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Dota 2 is the leading Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) video game on the market today. Released in 2013, it has also become a staple part of the Esports community. As such, it comes as little surprise that Dota 2 betting sites have been established, giving punters the chance to bet on professional matches.

This page will outline our favourite Dota 2 betting sites, along with how the game works in terms of betting. So, if you are looking to bet on this popular game from the Valve Corporation, check out our recommended Dota 2 betting sites below.

Our Recommended Dota 2 Betting Sites

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How We Rank the Best Dota 2 Betting Sites

A host of different Dota 2 betting sites are available to punters today. Therefore, we have to be strict when it comes to reviewing them. By taking into account the following factors, you can rest assured that we only recommend that top Dota 2 betting sites:

  • Safety – As always, our No.1 priority is the safety of customers. As a result, all recommended sites are 100% secure and legal. This means that they are licensed in the UK, while also having a number of safety measures in place.
  • Markets – Punters should have a host of Dota 2 markets to choose from online. Popular markets include match winner, outright tournament winner, totals and props. Meanwhile, both international and regional Dota 2 events should be covered.
  • Odds – Prices found at Dota 2 betting sites determine how much punters will make when placing winning bets.
  • Streaming – The ability to watch Dota 2 matches live is hugely appealing. It makes for an exciting betting experience, while also aiding those who are looking to take advantage of in-play markets.
  • Support – While often being overlooked, customer support is important for any betting site today. Ideally, support should be available 24/7, via telephone, email and live chat.
  • Mobile – The demographic of Dota 2 punters is younger than many other markets. As such, betting sites must ensure that placing bets on mobile devices is easy.

What is Dota 2?

Dota 2 betting sites Dota 2 was first released back in July 2013 by the Valve Corporation. The MOBA game is the sequel to Defence of the Ancients, which was part of the popular Warcraft III series. The game now attracts millions of players across the globe, despite only being available on Windows and Linux. Dota 2 is now also huge in the Esports community too.

Tournaments and leagues take place throughout the year, attracting interest from gamers and punters. Dota 2 matches are played in a 5v5 format. In terms of gameplay, teams are tasked with destroying the opposing teams Ancient. “Creeps” move along paths on the map and attack both players and towers.

The first Dota 2 Esports tournament took place at Gamescom in 2011, which would later be known as The International. This event offers the biggest prize pool in the entire industry, at over $35 million. Events such as the Omega League, ESL One and World Pro Invitational are all covered on Dota 2 betting sites today.

How to Bet on Dota 2: Our Beginner’s Guide

Dota 2’s competitive gameplay, strategy, tactics and player abilities make it an excellent betting market. There are also a number of different ways in which to bet on Dota 2. Real money betting remains the most popular option for punters, however serious gamers may look to skins betting and fantasy betting as alternatives. We will touch on Dota 2 skin betting in more detail later on.

Meanwhile, fantasy Dota 2 betting works in a similar way to football sites. Here, players have to select their roster of pro players using virtual money. Players then earn points based on their performances at Dota 2 events. Prizes can come in the form of real money and skins. However, the majority of Dota 2 betting sites will offer real money bets on the following markets:

  • Match Winner – The simplest method of betting on Dota 2 is to back the team you believe will beat their opponent. For example, Evil Geniuses to beat Team Liquid. Only the overall match result will determine whether bets win or lose.
  • Handicap – In order to level the playing field, handicap bets can also be placed on Dota 2 betting sites. Here, teams and players will receive points or have points taken away from them, depending on whether they are the outsider or favourite. Favourites will perhaps have 1.5 games taken from their score, meaning that they must win by over this margin if your bet on them is to be successful.
  • Totals – Here, punters can bet on the number of games or maps that take place during a Dota 2 match. For best of 3 style matches, the figure is likely to be 2.5. Punters here are effectively predicting whether the match will last for over or under this amount. Meanwhile, some Dota 2 betting sites will allow customers to bet on the total time of a match, with games only ending once an Ancient has been destroyed.
  • Props – Prop bets include first blood, most team kills, most player kills, odd/even score and first Roshan kill. Not all Dota 2 betting sites will offer such markets however.
  • Outrights – Betting on the outright winner of a Dota 2 tournament is hugely popular. With the odds being appealing, staking on which team will win The International can bring about some significant winnings.

What are Dota 2 Skins & How Can They Be Used?

Skins are cosmetic items that can be earned or purchased in video games, including Dota 2. Players have long been buying and selling items, while Dota 2 skins betting sites have also come into play. While not all are regulated, Dota 2 skins betting sites are still available, meaning that players can wager using items at their disposal.

Wait We do not recommend getting involved in this form of betting, with there being no regulations in place, as they go against Steams terms and conditions. Skins betting can also involve jackpot, dice, coin flip and Roulette games, which involve no skill or knowledge of the game. All of our recommended 2 betting sites offer legal real money betting markets, while they are all licensed by leading gambling authorities.

How to Succeed at Dota 2 Betting

As is the case with football betting or tennis betting, wagering on Esports is no easy task. Before placing your first bet, be sure to take on board the following Dota 2 betting tips.

Dota 2 Betting Strategy

These tips have been designed to give punters the best chance of beating the bookies, whether you are new to Dota 2 or are a long-term fanatic.

Top Dota 2 Betting Tips

  1. Understand the markets – Betting on the winner of an individual Dota 2 match is simple. However, it is not often not the most rewarding, meaning that it is important to look elsewhere too. Consider markets surrounding total kills, correct score and handicaps in order to find more value. Be sure to carry out research beforehand, with some teams being efficient when it comes to destroying barracks, while others are good in defence.
  2. Consider strategies – There are a number of strategies used within Dota 2 today. All can potentially have an effect on bets. Some teams will choose to leave things late and wait for their carry hero to overcome the enemy, while others will look to attack from the off. Whilst you can never be 100% accurate with bets, understanding the strategies involved is definitely useful.
  3. Keep up to date – Roster changes occur on a regular basis within Dota 2. Teams will bench players and bring in replacements depending on their performances. Meanwhile, new patches can also have an impact on the performances of teams. So, be sure to keep up to date with everything Dota 2. There are a number of useful platforms for doing so on the web today.
  4. Bet within your means – This goes for other markets too, but only bet what you can afford to lose. Betting on Dota 2 should first and foremost be about fun. Going beyond your means will likely quickly get you into difficulty, so set yourself a deposit limit, a feature available with many Dota 2 betting sites.
  5. Find the perfect site – We have recommended some of our favourite Dota 2 betting sites on this page. However, do not just take our word for it. Take the time to take a look for yourself. This should include looking at available markets and features, as well as researching available payment methods and customer support avenues.

Our Recommended Bookmaker for Dota 2 Betting

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Biggest Dota 2 Events

Dota 2 events take place on a regular basis throughout the year. However, there are certainly some tournaments and leagues which attract the most interest from gamers and punters. Below are some of the Dota 2 events worth keeping an eye out for:

Dota Pro Circuit

The Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) is the most competitive Dota 2 Esports event. Split into Major and Minor tournaments, the DPC replaced the Dota Major Championship upon its launch in 2017. Organised by game developer Valve, the event helps to determine which teams will qualify for The International. Recent events have included the MDL Chengdu Major and Dota Summit 11, which were won by TNC Predator and Invictus Gaming respectively.

The International

The International is the World Cup of the Dota 2 scene. Now worth over $35 million in prize money, the event takes place annually. 18 teams battle it out in total, coming from North America, South America, Southeast Asia, China, Europe and CIS regions. OG won in both 2018 and 2019, with The International 2021 set to take place in Stockholm, Sweden.

Bottom Line on Dota 2 Betting

With over 11 million players worldwide, Dota 2 is one of the leading Esports titles around today. Dota 2 betting sites are also growing in popularity, with betting on teams and players being a pastime enjoyed by both gamers and punters. So, no matter whether you have been playing Dota 2 since its release or are looking to join the community, be sure to check out our recommended Dota 2 betting sites.

Bottom Line on Dota 2 Betting

With over 11 million players worldwide, Dota 2 is one of the leading Esports titles around today. Dota 2 betting sites are also growing in popularity, with betting on teams and players being a pastime enjoyed by both gamers and punters. So, no matter whether you have been playing Dota 2 since its release or are looking to join the community, be sure to check out our recommended Dota 2 betting sites.


How is a Dota 2 match won?

A Dota 2 match is won when one team destroys its opponents Ancient. This can take anywhere between 30 minutes to 1 hour, with strategy and tactics being crucial. A team's ability to destroy an Ancient will depend on their killing and pushing abilities, as well as teamwork.

Should I bet on Dota 2 using skins?

In our opinion, no. Dota 2 skins betting sites are not regulated, meaning that anything could go wrong. Stick to real money betting, with skins and other items often being able to be cashed in. We recommend signing up on one of our top Dota 2 betting sites, which are both safe and legal.

Can I claim bonuses when betting on Dota 2?

Yes. Almost all Dota 2 betting sites will offer some form of welcome bonus. Meanwhile, ongoing promotions can also be found, helping punters in achieving their goals. Check out our free bets page for the best betting sites in this area.

What kind of bets can I place on Dota 2?

This will depend on the betting site itself. However, popular Dota 2 markets include match winner, total kills, outright tournament winner and first Roshan.

How can I be successful when betting on Dota 2?

Success is not guaranteed, no matter what strategy you adopt when betting on Dota 2. However, give yourself the best possible chance of winning by playing the game for yourself, keeping up to date with the market and watching matches live.

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