FanDuel example above that we’ve placed an outright future bet on Jonny Clayton to win the PDC Championship. Darts world championship betting tends to provide top odds anyway since the competition is so fierce. But Clayton at +1800 is great value – it’s about the footballing equivalent to betting on the Green Bay Packers (with Rodgers!) to win the Super Bowl in 2022.

Later on, when the semi/quarter markets open, we’ll put down another $100 on Clayton to reach the semi/quarter-final to cover our original outlay; just in case he doesn’t go all the way.

Of course, we might end up losing twice. But that’s just the nature of the beast, unfortunately.

The Main Win Markets Parlay Betting Strategy

Another simple darts betting strategy for a beginner is to simply parlay bet on multiple match-winners on any given day.

Parlay betting tends to be easy enough on the best darts betting apps. All you need to do is keep an eye out for some juicy-looking darts betting odds, lay some cash down on three or four favorites (or perhaps a juicy underdog you’ve researched to further boost your odds).

Then, just sit back and enjoy the action at the World Matchplay Darts, or whatever tournament you happen to be tuning in to.


The above are just simple betting tips to help newcomers get used to looking for the best darts betting odds and to understand the lucrative nature of the parlay bet.

Of course, there are many other intermediate/expert darts betting strategies available (especially for darts in play betting).

If you’d like to learn more, we implore you to visit a darts betting forum or to frequent a blog or vlog on the sport – both are valuable resources chocked full of useful darts betting tips.

Key Dates For Darts Betting

Below is a comprehensive fixture list featuring all the major darts events of 2021. It’s likely that 2022 will follow a very similar schedule but do check closer to the time.

We will update you once the 2022 schedule is finalized.

15 Dec – 3 Jan 2021
World Darts Championship
Alexandra Palace, London
29 – 31 Jan 2021
Ladbroke Masters
Marshall Arena, Milton Keynes


8 – 10 Feb 2021
Q-School Block 1A*
UK Milton Keynes / Niedernhausen, Germany
11 – 13 Feb 2021
Q-School Block 2A*
UK Milton Keynes / Niedernhausen, Germany
14 – 17 Feb 2021
Q-School Block Three Stage Final
UK Milton Keynes / Niedernhausen, Germany
25 Feb 2021
Players Championship 1 (Super Series 1)
Premier Suite, Bolton Whites Hotel
26 Feb 2021
Players Championship 2 (Super Series 1)
Premier Suite, Bolton Whites Hotel
27 Feb 2021
Players Championship 3 (Super Series 1)
Premier Suite, Bolton Whites Hotel
28 Feb 2021
Players Championship 4 (Super Series 1)
Premier Suite, Bolton Whites Hotel


MARCH 2021
5 – 7 Mar 2021
UK Open
Marshall Arena, Milton Keynes
16 Mar 2021
Players Championship 5 (Super Series 2)
Marshall Arena, Milton Keynes
17 Mar 2021
Players Championship 6 (Super Series 2)
Marshall Arena, Milton Keynes
18 Mar 2021
Players Championship 7 (Super Series 2)
Marshall Arena, Milton Keynes
19 Mar 2021
Players Championship 8 (Super Series 2)
Marshall Arena, Milton Keynes


APRIL 2021
5 Apr 2021
Premier League Night One
Marshall Arena, Milton Keynes
6 Apr 2021
Premier League Night Two
Marshall Arena, Milton Keynes
7 Apr 2021
Premier League Night Three
Marshall Arena, Milton Keynes
8 Apr 2021
Premier League Night Four
Marshall Arena, Milton Keynes
9 Apr 2021
Premier League Night Five
Marshall Arena, Milton Keynes
19 Apr 2021
Premier League Night Six
Marshall Arena, Milton Keynes
20 Apr 2021
Premier League Night Seven
Marshall Arena, Milton Keynes
21 Apr 2021
Premier League Night Eight
Marshall Arena, Milton Keynes
22 Apr 2021
Premier League ‘Judgement Night’
Marshall Arena, Milton Keynes
24 Apr 2021
Players Championship 9 (Super Series 3)
H+ Hotel, Niedernhausen
25 Apr 2021
Players Championship 10 (Super Series 3)
H+ Hotel, Niedernhausen
26 Apr 2021
Players Championship 11 (Super Series 3)
H+ Hotel, Niedernhausen
27 Apr 2021
Players Championship 12 (Super Series 3)
H+ Hotel, Niedernhausen


MAY 2021
5 May 2021
Premier League Night Ten
Marshall Arena, Milton Keynes
6 May2021
Premier League Night Eleven
Marshall Arena, Milton Keynes
7 May 2021
Premier League Might Twleve
Marshall Arena, Milton Keynes
24 May 2021
Premier League Night Thirteen
Marshall Arena, Milton Keynes
25 May 2021
Premier League Night Fourteen
Marshall Arena, Milton Keynes
26 May 2021
Premier League Night Fifteen
Marshall Arena, Milton Keynes
27 May 2021
Premier League Night Sixteen
Marshall Arena, Milton Keynes
28 May 2021
Premier League Play-Off Finals
Marshall Arena, Milton Keynes


JUNE 2021
14 Jun 2021
Players Championship 13 (Super Series 4)
Marshall Arena, Milton Keynes
15 Jun 2021
Players Championship 14 (Super Series 4)
Marshall Arena, Milton Keynes
16 Jun 2021
Players Championship 15 (Super Series 4)
Marshall Arena, Milton Keynes
17 Jun 2021
Players Championship 16 (Super Series 4)
Marshall Arena, Milton Keynes


JULY 2021
2 – 4 Jul 2021
Unicorn Challenge Tour Europe Events 1 – 6
H+ Hotel, Niedernhausen
5 Jul 2021
Players Championship 17 (Super Series 5)
Ricoh Arena, Coventry
6 Jul 2021
Players Championship 18 (Super Series 5)
Ricoh Arena, Coventry
7 Jul 2021
Players Championship 19 (Super Series 5)
Ricoh Arena, Coventry
8 Jul 2021
Players Championship 20 (Super Series 5)
Ricoh Arena, Coventry
17 – 25 Jul 2021
World Matchplay
Winter Gardens, Blackpool


6 – 8 Aug 2021
Unicorn Challenge Tour UK Events 1 – 6
Marshall Arena, Milton Keynes
20 – 24 Aug 2021
Unicorn Development Tour UK Events 1 – 6
Marshall Arena, Milton Keynes
20 – 24 Aug 2021
Unicorn Development Tour Europe Events 1 – 6
H+ Hotel, Niedernhausen



3 – 5 Sep 2021
Unicorn Challenge Tour Europe Events 7 – 12
H+ Hotel, Niedernhausen
3 – 5 Sep 2021
Unicorn Challenge Tour UK Events 7 – 12
Marshall Arena, Milton Keynes
9 – 12 Sep 2021
World Cup Of Darts
Sparkassen-Arena, Jena
17 – 18 Sep 2021

Nordic Masters World Series



3 – 9 Oct 2021
World Grand Prix
Citywest Convention Centre, Dublin
29 – 31 Oct 2021
Unicorn Development Tour UK Events 7 – 12
Barnsley Metrodome
29 – 31 Oct 2021
World Series Finals
AFAS Live, Amsterdam


3 – 5 Sep 2021
Unicorn Challenge Tour Europe Events 7 – 12
H+ Hotel, Niedernhausen
26 – 28 Nov 2021
Players Championship Finals
Butlin’s, Minehead Resort

When are the Darts betting odds for PDC Championship released?

The darts betting odds for the PDC Championship tend to be released about a month after the previous tournament (held in Dec-Jan) concludes. Certainly, the darts betting apps that follow darts Vegas odds will aim to get the new lines out as quickly as possible to entice in the next year of hopeful bettors.

As mentioned, it’s a good idea to get your futures in nice and early: World Darts Championship betting odds can be highly favorable early on and you never know if that outsider you fancied to have a good season might just go on to do so. His/her odds will of course shorten en route to the Dec-Jan. But, if you get in nice and early, yours will not.

How to Bet on PDC Darts

The PDC is the most prestigious darts tournament there is. The best players in the world face off for huge prize money. Each of the best darts betting sites mentioned up page will allow bettors to wager on the PDC either in the form of a future (outright tournament champion), match-play, or live-in play bet.

The final tends to take place between late December and mid-January each year, but there are tournaments held throughout the year.

To place your bets, simply sign up to one of the best darts betting apps mentioned up the page, exploit the most lucrative free offer you can lay your hands on, keep an eye out for the most favorable world darts championship betting odds, and get busy!

So long as you’re familiar with the rules and darts betting lines and markets, we strongly recommend live-betting during the PDC: the games are always tense and the odds are always turbulent, so it can be much more enjoyable viewing than you might expect.

Betting on the PDC World Darts Championship

As mentioned, the World Darts Championships generally take place around Christmas time and over the New Year at the Alexandra Palace (‘Ally Pally’) in London, UK.

All the best darts betting apps and sites will enable a bettor to wager on the winner. Most will also have markets open for handicaps, 180s (over/ under), plus the sportsbook-specific prop markets can be varied and interesting, too, especially when it comes to PDC darts live betting.

Moneyline Betting Odds Comparison for Futures on the PDC World Championship

It’s always important to shop around the best darts betting apps and sites to make sure you get the most bang for your buck when placing a wager.

Some darts sportsbooks generally have better odds than others; sometimes one that’s known to be tight-fisted will randomly dish out great odds on a specific player or matchplay event. It’s always wise to check because beating the house, in the long run, requires this kind of market nous.

Below we’ve compared four players’ futures for the PDC world championship based on the odds each has been given by the respective sportsbook – take a look; the best available odds are highlighted in bold.

PDC Darts World Championship Odds (Futures

Sportsbook Michael Van Gerwen Dimitri van den Bergh Gary Anderson Raymond van Barneveld

























There’s a clear winner here when it comes to the best darts odds on the PDC Championship – FanDuel comes out ahead in every single column.

Do bear in mind that this is just four players and a select five darts betting apps being compared. And remember that just because one sportsbook has great odds on the futures market, that doesn’t necessarily equate to great odds on the PDC darts live market, etc.

But that said, we know where we’ll be heading first to locate the best darts odds in time for the world championships at Christmas! Let’s just put it like that…

Best Darts Betting Sites USA – Conclusion

The majority of the darts betting sites listed up page offer plenty of market optionality, fair to excellent odds, and a solid user experience on their respective darts betting apps and sites. Each of them is, at the very least, worth a visit to see if it’s the right site for you.

Do be sure that the site you’re hoping to make a deposit into is available in your home state, though. Remember that online sportsbook gambling is still illegal in some states and that some darts betting sites are licensed to operate in one state but not another, and so on.

With all that said, the best darts betting site is ultimately the one that you feel suits your needs and requirements.

FanDuel most certainly has the best darts betting odds available on the futures market; UniBet has the most market optionality and the best live streaming/ darts in-play betting graphics, etc. PointsBet is a great all-rounder. Plus, we enjoyed the slick look and feel of the app. William Hill and Unibet are direct sponsors of the biggest darts tournaments and tend to offer deep markets and run a host of deals and promos during the build-ups to major events like World Matchplay Darts… and so on.

Again, the best darts betting site is the one that works for you.

Our personal favorite is:

But it really is horses for courses, as they say in the gambling world.


Is darts good to bet on?

Yes, darts is absolutely a great sport to bet on. As a sport, darts hardly requires the same level of skill or athleticism as pro football or basketball. But, if you're willing to wager a few dollars, you'll be surprised at just how exciting it can be to watch and, for that matter, just how good it can be to bet on. Live, in-play darts is a particularly good market to wager on because darts is so fast-paced - the odds are changing constantly and there are a plethora of markets available (moneyline/spread/ over/under/ and countless others). For a pro bettor, gambling on darts can lucrative.

Who's favorite to win the darts?

Gerwyn Price & Michael van Gerwen are the outright favorites to win the next PDC World Darts Championship. DraftKings (along with most other sportsbooks) has given the pair odds of +350 on the moneyline. According to the DraftKings oddsmakers, the next betting-favorite to win the PDC is some way off - Jonny Clayton (+1000).

What is the record for the most 180s in a darts match?

Australian darts player Simon Whitlock hit a record-breaking 20 180s in his quarter-final clash vs Michael van Gerwen at the 2020 Grand Slam of Darts.

Who is the richest darts player in the world?

Michael van Gerwen is the world's richest darts player. As of 2021, the composed Dutchman has amassed an estimated wealth of $6 million and counting

How to bet on darts?

The easiest way to bet on darts is to open an account at a site such as Unibet or FanDuel, make a deposit, and then wager some cash on one of the many markets available. The main markets are match winner (moneyline), handicap (spread), and 180s (over/under)

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