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Lee Bassin
We sometimes use affiliate links in our content, when clicking on those we might receive a commission - at no extra cost to you. By using this website you agree to our terms and conditions and privacy policy.

In 2005, a business-based reality show made its debut on BBC2 and became an instant hit, thanks to a star turn from one of Britain’s most successful businessmen, a cast of contestants that ranged from super savvy to downright dysfunctional and of course the famous catchphrase “You’re Fired!” The Apprentice is still going strong in 2024 and like any popular UK reality TV show, The Apprentice betting has also proved to be a popular companion to the comings and goings in Lord Sugar’s boardroom.

So, we’re here to take you through the ins and outs of placing a wager on The Apprentice, including an in-depth rundown of our top five sites where you can place entertainment-related bets, with pros and cons for each. Furthermore, we’ll be taking a look at the history of the show itself and digging up some fun facts along the way.

{"features":{"4":{"id":4,"name":"Cashout","offers":[259,15110,5225,3984,640,9676,12329,20644,4079,625]},"5":{"id":5,"name":"Bet Builder","offers":[259,5225,3984,640,9676,12329,4079,625]},"6":{"id":6,"name":"Betting App","offers":[259,5225,3984,640,9676,12329,20644,4079,625]},"3":{"id":3,"name":"Live Stream","offers":[5225,3984,640,12329,20644]}},"min_deposit":{"259":"10","15110":"10","5225":"10","3984":"10","640":"10","9676":"5","12329":"5","20644":0,"4079":"25","625":"10"},"payment_methods":{"34857":{"id":34857,"name":"VISA","offers":[259,15110,5225,640,9676,12329,20644,4079]},"39207":{"id":39207,"name":"PayPal","offers":[259,15110,3984,640,9676,12329,625]},"34858":{"id":34858,"name":"MasterCard","offers":[259,15110,5225,640,9676,20644,4079]},"39200":{"id":39200,"name":"Trustly","offers":[259,3984,12329,625]},"39198":{"id":39198,"name":"Neteller","offers":[259,640,625]},"39199":{"id":39199,"name":"Skrill","offers":[259,640,625]},"39195":{"id":39195,"name":"Paysafecard","offers":[3984,640,625]},"39197":{"id":39197,"name":"Bank Transfer","offers":[3984,9676,625]},"39201":{"id":39201,"name":"ApplePay","offers":[259,3984]},"34868":{"id":34868,"name":"VISA Electron","offers":[5225]},"39188":{"id":39188,"name":"Debit cards","offers":[3984]},"34863":{"id":34863,"name":"Maestro","offers":[20644]},"39876":{"id":39876,"name":"debit card","offers":[625]},"34873":{"id":34873,"name":"Credit Card","offers":[625]},"34875":{"id":34875,"name":"FastFunds","offers":[625]}},"sports":{"1504":{"id":1504,"name":"Basketball","offers":[259,15110,5225,3984,640,9676,12329,20644,4079,625]},"1491":{"id":1491,"name":"Darts","offers":[259,15110,5225,3984,640,9676,12329,20644,4079,625]},"1489":{"id":1489,"name":"Football","offers":[259,15110,5225,3984,640,9676,12329,20644,4079,625]},"1510":{"id":1510,"name":"Golf","offers":[259,15110,5225,3984,640,9676,12329,20644,4079,625]},"1490":{"id":1490,"name":"Tennis","offers":[259,15110,5225,3984,640,9676,12329,20644,4079,625]},"1501":{"id":1501,"name":"American Football","offers":[259,5225,3984,640,9676,12329,20644,4079,625]},"1503":{"id":1503,"name":"Baseball","offers":[259,5225,3984,640,9676,12329,20644,4079,625]},"1496":{"id":1496,"name":"Boxing","offers":[259,5225,3984,640,9676,12329,20644,4079,625]},"1506":{"id":1506,"name":"Cricket","offers":[259,15110,5225,3984,640,12329,20644,4079,625]},"1529":{"id":1529,"name":"Greyhounds","offers":[259,5225,3984,640,9676,12329,20644,4079,625]},"1493":{"id":1493,"name":"Handball","offers":[259,15110,5225,3984,640,12329,20644,4079,625]},"1494":{"id":1494,"name":"Horse Racing","offers":[259,5225,3984,640,9676,12329,20644,4079,625]},"1548":{"id":1548,"name":"Politics","offers":[259,5225,3984,640,9676,12329,20644,4079,625]},"1513":{"id":1513,"name":"Rugby League","offers":[259,5225,3984,640,9676,12329,20644,4079,625]},"1515":{"id":1515,"name":"Snooker","offers":[259,5225,3984,640,9676,12329,20644,4079,625]},"1519":{"id":1519,"name":"Volleyball","offers":[15110,5225,3984,640,9676,12329,20644,4079,625]},"1541":{"id":1541,"name":"Aussie Rules","offers":[259,5225,3984,640,9676,12329,20644,4079]},"1492":{"id":1492,"name":"Ice Hockey","offers":[259,15110,5225,3984,640,9676,4079,625]},"1514":{"id":1514,"name":"Rugby Union","offers":[259,5225,3984,640,9676,12329,20644,4079]},"1518":{"id":1518,"name":"Table Tennis","offers":[15110,5225,3984,640,9676,12329,4079,625]},"1507":{"id":1507,"name":"Cycling","offers":[259,3984,640,9676,12329,20644,4079]},"1639":{"id":1639,"name":"Motor racing","offers":[259,3984,640,12329,4079,625]},"1662":{"id":1662,"name":"E-Sports","offers":[5225,640,9676,12329,20644,4079]},"1664":{"id":1664,"name":"UFC\/MMA","offers":[5225,640,9676,12329,20644,4079]},"1627":{"id":1627,"name":"GAA Football","offers":[259,5225,3984,640,12329]},"1628":{"id":1628,"name":"GAA Hurling","offers":[259,5225,3984,640,12329]},"1495":{"id":1495,"name":"F1","offers":[5225,640,9676,20644,4079]},"1586":{"id":1586,"name":"Virtual Sports","offers":[3984,640,4079,625]},"1530":{"id":1530,"name":"Lacrosse","offers":[3984,640,9676,12329]},"1527":{"id":1527,"name":"Badminton","offers":[259,9676,625]},"1508":{"id":1508,"name":"Esports","offers":[259,3984,625]},"1550":{"id":1550,"name":"Virtuals","offers":[259,12329,20644]},"1520":{"id":1520,"name":"Water Polo","offers":[5225,9676,625]},"1640":{"id":1640,"name":"Oscars","offers":[3984,640,12329]},"1497":{"id":1497,"name":"MMA","offers":[259,3984]},"1505":{"id":1505,"name":"Beach Volleyball","offers":[15110,20644]},"1532":{"id":1532,"name":"Netball","offers":[9676,625]},"1571":{"id":1571,"name":"Specials","offers":[12329,4079]},"1657":{"id":1657,"name":"Novelty Bets","offers":[259]},"1517":{"id":1517,"name":"Surfing","offers":[259]},"1538":{"id":1538,"name":"Trotting","offers":[259]},"1658":{"id":1658,"name":"Voleyball","offers":[259]},"1618":{"id":1618,"name":"Valorant","offers":[15110]},"1557":{"id":1557,"name":"Biathlon","offers":[5225]},"1688":{"id":1688,"name":"Sky Jumping","offers":[5225]},"1693":{"id":1693,"name":"Handbal","offers":[9676]},"1535":{"id":1535,"name":"Rowing","offers":[9676]},"1537":{"id":1537,"name":"TV & Novelty","offers":[9676]},"1540":{"id":1540,"name":"Winter Sports","offers":[9676]},"1694":{"id":1694,"name":"Australian Rules Football","offers":[625]},"1695":{"id":1695,"name":"Cycling - Road","offers":[625]},"1542":{"id":1542,"name":"Entertainment","offers":[625]},"1543":{"id":1543,"name":"Formula 1","offers":[625]},"1544":{"id":1544,"name":"Futsal","offers":[625]},"1561":{"id":1561,"name":"Gaelic Football","offers":[625]},"1545":{"id":1545,"name":"Hurling","offers":[625]},"1546":{"id":1546,"name":"MMA\/UFC","offers":[625]},"1696":{"id":1696,"name":"Motorcycling","offers":[625]},"1697":{"id":1697,"name":"Rubgy Union","offers":[625]},"1549":{"id":1549,"name":"Speedway","offers":[625]}},"bonus_types":{"1521":{"id":1521,"name":"Free Bet","offers":[259,15110,5225,3984,640,9676,12329,20644,625]},"1551":{"id":1551,"name":"BOG","offers":[259,5225,3984,640,9676,12329,625]},"1641":{"id":1641,"name":"Extra Places","offers":[259,5225,3984,640,9676,12329]},"1526":{"id":1526,"name":"Odds Boosts","offers":[3984,640,9676,20644,4079,625]},"1728":{"id":1728,"name":"Acca Insurance","offers":[5225,640,20644]},"1525":{"id":1525,"name":"Loyalty Club","offers":[259,625]},"1567":{"id":1567,"name":"Cashback","offers":[15110]},"1637":{"id":1637,"name":"Loyaly Club","offers":[15110]},"1689":{"id":1689,"name":"2nd to Favourite","offers":[5225]},"1665":{"id":1665,"name":"Soccer 2 Up","offers":[3984]},"1704":{"id":1704,"name":"Price Promise","offers":[3984]},"1659":{"id":1659,"name":"Bet Insurance","offers":[3984]},"1652":{"id":1652,"name":"Refer a Friend","offers":[20644]},"1271":{"id":1271,"name":"Deposit Bonus","offers":[4079]}},"free_bet_amount":{"259":0,"15110":0,"5225":"35","3984":"30","640":"40","9676":"30","12329":"20","20644":0,"4079":"50","625":0},"tags":{"637":{"id":637,"name":"Cash Out","offers":[259,5225,3984,12329,20644,4079,625]},"577":{"id":577,"name":"Paypal","offers":[259,15110,3984,9676,12329,4079,625]},"580":{"id":580,"name":"Live Streaming","offers":[259,3984,640,20644,4079,625]},"578":{"id":578,"name":"Enhanced Odds","offers":[3984,640,9676,4079,625]},"854":{"id":854,"name":"\u00a330 Free Bet","offers":[259,15110,9676,625]},"1046":{"id":1046,"name":"patent bet","offers":[259,5225,3984,4079]},"1008":{"id":1008,"name":"Derby betting","offers":[259,5225,3984]},"1053":{"id":1053,"name":"Yankee bet","offers":[259,5225,4079]},"576":{"id":576,"name":"New!","offers":[15110,5225,12329]},"921":{"id":921,"name":"Each Way Bet","offers":[259,4079]},"927":{"id":927,"name":"Trixie","offers":[259,3984]},"972":{"id":972,"name":"Placepot bet","offers":[5225,3984]},"851":{"id":851,"name":"\u00a325 Free Bet","offers":[5225]},"852":{"id":852,"name":"Free Spins","offers":[5225]},"850":{"id":850,"name":"\u00a340 Free Bet","offers":[640]},"849":{"id":849,"name":"\u00a320 Free Bet","offers":[12329]},"346":{"id":346,"name":"New Free Bets","offers":[12329]},"581":{"id":581,"name":"\u00a35 Deposit","offers":[625]}}}
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Bet £10, Get £30 In Free Bets +

Bet £10, Get £30 In Free Bets +

  • Entertainment Betting Bonuses
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  • Special Bets and Price Boosts
5 Stars 888Sport
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#ad. 18+ Min deposit £10 • A qualifying bet is a ‘real money’ stake of at least £10 • Min odds 1/2 (1.50) • Free Bets credited upon qualifying bet settlement and expire after 7 days • Free Bet stakes not included in returns • Casino Bonus must be claimed within 7 days and expires after 14 days • Bonus valid on selected Casino games only • Bonus wins capped at £500, excluding Jackpot wins • You must wager Bonus amount x40 – this requirement varies by game. Full T&C’s apply. BeGambleAware

Bet £10 Get £30 Free Bet

Bet £10 Get £30 Free Bet

  • Choose From Multiple Site Designs
  • Weekly Cashback
  • Multiview Live Betting Feature
5 Stars betstorm
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New players only. Minimum stake £10, minimum odds 1.5, stake not returned. 1X wagering the winnings from the free bet. Wagering occurs from real balance first. Wagering requirement is calculated on bonus bets only, wagering starts from real funds. Free bet is valid for 7 days from issue. Max conversion: £ 200. Excluded Skrill deposits. Withdrawal requests voids all active/pending bonuses. Full Terms Apply

£35 Free Bet + 10 Free Spins

£35 Free Bet + 10 Free Spins

  • Acca Bonus Available
  • Great Range of Existing Customer Offers
  • Weekly Cashback Deal Applies to Entertinament Bets
5 Stars quinnbet
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We’ve enhanced our UK Sportsbook Welcome Offer. Get 50% Back as a Free Bet up to £35 (normally £25) plus 10 Free Spins! A minimum of 3 bets at odds of evens (2.00) or greater is required to qualify for the max free bet, which is based on 50% back of first day losses. Even if your account is up, a single £10 Bet at the minimum odds, secures a £5 Free Bet & 10 Free Spins. UK 18+T&C’s

Bet £10 & Get £30 in Free Bets for new customers at bet365

Bet £10 & Get £30 in Free Bets for new customers at bet365

  • One of Britain's Biggest Bookmakers
  • Great Selection of Entertainment Markets
  • Impressive Social Media Presence
5 Stars bet365 UK
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Registration required. Min deposit requirement. Free Bets are paid as Bet Credits and are available for use upon settlement of qualifying bets. Min odds, bet and payment method exclusions apply. Returns exclude Bet Credits stake. Time limits and T&Cs apply.

Bet £10 Get £50 In Bonuses

Bet £10 Get £50 In Bonuses

  • Entertainment Betting Blog
  • Special Novelty Bets
  • Daily Entertainment Price Boosts
5 Stars Betfred
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New UK 18+ customers only. Register with WELCOME50. First bet £10+ at Evens (2.0)+ on Sports within 7 days to get Free Bets: £20 In-Play, £20 Acca & 50 x £0.20 (£10) Free Spins on Fishin’ Frenzy within 10 hours of settlement. 7-day expiry. Eligibility & payment exclusions apply. Full T&Cs apply.

Bet £10, Get £30 in Free Bets

Bet £10, Get £30 in Free Bets

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5 Stars BetUK
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T&Cs apply. New cust only. Deposit & Place a Bet within 7 days, and settle a £10 minimum bet at odds of 4/5 (1.8) or greater, to be credited with 3x £10 Free Bets: 1 x £10 Horse Racing, 1 x £10 Free Bet Builder and 1 x £10 Football. 7 day expiry. Stake not returned. 18+

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Bet £10, Get £20 In Free Bets

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5 Stars Livescorebet
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*New members. Offer not available 15/04/23. £10 min deposit & bet on sportsbook, placed & settled at 1.5 min odds within 14 days of sign-up. Win part of E/W bets. 2 non-withdrawable £10 Free Bet Tokens: accept in 7 days, valid for 7 days from crediting (ex. E/Ws & Multiples), stakes not returned. Click here for Rules & Exclusions. Bet Responsibly. T&Cs apply 18+

Bet £10, Get £40

Bet £10, Get £40

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5 Stars Spreadex
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18+ Spread betting losses can exceed deposit. Place a qualifying £10 fixed odds bet at odds of 1/2 or greater. Qualifying bet cannot be placed in-play or cashed out early. Free bet stakes not included in any winnings from the free fixed odds bets. Free bets expire in 28 days if unused.

50% Welcome Offer Up To £50

50% Welcome Offer Up To £50

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5 Stars 10bet
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New bettors; Code PLAY10; Wager deposit & bonus 8x; Max qualifying bet stake=initial bonus; Valid 60 days; Min odds, bet and payment method exclusions apply; T&C apply; 18+

Bet £10 on Football Get £40

Bet £10 on Football Get £40

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5 Stars betvictor
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T&Cs: 18+ New customers only. Opt in, bet £10  on any football market at minimum 1/1 odds. No cash out. Get £40 in Free Bets on selected events. Free Bets expire in 7 days. Debit card / Apple Pay payments only. T&Cs apply, see below. | Please gamble responsibly

The Best Apprentice UK Betting Sites

After taking the time to compare a number of different betting sites in the UK, we found that the ten listed below have the most to offer The Apprentice betting fans.

  1. 888sport – Best For Entertainment Betting Bonuses
  2. QuinnBet – Great Range of Cashback Offers
  3. bet365 – British Betting Giant
  4. Betfred – Excellent Betting Blog
  5. BetUK – Expert Betting Tips
  6. LiveScore Bet – Leaders in Live Streaming
  7. Spreadex – Spread Betting Specialist
  8. 10Bet – Updated Betting App
  9. BetVictor – Excellent Selection of Special Offers

The Apprentice Betting Odds

At the time of writing, there are six potential Apprentices left, who must face one more task followed by the dreaded interview stage and then the Grand Final! Many of the pre-show favourites have fallen by the wayside, so we thought it would be a good idea to summarise what has happened so far in what has been another compelling series of The Apprentice.

And that includes the contestants’ pre-show Apprentice betting odds and an interesting statistic about how many times they have been hauled into the boardroom to face a grilling from Lord Sugar!

Apprentice  Occupation Age Boardroom  Odds Outcome
Megan Hornby Sweet Shop and Cafe Owner 25 0 10/1 N/A
Simba Rwambiwa Senior Sales Representative 26 1 10/1 N/A
Marnie Swindells Court Advocate 28 3 14/1 N/A
Victoria Goulbourne Online Sweet Business Owner 28 1 14/1 N/A
Dani Donovan Hair Salon Owner 25 1 16/1 N/A
Rochelle Anthony Hair Salon & Academy Owner 35 1 16/1 N/A
Brad Johnson Construction Company Director 28 2 7/1 Fired Task 9
Avi Sharma Banking Operations 24 3 14/1 Fired Task 9
Mark Moseley Pest Control Company Owner 39 2 16/1 Fired Task 8
Sohail Chowdhary Martial Arts School Owner 27 1 16/1 Fired Task 7
Reece Donnelly Theatre School Owner 25 0 14/1 Quit Task 6
Joseph Phillips South Africa Safari Guide 26 1 7/1 Fired Task 6
Shazia Hussain Technology Recruiter 40 1 14/1 Fired Task 5
Denisha Kaur Bharj Financial Controller 29 2 14/1 Fired Task 4
Gregory Ebbs Online Antiques Marketplace Owner 26 1 12/1 Fired Task 3
Shannon Martin Bridal Boutique Owner 34 0 12/1 Quit Task 2
Kevin D’Arcy Accountant 32 1 16/1 Fired Task 2
Emma Browne Senior Account Executive 26 1 14/1 Fired Task 1

Top 5 Sites to Bet on The Apprentice Reviewed

We’ve given you our take on the top 10 sites to have featured Apprentice betting odds in the past, so here’s a closer look at our top five!

1. 888sport – Best For Entertainment Betting Bonuses

The best betting sites are packed full of existing customer offers and features, but fans of betting on novelty and entertainment markets are often left disappointed as those offers often don’t apply to these types of wagers. Not so at 888sport though, as three of their headline site features are certainly applicable to entertainment bets.

The first is the 888sport Acca Club, where you can earn a £5 free bet each week when you place wagers totalling at least £20 on bets containing three selections or more. There’s also a £5 free bet up for grabs if you win a bet at odds of 4/1 or bigger, which is available every day.

And finally, 888sport is one of the most intuitive sites around, as not only can you see trending bets in your region but you can also set your preferences so that you can see which entertainment and novelty bets are currently proving popular with your fellow punters.

fa_shield-checkWhat we like:

  • Modern site design and layout
  • Special offers that apply to entertainment bets
  • Trending bets feature
  • Free “Up For 8” football prediction game
  • Special bets and price boosts across all sports
  • Champions League & US Sport Bet Builder offers

fa_shield-closeWhat we don’t:

  • No Acca Boost or Acca Insurance deals

2. QuinnBet – Great Range of Cashback Offers

The next sportsbook in our top five list may not be as well-known as their rivals but we’re betting that will change when punters latch on to the fact that QuinnBet is one of the very best bookies in the business at rewarding their customers.

And it all starts with their welcome offer, where QuinnBet will refund 50% of your first day’s losses as a Free Bet up to £35. This introductory deal is refreshingly different to most sites’ deposit match bonuses and means you can try a few speculative wagers with big potential returns, safe in the knowledge that you will get half of your losses back.

QuinnBet also has one of the widest selections of existing customer deals we have seen, across multiple sports. And when it comes to The Apprentice UK betting element, there are a number of special offers that you can take advantage of, including an accumulator bonus where your winnings could be boosted by up to £50

There’s also a cashback deal where 25% of your weekly sportsbook losses will be refunded as a free bet, also up to £50. And if you’re up for a sporting punt alongside The Apprentice winner betting, there’s also a daily cashback deal where you can earn up to a £10 free bets based on 5% of your total stakes across multiple sporting markets.

fa_shield-checkWhat we like:

  • Weekly cashback offer applies to The Apprentice UK betting markets
  • Daily cashback deals across multiple sports
  • Acca Bonus for winning accumulator bets
  • Huge range of promotions across multiple sports
  • Daily free bets across different sports

fa_shield-closeWhat we don’t:

  • Heavy racing bias could be a negative for for TV betting fans

3. bet365 – British Betting Giant

Arguably, the biggest sign of a betting company’s success, besides the bottom line of course, is how well known they are, particularly among those who do not place regular bets. And bet365 is certainly one of the most familiar betting brands in the UK, thanks in no small part to a regular advertising campaign featuring British acting royalty Ray Winstone.

However, there’s plenty of substance to go with bet365’s style, particularly when it comes to entertainment markets, which bet365 carry more of than any other bookmaker. At various points during the year you will find Oscars, Love Island, Sports Personality of the Year, Strictly, Dancing on Ice and of course, The Apprentice betting odds. And if you’re following Australian Idol or Ireland’s Dancing With the Stars then you’re also in luck!

Furthermore, if you’re also interested in a sporting wager then bet365 is packed full of special offers and features across multiple sports, including early payout offers, accumulator bonuses, price boosts, cashback and much more!

fa_shield-checkWhat we like:

  • Excellent range of entertainment markets
  • Great social media presence including special features and competitions
  • Superb selection of existing customer bonuses across multiple sports
  • Early payout and accumulator bonuses
  • Lots of live streaming

fa_shield-closeWhat we don’t:

  • None of their special offers apply to entertainment bets

4. Betfred – Excellent Betting Blog

Betting blogs have become an integral part of many online sportsbooks, offering a more immersive betting experience by providing high-quality written content without the need to even leave the site. News articles, opinion pieces and of course betting tips are a staple of betting blogs.

And it’s probably fair to say that reality TV show betting fans looking for a punt on the Apprentice will definitely be open to consuming this type of content, with Betfred’s blog being one of the best we have found. The blog features a nice selection of articles relating to TV and film betting, including news and expert tips. So, if you’re partaking in a bit of Apprentice winner betting before the series starts, you may well be able to find a series preview on Betfred.

And once we found our way to the entertainment betting section of the Betfred site, we were impressed to find price boosts across numerous TV and novelty markets. So, hopefully you will be able to find some Apprentice UK betting odds boosts at some point!

fa_shield-checkWhat we like:

  • Unrivalled selection of existing customer offers across multiple sports
  • Betting blog with entertainment betting articles
  • Special TV bets
  • Daily price boosts including TV and novelty markets
  • Virtual sports cashback

fa_shield-closeWhat we don’t:

  • Acca Insurance only applies to football markets

Fun Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About The Apprentice

In addition to being excellent entertainment, The Apprentice also gets its viewers talking when it comes to certain elements of the show, asking questions such as “Is it a real boardroom?” and “Where is the cafe that hosts the losing team?”. So, we reckon Apprentice fans will certainly be interested in some fun facts you may not already know about the show.

  • Contestants’ mobile phones are confiscated during the series and they are encouraged to come up with a plausible reason why they are off the grid for a couple of months, such as travelling or even jury duty!
  • To avoid spoilers, all of the candidates who make the final are actually filmed being told they have been victorious, but must wait until the day before the final actually airs to find out who has really won.
  • Lord Sugar’s receptionist, complete with her own catchphrase “Lord Sugar will see you now”, is always played by an actress, with Khadeejah Khan making headlines as the show’s first “hijabi receptionist” in 2023.
  • Due to the amount of cameras needed to film the boardroom showdowns at the end of each Apprentice episode, Lord Sugar’s lair is actually a TV studio in West London.
  • Just a stone’s throw from the TV studio is La Cabana Cafe, where the losing team famously drowns their sorrows with copious amounts of tea and coffee!
  • The same office chair that Lord Sugar sits on is available to buy, but you will have to part with around £3,000!
  • Speaking of Lord Sugar’s chair, it actually sits on a makeshift wooden plinth so that he can tower over his potential business partners both literally and metaphorically!
  • Long-term Apprentice aficionados will recognise Lord Sugar’s latest adviser Tim Campbell, as he was the winner of the very first series, back in 2005.
  • Lord Sugar’s right-hand woman Karren Brady might be a secret rock chick at heart as she was once chairman of the hard rock magazine Kerrang!
  • Tasks are not undertaken weekly like they are in the show and the contestants have very little downtime between shows, with the gruelling schedule and long hours probably explaining some of the candidates’ more erratic behaviour over the years!

Who to Bet on During This Season of The Apprentice

At the time of writing, there are six contestants remaining, all of whom can be considered as contenders for the Apprentice crown. So here’s a quick rundown of each of them!

Megan Hornby

Hull sweet shop and cafe owner Megan Hornby is being widely-tipped to take home the 2023 Apprentice crown after being on the winning team in four out of the last five tasks and being the only remaining contestant to have yet to face Lord Sugar’s wrath in the boardroom! So, expect low Apprentice UK betting odds if you want to bet on Megan!

Apprentice 2023 Megan Hornby

Simba Rwambiwa

Senior Sales Representative Simba Rwambiwa can already pat himself on the back as he is the only remaining man left in the competition, but he will have his sites set on a much bigger prize after making it to the final six. The man from Birmingham also created one of the moments of the series so far in Episode 8, with a star turn alongside Megan playing a pair of Prison Guards for an experiential task!

Apprentice 2023 Simba Rwambiwa

Dani Donovan

Hair Salon owner Dani Donovan has forced her way into contention thanks to wins in tasks seven and nine, both of which were earned by a team under her leadership. However, her one appearance in the boardroom was in week 8, so it seems she could be the one to watch for a number of reasons as the series reaches its conclusion!

Apprentice 2023 Dani Donovan

Marnie Swindells

Arguably, the remaining candidate with the most interesting back story this year is Marnie Swindells. And that’s because, while she is currently a Court Advocate, Marnie has an extensive background in the boxing industry, including being a gold medal-winning boxer herself! And that fighting spirit has shone through as she has survived three trips to the boardroom, more than any other contestant, which should stand her in good stead moving forward.

Apprentice 2023 Marnie Swindells

Victoria Goulbourne

Scouser Victoria Goulbourne runs her own online sweet shop. However, her past experience as an Air Hostess also means she has plenty of customer service experience, which she put to good use when leading her team to victory in one of the series’ marquee episodes, where the teams had to organise corporate away days in Dubai in Week 6. Since then, she has racked up a couple of wins with a boardroom appearance in between, so is a real wildcard heading into the final episodes.

Apprentice 2023 Victoria Goulbourne

Rochelle Anthony

When you call yourself the “Kim Kardashian of the Business World” then you’d better back it up! However, Hair Salon & Academy owner Rochelle Anthony has the worst record of the remaining contestants after winning just three of the nine tasks thus far, being the only remaining contestant who hasn’t won a task as Project Manager and surviving a trip to the boardroom in Week 9. However, that means her Apprentice UK betting odds are likely to be high and as we know, things can change very quickly in the boardroom!

Apprentice 2023 Rochelle Anthony

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What is The Apprentice?

The Apprentice is a business-based reality show that was first shown in the UK in 2005 where contestants compete for the chance to become business partners with Lord Alan Sugar. The format of the show is that contestants are split into teams and compete against each other every week in a series of tasks at home and abroad that are designed to test their business acumen. They are watched closely by Lord Sugar's trusted associates Karren Brady and Tim Campbell, who act as his eyes and ears on the task and feed back later on.

The winning team is rewarded but for the losers it's a trip to the boardroom, with the assigned Project Manager for that task picking two of their team to join them. A grilling from Lord Sugar follows, with each of the candidates pleading their case, before one, or sometimes even two of them face the pointing finger of doom and hear the immortal words "You're Fired!"

The penultimate task is always a rigorous interview of each candidate, with former Lord Sugar colleague Claude Littner famously excelling in his putdowns of the unsuspecting contestants! And then it's the grand final, with the remaining two candidates pitching their business plans to a live audience and then going head to head in the boardroom before one of them walks away with a very well-known business partner and a £250,000 investment!

The Apprentice Betting Markets

Here are the primary markets you are likely to find when betting on The Apprentice:

Overall Winner

The main betting market is of course the overall show winner. And you can choose to pick your winner before the show, where you will arguably secure the best Apprentice betting odds, or wait until the field has been whittled down, which will lead to lower odds but you can use information from the show to make a more informed decision.

To Make the Final

Similar to the overall winner market, but instead you are backing one of the candidates to make the final, giving you double the chance of victory.

Next to Leave

Betting on the next person to leave is popular if you think that a particular candidate's days are numbered after a poor run of performances!

Previous Winners of the Apprentice

In 2011, The Apprentice prize was changed from a job at one of Lord Sugar's companies to a £250,000 investment for the winning winning candidate to use towards starting their own business. So that's our starting point for this at-a-glance list of previous winners of The Apprentice.

Year  Season Winner Age  Occupation
2022 16 Harpreet Kaur 30 Dessert Parlour Owner
2019 15 Carina Lepore 30 Artisan Bakery Owner
2018 14 Sian Gabbidon 25 Swimwear Brand Owner
2017 13 Sarah Lynn & James White 35/26 Confectionary Company Owner/Recruitment Firm Owner
2016 12 Alana Spencer 24 Cake Company Owner
2015 11 Joseph Valente 25 Plumbing Business Owner
2014 10 Mark Wright 24 Sales Manager - Digital Marketing
2013 9 Leah Totton 24 Doctor
2012 8 Ricky Martin 26 Recruitment Manager
2011 7 Tom Perrineau 31 Inventor

How to Start Betting on The Apprentice

If you want to place a bet on The Apprentice then it's a simple case of picking a site on this page, clicking on the link and seeing if they offer any Apprentice betting odds. From there, you just need to sign up, deposit some cash and then you'll be good to go!

Tips for Betting on The Apprentice

There is no form guide for The Apprentice but there are trends you can look for when you're trying to pick the winner. For example, four out of the last six winners of the show have owned a bakery, confectionary company, cake business or dessert parlour. Perhaps Lord "Sugar" lives up to his name and has a sweet tooth!

Secondly when it comes to the age of the winning contestants over the years, being younger has not necessarily been a barrier to success as the average age of the previous 11 winners is just over 27.

Furthermore, if you're having a bet during the show, it's always worth looking at the contestants' records in the following areas:


The Project Manager is the most important role every week but also the one that is guaranteed to be in the firing line if things don't go to plan! Conversely, if a candidate has consistently shown good leadership skills and won more tasks than they. have lost as Project Manager, then they will definitely be one to watch.

Boardroom Appearances

Regular appearances in the boardroom not only means that a candidate has been on the losing side a lot, but that they are consistently being picked by the Project Manager to join them, due to the fact that they have performed poorly or are a weak candidate in general! Either way, the general rule is that the more you see of Lord Sugar during the series, the less likely you are to win.

However, the history of The Apprentice is also littered with candidates who managed to regular talk their way out of being fired, with some even emerging victorious after being regulars in the boardroom!

Win / Loss Record

One of the primary weapons in a potential Apprentice's arsenal is their win/loss record in the tasks, so watch out for candidates that have come out on top more often than not!

The Most Popular Exotic Bets in the UK

UK punters can't get enough of novelty bets, which usually relate to TV and Film but can also feature such weird and wonderful markets as the next UK City of Culture and WWE Wrestling! Here are a few of our favourites:


The Apprentice has all the ingredients that make a TV reality show compelling, so it's no surprise that The Apprentice winner betting markets are always popular ones. And using the information in this article you will be able to place sensible and well-researched bets at the best online betting sites, while hopefully taking advantage of some eye-catching special offers along the way!


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