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Warzone increases Call of Duty’s weekly viewership on Twitch by 902.243%

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (COD) gives its take on the popular Battle Royale game mode with the introduction of Warzone on March 10, 2020. Since then, data gathered by indicates that COD’s weekly viewership has skyrocketed with an initial increase of 902% in average weekly viewership.

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare steps into the Battle Royale arena with Warzone.

The COD franchise has long been popular among avid gamers but it wasn’t until March of 2020 that they introduced a battle royale game mode. Before Warzone was launched COD had an average of 12,930 viewers in the month of February 2020, the month immediately before warzone was introduced, and a high of 37,750 average viewers in November of 2019. Warzone’s impact can also be seen in the number of hours of COD watched on Twitch. COD experienced its highest average of 26.1 million hours watched on Twitch for the month of November in 2019 but had dwindled down to 8.98 million by February of 2020. When Warzone was introduced in March viewership increased to a record high of 96.2 million hours watched.

Warzone user count rises exponentially

Warzone’s popularity is also evidenced by the exponential growth of its player count since its release in March. In its first week, Warzone had 6 million players and just two months later that number grew by 900% to 60 million.


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