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Joe Halliday
We sometimes use affiliate links in our content, when clicking on those we might receive a commission - at no extra cost to you. By using this website you agree to our terms and conditions and privacy policy.

As the popularity of eSports has exploded over the past decade or more, that of eSports betting has also skyrocketed. Nowadays, fans of competitive gaming all across the UK enjoy not only watching the action, but trying to profit from it too. There are plenty of avenues through which you can do so, but PUBG betting is easily one of the most popular. 

In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about PUBG betting in the UK. We’ll tell you the best sites on which to do so, explain how to get started, give you some top tips on making a profit, and plenty more.

{"features":{"3":{"id":3,"name":"Live Stream","offers":[610,1401,4094,640,3994]},"4":{"id":4,"name":"Cashout","offers":[610,1401,7644,625,9676,4094,640,16244,3994]},"5":{"id":5,"name":"Bet Builder","offers":[610,1401,7644,625,9676,4094,640,16244,3994]},"6":{"id":6,"name":"Betting App","offers":[610,1401,7644,625,9676,4094,640,16244]}},"min_deposit":{"610":"10","1401":"10","7644":"10","625":"10","9676":"5","4094":"5","615":0,"640":"10","16244":"25","3994":"5"},"payment_methods":{"39199":{"id":39199,"name":"Skrill","offers":[610,1401,7644,625,4094,640,3994]},"39198":{"id":39198,"name":"Neteller","offers":[610,1401,7644,625,4094,640,3994]},"39207":{"id":39207,"name":"PayPal","offers":[610,7644,625,9676,4094,640,3994]},"34857":{"id":34857,"name":"VISA","offers":[610,1401,7644,9676,640,16244]},"39195":{"id":39195,"name":"Paysafecard","offers":[610,1401,625,4094,640,3994]},"34858":{"id":34858,"name":"MasterCard","offers":[610,7644,9676,640,16244]},"39200":{"id":39200,"name":"Trustly","offers":[610,1401,7644,625]},"39197":{"id":39197,"name":"Bank Transfer","offers":[625,9676,4094,3994]},"39201":{"id":39201,"name":"ApplePay","offers":[7644,4094,3994]},"39208":{"id":39208,"name":"ecoPayz","offers":[1401,3994]},"39188":{"id":39188,"name":"Debit cards","offers":[4094,3994]},"40541":{"id":40541,"name":"Apple Pay","offers":[610]},"34863":{"id":34863,"name":"Maestro","offers":[1401]},"34868":{"id":34868,"name":"VISA Electron","offers":[1401]},"34870":{"id":34870,"name":"Euteller","offers":[1401]},"39876":{"id":39876,"name":"debit card","offers":[625]},"34873":{"id":34873,"name":"Credit Card","offers":[625]},"34875":{"id":34875,"name":"FastFunds","offers":[625]},"34861":{"id":34861,"name":"GooglePay","offers":[4094]}},"sports":{"1489":{"id":1489,"name":"Football","offers":[610,1401,7644,625,9676,4094,640,16244,3994]},"1494":{"id":1494,"name":"Horse Racing","offers":[610,1401,7644,625,9676,4094,640,16244,3994]},"1490":{"id":1490,"name":"Tennis","offers":[610,1401,7644,625,9676,4094,640,16244,3994]},"1529":{"id":1529,"name":"Greyhounds","offers":[610,1401,7644,625,9676,4094,640,16244,3994]},"1501":{"id":1501,"name":"American Football","offers":[610,1401,7644,625,9676,4094,640,16244,3994]},"1503":{"id":1503,"name":"Baseball","offers":[610,1401,7644,625,9676,4094,640,16244,3994]},"1504":{"id":1504,"name":"Basketball","offers":[610,1401,7644,625,9676,4094,640,16244,3994]},"1496":{"id":1496,"name":"Boxing","offers":[610,1401,7644,625,9676,4094,640,16244,3994]},"1491":{"id":1491,"name":"Darts","offers":[610,1401,7644,625,9676,4094,640,16244,3994]},"1510":{"id":1510,"name":"Golf","offers":[610,1401,7644,625,9676,4094,640,16244,3994]},"1548":{"id":1548,"name":"Politics","offers":[610,1401,7644,625,9676,4094,640,16244,3994]},"1513":{"id":1513,"name":"Rugby League","offers":[610,1401,7644,625,9676,4094,640,16244,3994]},"1515":{"id":1515,"name":"Snooker","offers":[610,1401,7644,625,9676,4094,640,16244,3994]},"1506":{"id":1506,"name":"Cricket","offers":[610,1401,7644,625,4094,640,16244,3994]},"1507":{"id":1507,"name":"Cycling","offers":[610,1401,7644,9676,4094,640,16244,3994]},"1493":{"id":1493,"name":"Handball","offers":[610,1401,7644,625,4094,640,16244,3994]},"1492":{"id":1492,"name":"Ice Hockey","offers":[610,7644,625,9676,4094,640,16244,3994]},"1514":{"id":1514,"name":"Rugby Union","offers":[610,1401,7644,9676,4094,640,16244,3994]},"1518":{"id":1518,"name":"Table Tennis","offers":[610,1401,625,9676,4094,640,16244,3994]},"1519":{"id":1519,"name":"Volleyball","offers":[610,1401,625,9676,4094,640,16244,3994]},"1541":{"id":1541,"name":"Aussie Rules","offers":[610,1401,7644,9676,640,16244,3994]},"1527":{"id":1527,"name":"Badminton","offers":[1401,7644,625,9676,4094,3994]},"1508":{"id":1508,"name":"Esports","offers":[610,1401,7644,625,3994]},"1530":{"id":1530,"name":"Lacrosse","offers":[610,1401,9676,640,3994]},"1639":{"id":1639,"name":"Motor racing","offers":[610,7644,625,640,16244]},"1664":{"id":1664,"name":"UFC\/MMA","offers":[1401,9676,4094,640,16244]},"1532":{"id":1532,"name":"Netball","offers":[1401,625,9676,4094,3994]},"1586":{"id":1586,"name":"Virtual Sports","offers":[610,625,640,16244]},"1627":{"id":1627,"name":"GAA Football","offers":[610,7644,640,3994]},"1628":{"id":1628,"name":"GAA Hurling","offers":[610,7644,640,3994]},"1544":{"id":1544,"name":"Futsal","offers":[1401,625,4094,3994]},"1520":{"id":1520,"name":"Water Polo","offers":[625,9676,4094,3994]},"1495":{"id":1495,"name":"F1","offers":[9676,4094,640,16244]},"1662":{"id":1662,"name":"E-Sports","offers":[9676,4094,640,16244]},"1505":{"id":1505,"name":"Beach Volleyball","offers":[1401,4094,3994]},"1540":{"id":1540,"name":"Winter Sports","offers":[9676,4094,3994]},"1497":{"id":1497,"name":"MMA","offers":[610,7644]},"1640":{"id":1640,"name":"Oscars","offers":[610,640]},"1543":{"id":1543,"name":"Formula 1","offers":[1401,625]},"1550":{"id":1550,"name":"Virtuals","offers":[1401,7644]},"1571":{"id":1571,"name":"Specials","offers":[1401,16244]},"1549":{"id":1549,"name":"Speedway","offers":[625,4094]},"1535":{"id":1535,"name":"Rowing","offers":[9676,4094]},"1528":{"id":1528,"name":"Gaelic Sports","offers":[1401]},"1638":{"id":1638,"name":"Hockey","offers":[1401]},"1531":{"id":1531,"name":"Motorsports","offers":[1401]},"1690":{"id":1690,"name":"Padel Tennis","offers":[1401]},"1657":{"id":1657,"name":"Novelty Bets","offers":[7644]},"1517":{"id":1517,"name":"Surfing","offers":[7644]},"1538":{"id":1538,"name":"Trotting","offers":[7644]},"1658":{"id":1658,"name":"Voleyball","offers":[7644]},"1694":{"id":1694,"name":"Australian Rules Football","offers":[625]},"1695":{"id":1695,"name":"Cycling - Road","offers":[625]},"1542":{"id":1542,"name":"Entertainment","offers":[625]},"1561":{"id":1561,"name":"Gaelic Football","offers":[625]},"1545":{"id":1545,"name":"Hurling","offers":[625]},"1546":{"id":1546,"name":"MMA\/UFC","offers":[625]},"1696":{"id":1696,"name":"Motorcycling","offers":[625]},"1697":{"id":1697,"name":"Rubgy Union","offers":[625]},"1693":{"id":1693,"name":"Handbal","offers":[9676]},"1537":{"id":1537,"name":"TV & Novelty","offers":[9676]},"1593":{"id":1593,"name":"Athletics","offers":[4094]},"1660":{"id":1660,"name":"Daily Specials","offers":[4094]},"1661":{"id":1661,"name":"Entertainment\/TV","offers":[4094]},"1644":{"id":1644,"name":"Field Hockey","offers":[4094]},"1590":{"id":1590,"name":"Squash","offers":[4094]},"1600":{"id":1600,"name":"Swimming","offers":[4094]},"1685":{"id":1685,"name":"Lotteries","offers":[3994]},"1512":{"id":1512,"name":"Motor Sports","offers":[3994]},"1676":{"id":1676,"name":"Triathlon","offers":[3994]},"1686":{"id":1686,"name":"TV\/Specials","offers":[3994]},"1539":{"id":1539,"name":"UFC","offers":[3994]},"1687":{"id":1687,"name":"Virtual World","offers":[3994]}},"bonus_types":{"1521":{"id":1521,"name":"Free Bet","offers":[610,1401,7644,625,9676,4094,640,3994]},"1526":{"id":1526,"name":"Odds Boosts","offers":[610,1401,625,9676,4094,640,16244,3994]},"1551":{"id":1551,"name":"BOG","offers":[610,1401,7644,625,9676,4094,640,3994]},"1641":{"id":1641,"name":"Extra Places","offers":[610,1401,7644,9676,4094,640,3994]},"1659":{"id":1659,"name":"Bet Insurance","offers":[610,1401,3994]},"1525":{"id":1525,"name":"Loyalty Club","offers":[7644,625]},"1665":{"id":1665,"name":"Soccer 2 Up","offers":[610]},"1704":{"id":1704,"name":"Price Promise","offers":[610]},"1666":{"id":1666,"name":"Daily Specials","offers":[4094]},"1728":{"id":1728,"name":"Acca Insurance","offers":[640]},"1271":{"id":1271,"name":"Deposit Bonus","offers":[16244]}},"free_bet_amount":{"610":0,"1401":0,"7644":0,"625":0,"9676":"30","4094":"20","615":0,"640":"40","16244":0,"3994":0},"tags":{"580":{"id":580,"name":"Live Streaming","offers":[610,1401,7644,625,4094,615,640,16244,3994]},"577":{"id":577,"name":"Paypal","offers":[610,1401,7644,625,9676,4094,615,16244,3994]},"578":{"id":578,"name":"Enhanced Odds","offers":[610,1401,625,9676,615,640,16244,3994]},"637":{"id":637,"name":"Cash Out","offers":[610,1401,7644,625,615,16244,3994]},"1046":{"id":1046,"name":"patent bet","offers":[610,7644,4094,16244,3994]},"854":{"id":854,"name":"\u00a330 Free Bet","offers":[1401,7644,625,9676,615]},"1008":{"id":1008,"name":"Derby betting","offers":[610,7644,4094,3994]},"927":{"id":927,"name":"Trixie","offers":[610,7644,4094,3994]},"921":{"id":921,"name":"Each Way Bet","offers":[7644,4094,16244,3994]},"1053":{"id":1053,"name":"Yankee bet","offers":[7644,4094,16244,3994]},"972":{"id":972,"name":"Placepot bet","offers":[610,4094,3994]},"581":{"id":581,"name":"\u00a35 Deposit","offers":[1401,625,615]},"852":{"id":852,"name":"Free Spins","offers":[615,3994]},"853":{"id":853,"name":"\u00a310 Free Bet","offers":[4094]},"850":{"id":850,"name":"\u00a340 Free Bet","offers":[640]},"917":{"id":917,"name":"\u00a350 Free Bet","offers":[3994]}}}
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10 Results

Bet £10 & Get £30 in Free Bets for new customers at bet365

Bet £10 & Get £30 in Free Bets for new customers at bet365

  • All feature races eligible
  • Applies to win and each-way bets
  • Available to new and existing customers
5 Stars bet365 UK
Play Now
Registration required. Min deposit requirement. Free Bets are paid as Bet Credits and are available for use upon settlement of qualifying bets. Min odds, bet and payment method exclusions apply. Returns exclude Bet Credits stake. Time limits and T&Cs apply.
#1 UK Esports Bookmaker

£30 Matched Free Bet if your first Acca loses +50 free spins

£30 Matched Free Bet if your first Acca loses +50 free spins

  • Massive jackpot available each round
  • Numerous potential winners
  • Available to All UK Customers
4.5 Stars betway
Play Now
*New UK customers only. This offer is valid for 7 days from your new account being registered. Min Deposit: £5. Maximum Free Bet: £30. First bet on a Football or Horse Racing multiple with 3+ selections. Overall odds: 3.00 (2/1) or higher. Free Bets available upon settlement of the qualifying bet. Debit card deposits only (exclusions apply). Free Bet expires 7 days after credited. 18+. Bet The Responsible Way. Full terms apply.

Bet £10, Get £30 In Free Bets +

Bet £10, Get £30 In Free Bets +

  • Bet Builder, BetFeed & BetFinder tools
  • Top-notch apps for PUBG mobile betting
  • Good competition coverage for PUBG
4.5 Stars 888Sport
Play Now
#ad. 18+ Min deposit £10 • A qualifying bet is a ‘real money’ stake of at least £10 • Min odds 1/2 (1.50) • Free Bets credited upon qualifying bet settlement and expire after 7 days • Free Bet stakes not included in returns • Casino Bonus must be claimed within 7 days and expires after 14 days • Bonus valid on selected Casino games only • Bonus wins capped at £500, excluding Jackpot wins • You must wager Bonus amount x40 – this requirement varies by game. Full T&C’s apply. BeGambleAware

Bet £10 on Football Get £40

Bet £10 on Football Get £40

  • Secure & reliable bookie
  • Outstanding sports coverage
  • Competitive odds across the board
5 Stars betvictor
Play Now
T&Cs: 18+ New customers only. Opt in, bet £10  on any football market at minimum 1/1 odds. No cash out. Get £40 in Free Bets on selected events. Free Bets expire in 7 days. Debit card / Apple Pay payments only. T&Cs apply, see below. | Please gamble responsibly

Bet £10, Get £30 in Free Bets

Bet £10, Get £30 in Free Bets

  • Regular price boosts
  • Good number of additional specials
  • Efficient mobile app available
5 Stars BetUK
Play Now
T&Cs apply. New cust only. Deposit & Place a Bet within 7 days, and settle a £10 minimum bet at odds of 4/5 (1.8) or greater, to be credited with 3x £10 Free Bets: 1 x £10 Horse Racing, 1 x £10 Free Bet Builder and 1 x £10 Football. 7 day expiry. Stake not returned. 18+

Bet £10 Get £20 In Free Bets

Bet £10 Get £20 In Free Bets

  • Combined odds of just 3/1 required to qualify for acca insurance offers
  • Generous welcome offer
  • Daily specials available
5 Stars boylesports
Play Now
*New UK customers (Excluding NI) mobile only. £20 in FREE Bets (FB) as £10 in sports bets & a £10 casino bonus (CB). Min stake £10. Min odds Evs. FB applied on 1st settlement of any qualifying bet. FB 7 day expiry. 1 FB offer per customer, household & IP address only. Payment restrictions. 14 days to accept £10 CB, then active for 3 days. CB 5x wagering & max redeemable £100. Game restrictions apply. Cashed out/Free Bets won’t apply. 30 days to qualify. 18+. T&Cs apply

Bet £20 and Get it Back if it Loses

Bet £20 and Get it Back if it Loses

  • Horse Racing specialist
  • Most trusted UK bookie
  • Frequent market based promotions
4.5 Stars paddypower
Play Now
New customers only. Place your FIRST bet on any Football market and if it loses we will refund your stake in CASH. Max refund for this offer is £20. Only deposits made using cards will qualify for this promotion. T&Cs apply.

£50 In Free Bets When You Bet £10

£50 In Free Bets When You Bet £10

  • BOG applies after 8am on race days
  • Includes selected international races
  • Available for horse racing & greyhounds
4.5 Stars Betfred
Play Now
New customers only. Register with SUMMER50 between 31/05/24 – 14/07/24. First bet £10+ at Evens (2.0)+ on Sports within 7 days to get 3 x £10 in Sports Free Bets & 2 x £10 in Acca Free Bets within 10 hours of settlement. 7-day expiry. Eligibility & payment exclusions apply. Full T&Cs apply.

50% Welcome Offer Up To £50

50% Welcome Offer Up To £50

  • Has been in operation since 2003 - over 20 years!
  • Up to 100% boost on winning accumulators
  • Clean & tidy site, looks great on mobile devices
5 Stars 10bet
Play Now
New bettors; Code PLAY10; Wager deposit & bonus 8x; Max qualifying bet stake=initial bonus; Valid 60 days; Min odds, bet and payment method exclusions apply; T&C apply; 18+

Bet £10 Get £30 In Free Bets

Bet £10 Get £30 In Free Bets

  • Enhanced ACCAs & Wincasts
  • Daily Free Bet Offers
  • Safe & Secure UK betting site
5 Stars williamhill
Play Now
#ad. 18+. Play Safe. 3x £10 free bets. Free bets expire after 30 days. New customers signing up through mobile or tablet device only. Minimum £10 stake on odds of 1/2 (1.5) or greater on sportsbook (excluding Virtual markets). Further terms apply.

Top 10 UK PUBG Betting Sites

Nowadays, eSports enjoys universal coverage on British sportsbooks. As one of the biggest titles around, PUBG’s coverage is similarly excellent. We went through your many, many options here, and boiled them all down to a clear top 10:

  1. Bet365 – Your #1 Destination for PUBG Betting
  2. Betway – eSports Specialists with Great Special Offers
  3. 888sport – Choose Between a Selection of PUBG Prop Bets
  4. BetVictor – Prestigious PUBG Sportsbook with an Incredible Track Record
  5. BetUK – Exciting and Ambitious Young PUBG Sportsbook
  6. BoyleSports – Proven, Experienced Sportsbook with Good Free Bet Offers
  7. Paddy Power – Well-Known Brand with a Solid Welcome Bonus
  8. Betfred – Industry Titan with Excellent PUBG Odds
  9. 10Bet – Grab a Big-Time Deposit Match Welcome Offer
  10. William Hill – Massive Sportsbook With Fantastic Ongoing Promotions

Best Five PUBG Sites Reviewed

There are plenty of great PUBG betting sites to choose between in the UK, and we’ve recommended 10 excellent examples above. Even among this lofty company, however, five brands managed to separate themselves from the competition. Let’s take a closer look at each of them. 

1. Bet365 – Your #1 Destination for PUBG Betting

pubg betting site - Bet365 home page

There are plenty of excellent sportsbooks out there in the UK. Arguably the biggest of the bunch, however, is Bet365. This brand dominates in many categories, and – although it certainly faced stiff competition here – we were still comfortable in making Bet365 our number one choice for betting on PUBG.

Quite simply, Bet365 gives you everything you could realistically hope for. All of the major competitions are available for PUBG tournament betting, and Bet365 regularly lets its eSports punters choose between pre-game and outright markets. Not only that, but it has some of the quickest live betting tools around, and provides bettors with highly competitive prices too. Bet365 also makes it easy to watch the action unfold live, with free streaming available via Twitch integration

Elsewhere, Bet365 carries all the benefits you’d expect from a premium brand. That includes top-notch customer support, a wide variety of bet types, and some of the best mobile apps around. And, whether you’re using the desktop version or one of those apps, you can look forward to a streamlined and stable platform. Finally, while Bet365 doesn’t have specific eSports promos, PUBG is compatible with the solid ‘Bet £10, Get £30’ welcome offer, and also provides regular boosted odds for its eSports markets. 

What We Like:

  • Fantastic all-round sportsbook
  • Top-notch mobile apps
  • Solid welcome offer
  • Boosted odds for eSports markets
  • Live PUBG streaming via Twitch

What We Don’t Like:

  • Occasional ‘blackouts’ when you want to cash out

2. Betway – eSports Specialists With Great Special Offers

pubg betting site - Betway home page

Bet365 might have topped our rankings here, as your best destination for PUBG betting, but make no mistake – Betway certainly isn’t far behind. This brand has a similarly excellent track record, having launched in 2006, and is easily one of the best all-round sportsbooks in the UK. 

Not only that, but Betway – arguably more than any other premium British brand – has shown a fantastic commitment to eSports. Look up to its main menu, and you’ll see an entire major section dedicated to video games. Within this section you can bet on all the major titles, including PUBG. You can wager pre-game, in-play, or outright here, and – whichever route you take – watch your bets play out in real-time courtesy of live streaming. 

Betway further shows its commitment to gamers by providing them with eSports-specific promos. These include a £10 free bet welcome offer, which you can trigger instead of the main one, and even a separate free bet club which you can use to grab £15 in free bets every week. Naturally, PUBG is compatible with both deals. All of these can be claimed via the desktop site or the excellent iOS and Android apps, which also facilitate on-the-go PUBG gambling.

What We Like:

  • Clear dedication to eSports betting
  • Get £15 in free bets each week through your PUBG gambling
  • Excellent mobile apps
  • Very good track record
  • Live streaming available for free

What We Don’t Like:

  • Customer support isn’t always the most responsive

3. 888sport – Choose Between a Selection of PUBG Prop Bets

pubg betting site - 888sport home page

As you can see, we’re certainly not messing around in our selection of the best PUBG betting sites. Here we find another absolute titan of the industry, which – since its inception in 2008 – has become enormously popular with punters. Thanks to its early recognition of eSports’ importance, this has included plenty of video game fans too. 

The 888sport eSports section doesn’t feature the widest coverage around, but still ticks all the most important boxes. Thankfully for our purposes, this includes support for all the major PUBG competitions, which can often be wagered on in-play, pre-match, or outright. 888sport tends to provide a nice little choice of prop bets too, in addition to the usual Match Result markets. 

888sport might not have specific eSports promos, but video game betting is compatible with several of its best deals. You can use the bonus from your initial ‘Bet £10, Get £30’ welcome offer on PUBG, for example. There’s also an Acca Club which is PUBG-friendly, although the rewards aren’t quite as impressive as with Betway’s version.

Finally, PUBG punters will be able to place their wagers here using an incredibly user-friendly and intuitive platform. That’s true whether you opt for the desktop site, or one of the excellent mobile apps.

What We Like:

  • Nice selection of bet types
  • Good competition coverage for PUBG
  • Get free bets each and every week
  • Top-notch apps for PUBG mobile betting
  • User-friendly and intuitive interface

What We Don’t Like:

  • Slightly tricky to contact the support team

4. BetVictor – Prestigious PUBG Sportsbook With an Incredible Track Record

pubg betting site - betvictor home page

Even among this heady company, BetVictor has arguably the most impressive track record of any brand we’ve looked at so far. This bookie has been in business since all the way back in 1946, but has still done a phenomenal job of moving with the times. In recent years, one way this has manifested itself has been through its pleasing commitment to eSports betting.

BetVictor has some highly respectable eSports coverage. All the usual suspects are available to bet on here – LoL, CS:GO, Dota 2, and so on – but the larger PUBG competitions are also covered. Like 888sport, it also does a nice job of mixing in prop bets with the main bet types, like Match Winner. The live betting opportunities are also impressive, and the tools for both placing and cashing out PUBG bets in-play are highly responsive.

BetVictor doesn’t boast the widest range of special offers, but those which are in place are very good indeed. The ‘Bet £5, Get £10’ welcome offer immediately doubles your spending power, and has a nice, low entry point for more casual punters. Existing customers can then join the BV Loyalty Club, which you can use to trigger free bets between £5 and £25 depending on your total PUBG stakes.

What We Like:

  • Long and impressive track record
  • Decent selection of prop bets for PUBG
  • Get up to £25 in free bets each week
  • Very good customer support
  • Streamlined, straightforward interface

What We Don’t Like:

  • Not the best selection of special offers

5. BetUK – Exciting and Ambitious Young PUBG Sportsbook

pubg betting site - betuk home page

Compared to the four preceding PUBG sportsbooks on our list, BetUK is easily the least well-known. It’s also the newest by far, having only launched in 2018, but you certainly shouldn’t let this dissuade you. Newer sportsbooks tend to have various benefits of their own, and – regardless – BetUK actually belongs to the famous and experienced LeoVegas Group. 

BetUK has proven particularly popular with eSports fans, due to the wide range of titles it covers. These extend beyond the likes of CS:GO and LoL, to include CoD, Starcraft 2, and – most importantly of all – PUBG. BetUK admittedly doesn’t always have the widest range of prop bets, but this is arguably offset by its other benefits, including the provision of extremely useful statistics to help inform your gambling. 

Elsewhere, BetUK cares for its PUBG bettors in a few other key ways. It has excellent direct and indirect support, for example, should you encounter any issues. There’s also a clear commitment to safe and responsible gambling, and regular specials bets are provided. The range of special offers isn’t the widest, but the welcome offer will give you a nice kick-start on your PUBG betting, and there’s a solid free bet club to back it up. 

What We Like:

  • Young, up and coming betting site
  • Useful statistics for eSports betting
  • Newcomers get £30 in bonuses for PUBG wagering
  • Clear commitment to player safety
  • Good customer support options

What We Don’t Like:

  • Lack of ongoing promotions

PUBG Betting Sites Compared

We put the time and effort into researching the rankings you see at the top of this screen, to ensure that – whichever of the 10 brands you decided on – you were likely to have an enjoyable and safe experience betting on one of the top titles around. That said, some subtle differences do still exist between the offerings for these excellent sites. We’ve summarised a few key examples for you below. 

Bookie Welcome Bonus Live PUBG Betting Live PUBG Streaming
bet365 sportsbook Bet £10, Get £30 in Free Bets fa_shield fa_shield
betway Bet £10, Get a £10 eSports Free Bet fa_shield fa_shield
logo 888sport Bet £10, Get £30 in Free Bets fa_shield
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PUBG Esports for Online Punters – How Betting On PUBG Works

We’ve already shown you your top 10 destinations for gambling on PUBG, and even explained what made our top five stand out from the crowd. Now though, it’s time to zoom out a little bit and get a wider overview of what PUBG is, and how it works. If you’re new to the entire game, this should serve as your perfect introduction. 

PUBG is an acronym, short for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Technically this full, standalone game was released in late 2017. Its creator, however –  Brendan Greene (whose online handle was PlayerUnknown) – had already created similar mods for several other games, including DayZ. PUBG was basically the more polished version of these previous, extremely popular mods.

If you’ve ever bet on Fortnite, or simply know about it, you’ll be aware of the ‘battle royale’ video game formula. PUBG was actually the first game to popularise it, getting in shortly before Fortnite, and several other extremely big games have since innovated on the formula. At the start of a PUBG round, 100 players drop into a large area. That area gradually shrinks over time, forcing the players closer and closer together, and the last person standing after the shooting subsides is the winner. This leads to some extremely tense gameplay, making this a great game to both watch and bet on.

Betting Markets for PUBG Punters

Compared to real-world sports, eSports don’t tend to have the widest range of bet types to choose from. This might not be the case with the very biggest titles of all, like CS:GO, but unfortunately it is for other games which aren’t quite on that level, such as PUBG. 

With all that said, you do have at least some flexibility in how you wager. Below, we’ve covered the four most popular betting markets of all. 

Match Winner

This remains the most popular betting market of all for PUBG, and it’s not hard to see why. For starters, these are incredibly straightforward wagers to place. Literally all you have to do is pick which player, or which team, you think will win a given matchup. In addition though, you’ll also find the highest volume of helpful information available to help you with these picks, whether it’s specifically related to betting or not. Finally, match winner markets for PUBG tend to have very good odds indeed, since – compared to football, for example – there are a lot of possible options.

Most Kills

Player props – in which you wager on a particular player to hit a specific checkpoint in the match – are extremely popular in eSports betting. So it proves with PUBG too, and the most popular example of all is the ‘most kills’ market. As the name suggests, this simply involves picking the player you think will gun down the most foes in a round. Like the match result market, there’s plenty of risk built in here since you’ve got so many options to choose from. The odds tend to be proportionately high too though, offering some seriously lucrative potential payouts. 

First Blood

This is another of the most popular player props you’ll find for PUBG. Again, the name is pretty self-explanatory here – you’re purely making PUBG predictions on who will get the first kill in a particular round. It’s a much more difficult market to nail than guessing who will get the most kills overall, but the odds are even higher here. Also, if you do your research, you may well be able to find a player who tends to start out aggressively, and thus stands a great chance of drawing first blood. 

Outright Winner

The previous three bet types are all conducted on a per-match basis. If you prefer to take a longer-term view in your betting, however, you may well prefer outright wagers instead. Of those, the most common and popular by far is the outright winner bet. Again, this is extremely straightforward, with your task simply being to pick the winning player or team across an entire competition. Doing research for these bets can be a whole lot of fun, as you scour replays of prior matches, form tables, and all the stats you can find to help inform your pick.

PUBG Live Betting & Streaming

The days of needing to get your bets down before a matchup begins are long gone. Live betting tools are a ‘must-have’ for the modern-day punter, and this definitely applies to PUBG bettors too. 

Fortunately, our recommended sportsbooks excel in this area. Every single one of them has live betting features, giving you the ability to both place and cash out live wagers. If you want to take advantage of the sudden surprises for which PUBG is notorious, this is the perfect way to do so. 

In conjunction with this, we’d highly recommend that you watch the action unfold for yourself if you possibly can. The most convenient way to do this is directly through your sportsbook, if they have PUBG streaming in place. If not, you’ll invariably be able to stream the match for free anyway, using a platform such as Twitch. 

Overview of Betting Markets At PUBG Bookies

As noted a couple of sections ago, you won’t actually tend to find a huge variety of betting markets available to you for PUBG. That said, some sportsbooks are still better in this area than others. Below, we’ve compared all 10 of our recommended bookies when it comes to their betting markets for PUBG.

Bookie Moneyline Props Parlays Futures Live Betting Same Game Parlays
bet365 sportsbook fa_shield fa_shield fa_shield fa_shield fa_shield
betway fa_shield fa_shield fa_shield fa_shield fa_shield
logo 888sport fa_shield fa_shield fa_shield fa_shield fa_shield fa_shield
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PUBG Betting Odds Explained

Some bettors use sportsbooks for years without truly understanding how odds actually work. They simply accept the prices they’re given, without questioning how the bookie arrived at that figure, nor whether the price represents good value or not. If you want to get the most you possibly can out of your PUBG betting, we’re here to urge you not to make this mistake. 

The first thing you should know is that PUBG odds are not simply a reflection of the probability of a particular outcome. If Player X is 10/1 to get the first kill, for example, this doesn’t necessarily just mean there’s a 1-in-10 chance of him or her doing so. Probabilities do play a role here, based on a range of different stats, but they’re not the only factor. 

For starters, every PUBG betting market has a ‘vig’ or ‘overround’ built in, which ensures that the odds never actually add up to 100%. Bookies insert this to ensure that – over the long-term – they always make a profit. 

Several other factors also play a role. Most notably, bookies will regularly adjust their prices based on the action they’re getting. If one side of a market is getting too much action, they’ll balance it out by raising or lowering the odds. Elsewhere, they may also change their odds to better align with the competition, usually to avoid the risk of being over-exposed by offering prices that are ‘too’ good. 

Popular Betting Tips for PUBG Punters

As with all forms of gambling, there’s absolutely no guarantee you’ll make money from betting on PUBG. With that said, we firmly believe there are steps you can take to boost your chances. Below, we’ve listed five of the best PUBG betting tips of all. 

Build Up Gradually

If you’re reading this article in the first place, we’ll assume you’re already a fan of PUBG. As such, when you begin to actually bet on the game, it’s going to feel rather exciting. While it’s fine to have plenty of enthusiasm, however, we’d urge you not to get carried away and start sticking down big wagers straight away. Instead, begin by using the minimum permissible stake size, and building up gradually as you grow more comfortable and experienced. 

Mix Your Bet Types

Generally speaking, we’re fans of betting sensibly on PUBG, and only placing wagers which have a reasonable chance of winning. With that said, this doesn’t mean you should stick purely to low-odds wagers, with minimal upside. Instead, the key here is to strike a nice balance between risk and reward. Safer bet types – like match winner picks – should form the foundation of your betting. You should balance these out with a few high-risk, high-reward wagers too, however, with accumulators being a great example. 

Do Your Research

As noted above, there’s certainly no guarantee you’ll make money from your PUBG gambling. Arguably the best way to boost your chances, though, is to increase the amount of research you do. The more informed you are, the smarter your picks should be, and – in turn – the more likely they are to win. Fortunately, doing this research is extremely easy nowadays, with endless PUBG statistics and match replays available for free online. 

Watch Along

Bearing our previous point in mind, regarding statistical analysis, we still absolutely believe there’s a place for the good old-fashioned ‘eye test’ in your PUBG betting. There are three reasons why you should try to watch the action live, via either your sportsbook or Twitch. Firstly, it’ll help you spot the best opportunities for placing or cashing out live bets. Secondly, watching specific teams and players for yourself will help to inform your future picks. Finally, it simply makes the entire betting experience more enjoyable. 

Play PUBG For Yourself

If you’ve got a console or computer capable of playing PUBG, we’d strongly urge you to do so. It’s completely free to play nowadays, so there’s nothing to hold you back from doing so. Most importantly, however, this will give you an insight into exactly how the game works that you might never get from simply watching. In turn, this deeper understanding will help you to make smarter and more informed picks, particularly for your PUBG in-play betting. 

PUBG Popular Tournaments to Bet On

One of the great things about betting on eSports in general is that the action never really stops. PUBG doesn’t quite have the most packed-out calendar around, compared to the likes of Dota 2 or CS:GO, but you can still enjoy a decent amount of PUBG tournament betting throughout the year. Here are the main competitions to look out for. 

Global Series

This is the biggest PUBG tournament of all that you can bet on, and it’s not particularly close. In terms of both its prize pool and viewership numbers, the Global Series dominates. This competition is organised directly by PUBG Corporation, and involves 24 teams from all around the world duking it out for the top prize. If you want to jump straight in at the deep end, and wager on the most high-stakes PUBG action there is, then the Global Series should be your first port of call. 

Champions League

If you like the international aspect of PUBG competitive gaming, this might not be the competition for you. The Champions League is another tournament organised directly by PUBG Corporation, but it is limited squarely to teams in China. If you simply want to watch and bet on some top-quality PUBG action though, the Champions League is a fantastic option. This tournament actually has the second-biggest prize pool on the market, so motivation certainly isn’t a problem for the players, and the top two teams here get an automatic spot in the Global Series.

Super Cup

Like the Champions League, the Super Cup is limited solely to teams in East and Southeast Asia. Also like the Champions League, however, this certainly shouldn’t deter you if you simply want to watch some of the most skilled PUBG players in the world duking it out. This is another high-level competition organised directly by PUBG Corporation. 24 teams battle it out for the title here, and the prize pool of $100k is definitely nothing to sniff at. 

The 5 Best PUBG Esports Teams in the World

In its casual, everyday format, PUBG is a game that can be played either solo or in teams. While technically this is possible in tournament play too, competitive PUBG tends more towards the latter. 

There are elite PUBG teams from all around the world, usually consisting of four top players. Below, we’ve given our own current power rankings of the five best teams of all. As you’ll see, these represent a mix of sides which have been successful for years, and younger, up-and-coming outfits which we believe to have a bright future in the game. 

Team Country Players Signature Achievement Earnings
Navi Russia
  • Xmpl
  • Ubah
  • Mellman
  • Alyagg
Global Championship 2022 (1st place) $1.3 million
17 Gaming China
  • Xbei
  • Lilghost
  • SuJiu
  • Xwudd
Champions League 2023 (1st place) $1.1 million
Twisted Minds Russia
  • BatulinS
  • Perfect1ks
  • Spyrro
  • Lu
Global Championship 2022 (3rd place) $153k
FaZe Clan Europe
  • Jeemzz
  • Gustav
  • Fexx
  • Curexi
Europe Continental Series 2022 (3rd place) $1.6 million
Luminosity Gaming USA
  • Kickstart
  • Snakers
  • Relo
  • Fludd
Americas Series 2023 (1st place) $126k

PUBG Players – The Best Esports Players

As noted in the previous section, professional PUBG tournaments are often team-based. Just like in other team sports though – such as football and cricket – this doesn’t stop individual players from thriving. 

In the table below, we’ve listed five of the very best current PUBG pros. If you’re interested in placing player prop bets – such as backing somebody to get the most kills in a match – these should be the first names you consider. 

Player Nickname Country Approximate Earnings Team
Zhou Pinyan ZpYan1 China $562,000 NewHappy
James Giezen TGLTN Australia $480,000 Soniqs
Cha Seung-hoon Pio South Korea $867,000 Gen.G
Na Hee-jo Inonix South Korea $359,000 Danawa
Ivan Kapustin ubah Russia $642,000 Navi

Obviously, you’ll also want to know where you can actually see these top players in action. Here are some of the biggest upcoming events for your PUBG betting:

      • PUBG Champions League Summer Preseason – 18/05/23 – 21/05/23
      • PUBG Weekly Series: Korea, Phase 2 – 28/08/23 – 29/09/23 
      • PUBG Japan Championship – 01/09/23
      • PUBG Global Championship – 01/11/23
      • PUBG Asia Super Cup Winter – 01/11/23

Other eSports Betting Guides

Keen to get to grips with other types of eSports that you can bet on? Check out our range of eSports betting guides, including Fortnite, CS:GO and more to find the top UK betting platforms, range of markets and lucrative sign-up bonuses to help stretch your betting budget.

Different Bonuses at UK PUBG Betting Sites

Special offers aren’t simply there to lure you into signing up with one PUBG sportsbook over another. Rather, when used correctly, high quality promos really can make a sizable difference to your long-term profits. As such, if you do spot a good deal, you shouldn’t hesitate to target it. 

With this mentality in mind, here are some of the most common offer types provided by the best PUBG esports betting sites. Note that – as with many of the top special offers – you may need to use a promo code to trigger these deals:

  • Bet and Get

This is the most common type of welcome offer amongst PUBG sportsbooks in the UK. To use it, you need to place a certain quantity of qualifying wagers, and will receive free bets in return. 

  • Risk-Free Bet

While not as common as the ‘bet and get’, this is another fairly popular welcome offer type on UK betting sites. It simply insures your first wager, meaning you keep your winnings if the wager comes through, but get a refund if it doesn’t. 

  • Free Bet Club

These promos are the most reliable way to get free bets as an existing customer. You trigger them by placing wagers totalling a certain volume, receive a free bet if you do so, and can repeat the process every single week.  

  • Acca Bonus

Accumulators already tend to deliver big payouts, but these deals ramp your profits up still further. They give a percentage boost to your winnings, with the size depending on the number of selections you included in your acca. 

  • Odds Boosts

Odds boosts involve the bookie artificially inflating its prices – and therefore your potential winnings – on certain markets. Usually, the sportsbook will select these markets itself, but some brands will let you boost your own PUBG odds. 

  • VIP Programs

This is basically the ‘jack of all trades’ promo on PUBG sportsbooks. You’ll progress through the loyalty scheme as you continue to bet, unlocking progressively better rewards as you do so, including free bets and cash bonuses. 

Welcome Offers Compared

Ongoing promotions are great for continually rewarding your loyalty to a particular brand. That said, even if they’re short-term in nature, welcome offers will usually provide you with significantly bigger bonuses. Below, you can see how all 10 of our recommended bookies stack up in this key area.

Bookie Sports Welcome Bonus Promo Code Wagering Requirements Minimum Deposit Expiration
bet365 sportsbook Bet £10, Get £30 in Free Bets N/A N/A £10 7 days
betway Bet £10, Get a £10 eSports Free Bet N/A 1x, Min odds 1.75 £10 7 days
logo 888sport Bet £10, Get £30 in Free Bets 30FB N/A £10 7 days
betvictor betting Bet £5, Get £10 in Free Bet N/A (Opt in required) N/A £5 7 days
betUK NEW Bet £10, Get £30 in Free Bet N/A N/A £10 7 days
logo-boylesports1 £25 Free Bet Bundle N/A N/A £10 7 days
Betfred Sports Betting Bet £10, Get £40 in Free Bets N/A N/A £10 7 days
10Bet logo 50% First Deposit Match, Up to £50 N/A 8x £15 60 days
William Hill Bet £10, Get £30 in Free Bets R30 N/A £10 30 days
Paddy Power sportsbetting £10 Risk-Free Bet YSKAMR N/A £10 7 days

PUBG Betting Apps

The days of being restricted to using your desktop computer to place wagers are long gone. Nowadays, PUBG fans can get their bets down whenever and wherever they please, thanks to the rise of mobile technology. 

All of our recommended sportsbooks excel in this area. Each of them provides high quality mobile apps, for both iOS and Android users, which can be downloaded free of charge. Alternatively, you can use the mobile version of the main website instead. Either way, you’ll be able to access all the same PUBG markets and special offers as you normally would, married with the convenience of your mobile device. 

Final Thoughts

PUBG is easily one of the biggest and most exciting eSports titles in the world. By betting on the game, you arguably take that excitement to a whole new level. If that sounds appealing to you, then there’s never been a better time to get involved, with an unprecedented number of PUBG betting sites and markets now available for you. 

After reading our comprehensive guide, you should have all the information you need in order to start placing PUBG bets for yourself. All you need to do now is pick a sportsbook, create an account, grab your welcome bonus, and start having a good time. 


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