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Bet365 is easily one of the biggest gambling brands in the world. They’ve been around since 2000 and in that time have been able to create what can only be described as a behemoth of a company.

One of the things they’ve done as well as just about anyone else is the ability to offer great promotions and in this article, we’re going to look at the bet365 Canada bonus code, along with everything you need to know about claiming each promotion.

There would be few that argue with us when we say that bet365 rarely gets things wrong. As you will see from the promotions on the page, there are lots to like. But we wanted to deep dive into each offer and highlight where you can get a little more value than simply just claiming a standard offer or promotion.

For players in Canada, few options will beat bet365. Make sure that you bookmaker this page as offers change all the time, so we want to make sure you’re right up to date.

100% Up To $C200 Bet Credits

  • World's biggest betting brand
  • More markets than any other sportsbook
  • Live betting and live streaming of major sporting events available
T&Cs apply

Bet365 Canada Bonus Codes

One of the biggest compliments that we can pay bet365 is that they aren’t just a sportsbook. They run several products and the best news is that we have a bet365 Bonus code that you can use on each of these products.

However, sports betting is very much at the forefront of all that’s good with the brand. This is where they started and this is where they excel. They do include an excellent casino to accompany this and we will talk more about each of those products later in this article.

In the table below we’ve given you an oversight of the welcome offer that you can claim from each offer and the bet365 bonus code Canada that you need to enter to claim each offer. Again, we’re going to talk more about where to enter these bonus codes for bet365 later on, but for now, make sure you note the exact code as it will be imperative for you to claim the offer we’ve provided.

Bet365 Canada Offers Bet365 Canada Bonus Description Bet365 Canada Bonus Code
Sports 100% deposit match up to $200 in Bet Credits SAFE
Casino 100% deposit match up to $200 Bonus SAFE
Live Casino 100% deposit match up to $200 Bonus SAFE

Bet365 Canada Bonus Code

How to Claim the Bet365 Canada Bonus Code

The code that you need to know for the bet365 bonus is that of “SAFE”. This can be used for each of the promotions above, but bear in mind that for new users you can only claim one of these offers.

What’s great about bet365 Canada is that you only need one account for all their products. This means you can sign up to the sportsbook and then jump back and forth between the casino and live casino all under the same one-wallet account.

Like so many brands, bet365 are keen to keep their players safe and this means that you will need to verify your account when you sign up. They’re probably stricter than most when it comes to this, so when you create your account make sure that the information you enter is correct. If it doesn’t match to supporting documents that bet365 may request, then your account could be limited or even closed if you fail to produce the right information.

The bet365 Canada promo code needs to be entered as you create your account. You must make sure it’s entered before registration as this is the only opportunity you get to add it in.

If you’ve forgotten to add it then we highly recommend that you get straight on customer support to see if it can be added later. We’re not 100% sure if this can be done or not (they say no, but we do know accounts where they’ve allowed it) so it’s best not to take the chance at this point.

Here are 4 simple steps that you can take to claim the bet365 bonus code:

  1. Click here to go to the bet365 homepage.
  2. Click on the yellow “Join” button in the top right corner.
  3. Enter all your information and then scroll to the bottom of the page and insert the word “SAFE” into the bonus code box.
  4. Finish entering your details and then click “Join bet365”

How to Use the Bet365 Canada Bonus Code

Given that you’re likely getting one shot and only one shot to enter this bet365 Canada promo code in the right section, we wanted to walk you through the sign-up process to make sure you know when and where you will be prompted. Please be aware that the bonus code is entered upon registration and not when you make a deposit.

Bet365 has made the whole process easy to work through and it should only take a few minutes to fully complete. The bonus code for both casino and sports is “SAFE” so it doesn’t make a difference where you sign up and which code you use if it’s with the product that you want to claim the bonus for.

Just before we jump in, you’re able to register an account with bet365 Canada via the online site of their dedicated betting app. The process will be the same for each, but just for reference, we’re doing this on the desktop site just in case they differ ever so slightly. The bet365 bonus code remains the same for each platform.

Step 1: Country of Residence and Personal Info

As long as you are accessing the site within Canada the site should be able to detect where you’re from and automatically pull up Canada for you. However, if it’s not showing correctly, then simply use the drop-down menu to find Canada within that list.

You then need to move onto the next section which is where you should enter your name and date of birth. We’re going to mention this again, but make sure this is correct to the letter as you will need to verify this information.

Step 2: Contact Information and Address

You now need to enter both an email address and a contact number. Whilst both are required, the email is the most important here as this will be where you get most of the correspondence regarding your account and even any future offers.

It’s worth us mentioning now that bet365 Canada often sends out random bonuses and free bets, and they do this by alerting your email account. Try and use an account you have access to and keep on top of as these offers are usually time-sensitive, so they will expire if not used.

You can use the address finder on the site to get your full address here. Just enter the street number and the postcode and your address should pop up. If it’s not there for whatever reason, you can of course, just enter it manually.

Step 3: Username, Password and Security Number

Your username is something that is going to need to be unique. Bet365 has millions of customers all over the world, so you may find that you need to get creative here. You can use letters, numbers, and underscores, with 6-14 characters in total, so there should be plenty of scope.

Passwords are also going to need some work and you must use a mixture of numbers, uppercase, lowercase, and symbols. You have 6 to 32 characters in total, but you can use your computer to autogenerate something random and cryptic if you wish.

A nice feature with bet365 is that, if you’ve got fingerprint ID on your Mac, iPhone or supported devices, once your account has been set up, you can use this to get access to your account. It means that you can create something random and have the security of your fingerprint to let you in.

On top of all this, you’re going to need to enter a 4-digit security code. You will need this to sometimes access your account and to use the banking section. Support may ask you to confirm this code if you need to discuss your account with them as well.

Step 4: Bonus Code

Probably the most important section here is that of the bonus code and this is the last part of the registration process. At the bottom of the page, you will need to enter the word “SAFE” to trigger your offer.

As we pointed out earlier, if you’ve signed up via the casino or the sportsbook, then the product will determine which offer you are eligible to claim. Make sure it’s all capitals as well, as these are case-sensitive.

Once you’re done, your account will be set up and you’re ready to go and make your first deposit. By entering the code, the deposit that you make will be linked with this promotion. So, if you were to claim the sports welcome offer, you would be able to claim up to $200 with your first deposit.

You can deposit more than this if you wish, but this is the maximum that you can claim in terms of the bonus.

Who Can Use the Bonus Code?

For the most part, if you do not already have a bet365 Canada account then you’re going to be able to use the bet365 bonus code “SAFE”. We’ve worked closely with bet365 to bring you this exclusive bonus code bet365 and if you can create an account, you’re going to be able to use it.

There are a few rules that you do need to adhere to when betting in Canada, which are more general than directed to bet365, but worth pointing out regardless:

  • Players must be aged 21 or over to create an account and use the bonus code bet365
  • Accounts will be limited in terms of banking methods until it’s been fully verified
  • You need to be a Canadian resident to create an account
  • Access to bet365 outside of Canada in restricted areas will be prohibited
  • Where requested, supporting documents will need to be produced to verify age and location

How to Use Bet Credits at Bet365 Canada

Bet365 has coined the term “bet credits” for most of its promotions. If you’re used to deposit bonuses, then you’ll be familiar with how these offers work. As we’ve pointed out a couple of times already, bet365 is incredibly transparent with all their offers, so it makes things like T’s and C’s simple to follow.

When you create your account, you’re going to need to deposit to trigger any bet credits. If we use the $200 sportsbook promo as an example, this will work as a 100% match of any deposit that is made of $10 or more. You can, of course, deposit more than this, but this is the max you can claim in terms of a bonus.

Once the deposit has been made, you then need to wager this amount before it will then create a Bet Credit balance. This will, in turn, make two balances for you. One is a cash balance and the other betting bet credits.

When you come to place a bet, you’re going to be able to choose if you want to use your cash balance or bet credit. Any winnings from bet credit balances will not include the stake back, but the balance will be transferred to your cash account.

What’s great about the offer is that there is no clearing or wagering needed on your winnings. You use the balance up and you bank any winnings from that as cash. As long as bets are placed at odds of 1.20 or higher and the market has three or more outcomes, your bet will be eligible.

We want to quickly touch on free bets as well. These are rare in terms of welcome offers and you likely won’t get anything that isn’t a bet credit for this. However, they are quite common promotions that you can get as an existing player almost randomly, it would seem.

Once the free bet has been credited to your account it’s simply a case of choosing your bet and then waiting for that result to come in. You keep all winnings from the free bet as withdrawable cash, with no turnover requirements attached to that.

The only thing to note with free bets is that they are time-sensitive. Most of the time you have 7 days to use a free bet before it expires but given that they are handed out randomly, for the most part, they can be easy to miss.

As we mentioned within the sign-up section, make sure you attach an email address and phone number to your account that you can get access to. This will be the best way to catch when bet365 randomly drops a free bet on you. It’s also worth noting that there is a messaging system attached to the platform which will highlight if there are any offers eligible for you to claim.

If you’re looking at cashing in on the casino welcome offer, then this is more your traditional bonus. You will need to wager through this amount plus your deposit twenty times before you can withdraw.

How to Make Profit Using the Bet365 Bonus Code

Whenever you get access to a bet365 Canada bonus code you want to try and make sure that you get maximum value from this. Sometimes this is easier said than done, but there are several ways that you maximize your potential to make a profit.

One of the most common and one that we try and convince our readers to try is to and target betting spreads, particularly point spreads. However, the bet365 offer is not like most of the betting offers, so we need to adjust our strategy a little bit.

For this promo, we don’t have to wager any cash for the sake of wagering. By this we mean there are no clearing rates that need to be met. You place your wager and then collect your winnings if you’ve backed a winner.

To get the most out of this offer we’d advise looking at short-priced favourites that are going to offer a good rate of return. We know that bets need to be placed at odds 1.20, which is perfect for bettors as it opens up most of the sportsbook.

We would try to look at odds around the 1.60 to 1.90 mark as here they are short enough to offer good value but almost always be backing a strongly tipped favourite. Betting is not just as simple as placing a wager at those odds and watching it romp home. You need to put the work in to find the right bet.

What the bet365 Canada promo does is remove a huge amount of the leg work that would be needed with more traditional bonuses or free bets. When you break it down, this must be one of the best offers for sports bettors on the market right now.

Trying to make money with the casino is a little more challenging as there is a lot more variance involved. We’re now trying to work out the best way to clear the bonus money to then make it cash. We need to lose the least possible, whilst still clearing the bonus.

At the casino, you will see that slots are one of few casino games where 100% of your wager contributes to clearing the bonus. This would be an easy and obvious place to spend most of your time clearing the bonus to your withdrawable balance.

To get an idea of what you need to do clear any of the bonuses at bet365 Canada, we’ve included a table below:

Bet365 Canada Offers Bet365 Canada Bonus Description Bet365 Canada Turnover Requirements
Sports Up to $200 in bet credits 30 days to use all bet credits
Casino 100% deposit match up to $200 20x both deposit and bonus amount within 30 days
Live Casino 100% deposit match up to $200 20x both deposit and bonus amount within 30 days

bet365 Promo Code

100% Up To $C200 Bet Credits

  • World's biggest betting brand
  • More markets than any other sportsbook
  • Live betting and live streaming of major sporting events available
T&Cs apply

Bet365 Canada Bonus Code Terms and Conditions

One of the key areas for any online gambling promotion is being aware of the T’s and C’s that come attached with each offer. Bet365 is one of the best when it comes to transparency, but there are things that we wanted to point out that some of you might miss.

Even though we’ve included a lot of the key points here, it’s usually worth going to check and see for yourself how they work. Terms and conditions are no longer dozens of pages of spiel that most have no idea what’s going on. They are usually easy to read up on and bet365 is no exception.

Sports – Up to $200 in Bet Credits

The sports offer is unique in that bet365 processes this as bet credits rather than a traditional bonus. Whilst this may sound unfamiliar to those who are used to bonuses, it works out a lot better for the player.

The initial part of the offer allows you to claim up to $200 in bet credits which is a 100% match of your opening deposit of $10 or more. Once you’ve made your deposit you then need to wager the full amount once before the bet credits are applied to your account.

Here’s a full rundown of the T’s and C’s for the bet365 sportsbook offer:

  • Make sure you enter the bet365 bonus code “SAFE” when you create your account as outlined above
  • Bet credits are worth between $10 and $200
  • Qualifying bets must be placed at odds of 1.20 or higher
  • Offer must be claimed within 30 days of opening account
  • Any winnings that are made from bet credits will not include the stake but will be processed to your withdrawable balance
  • You do not need to wager or turnover any bonus or winnings
  • Offer only available to customers residing in Canada

Casino – 100% match up to $200

The casino bonus at bet365 is much more in line with welcome bonuses from other sites. It’s worth noting that you’re only able to claim one of these offers, so if you’ve already claimed the sports betting offer above, you will be not able to claim the casino bonus.

Below we’ve included some of the key T’s and C’s that you need to know with the bet365 casino bonus:

  • Enter the bet365 bonus code “SAFE” to trigger the casino welcome offer when registering a new account
  • Bonus will be triggered on deposits of $20 or more
  • Can claim the offer by transferring the money into the casino/games account
  • You need to wager the sum of the deposit and the bonus 20 times before you can withdraw. So, if you deposit $50, you will get a $50 bonus, creating a total of $100. You then need to wager $2,000 ($100 x 20) to clear the bonus
  • The maximum qualifying bet cannot be more than 10% of the matched bonus
  • You have 30 days to clear the bonus in full before it and any outstanding bonus money will be removed from your account.

Top Current Offers Available for New and Existing Customers

The two welcome offers that we’ve mentioned above are probably some of the best in the business right now. They’re not necessarily the biggest, but both are incredibly accessible, and they are easy to clear, which means that they will suit a huge range of players.

Bet365 have been at the top of the tree for sports betting and casino (at a slightly lesser extent) for decades now and one of the reasons why we’ve liked using the brand so much is the range of promotions that they offer.

Far too often you see gambling sites that have a decent welcome offer fall flat on their face when it comes to offers for existing players. This is not the case with bet365!

Below we’ve listed some of the best ongoing offers that the site has to offer.

  • MLB Early Payout – When you place a straight win bet, if the team that you back go 5 ahead at any point in the game, bet365 will mark your bet as a win and payout. It will also mark games that are included on a parlay with the same terms attached as a winner.
  • NBA Early Payout – On straight bets and parlays, if your team gets 20 points ahead at any point in the match, then the game will be marked as a win.
  • NHL Early Payout – Straight bets and parlay picks will pay out early when a team leads by 3 goals at any point in the match.
  • Multi-Sport Parlay Bonus – The more selections that you include in your parlay, the bigger the bonus. Up to 70% is possible with 15+ picks, bonus starts from Parlays that include 3 or more picks.
  • Tennis Parlay Bonus – Like above, have more than 3 picks and you can earn a parlay bonus worth up to 70%.

Why You Should Sign Up with Bet365 Canada – Pros and Cons

There would be little arguments when we say that Bet365 Canada is not just one of the biggest sportsbooks for Canadian players, but also one of the best. They’re a global powerhouse when it comes to all forms of gambling and there is a lot to like both for new and existing players.

Bet365 is not perfect though and they, like all gambling sites, have issues that we think people will want to address. However, we will add the list is considerably shorter than most and in turn, is one of the main reasons that thousands of Canadian sports bettors have already signed up to the site.

Below we’ve included a list of the pros and cons that comes with bet365 Canada.

What we like:

  • Huge brand and accepts players from all over the world
  • Multiple licenses to allow them to legally trade in a range of countries, including Canada
  • Incredible range of current offers of both new and existing players
  • The fantastic welcome bonus that is one of the biggest and easiest to claim in the industry
  • Massive range of sports to choose from, with Canadian coverage almost being unrivalled
  • Offers target Canadian players, not just general offers
  • Incredibly competitive betting lines across the whole platform
  • Single account linked to sports and casino

What we don´t like:

  • The design of the site is unique so can take some time to get used to for first-time users
  • Lots going on so can sometimes feel overwhelming
  • Not the biggest range of banking options that we’ve tested
  • Lack of bet365 bonus code no deposit option

Bet365 Canada Mobile Apps

Like all good gambling products, bet365 has worked hard to create a very good mobile betting app. The app seems to change a lot more than most that we test, and this is because bet365 is constantly tweaking and making improvements, which we are all for.

The first thing to note is that there are two dedicated apps for both iOS and Android devices. Downloading the app is incredibly easy as you just need to search within the dedicated app store, and you should be able to find it straight away.

It’s also worth noting that bet365 Canada has a mobile site as well. If you don’t want to download the app for whatever reason, the mobile site is a carbon copy and can be accessed via your smartphone browser.

We mentioned in the pros and cons section above that the design of the online platform might not be to everyone’s liking at first, but the app is very much one of the best looking that we’ve been able to test.

You essentially get two menu options, with one at the top that includes quick jumps to certain sports, then the bottom where you can move between your account info, live betting, my bets and even the search function (which works!).

Testing the app on both Wi-Fi and mobile data we found that it works well even on a low signal data connection. If you leave Canada or even if you get close to the borders, you may come across some issues with connection as there are parts of the US that it is still not accessible. You can overcome this with a VPN if you’re having issues.

It’s great to see that they’ve implemented so many features into their mobile app, copying across from the online platform. The match centre for live betting and live streaming is probably the pinnacle here and even on the smaller screen, works wonderfully well.

One of the biggest compliments we can pay the bet365 app is that there are very few negatives. We had a couple of connection issues whilst testing, but this could have had nothing to do with the app and aside from that, it’s pretty much perfect.

Payment Options

With bet365 you’re going to get a decent range of banking methods to choose from. It’s not the biggest range that we’ve seen and we have noted bet365 Canada has reduced how many they accept over the last couple of years.

They are one of the best when it comes to processing times, which as a punter, should always be something that you target. Please note that if you’re claiming the bet365 Canada promo code, you may be limited on what deposit options you can choose to trigger the welcome offer. This can change based on the state you’re in, so check the T’s and C’s before doing so.

There are no fees to pay to both deposit and withdraw.

Banking Method Deposit Time Minimum Deposit Withdrawal Time
Visa Instant $10 1-5 Banking Days
Mastercard Instant $10 1-5 Banking Days
Maestro Instant $10 1-5 Banking Days
Instadebit Instant $20 Within 24 hours
iDebit Instant $20 Within 24 hours
Paysafecard Instant $10 N/A
Click to Pay Instant $10 N/A
Bank Wire 2-10 Banking Days $200 2-10 Banking Days

More Offer and Promotions at Bet365 Canada

Bet365 Canada has one of the best ranges of offers and promotions that you can access on any site. They not only have a great welcome offer, but the number of existing player promos makes the site stand out from the crowd.

One of the many reasons why we are so impressed with this section of the site is that most of these offers can be claimed multiple times over. They aren’t just a one-off or run over a limited period, which in turn means they offer incredible value as a result.

bet365 Promo Code

100% Up To $C200 Bet Credits

  • World's biggest betting brand
  • More markets than any other sportsbook
  • Live betting and live streaming of major sporting events available
T&Cs apply

Sports Bonus Codes

Sports is where bet365 Canada excels. It does all gambling aspects well, but this is where they can properly separate themselves from the pack.

You have the welcome offer where you can use the bet365 bonus code Canada of “SAFE” to get up to $200 in bet credits, but it’s the existing player offers that we want to look at here.

The early payout offers are some of the best that we’ve seen. The concept of these is that they will pay out when your pick goes a certain number of goals or points ahead in the game, regardless of the result.

It’s targeted to that of MLB, NBA, NHL and selected soccer leagues. It’s a brilliant promotion that means you can win bets when otherwise the bet might not come in with other bookmakers.

To back that up you have your accumulator and parlay bonuses. These target the same sports and leagues as above (plus tennis), and with it, you get a bonus with the more teams that you include in your parlay.

Bonuses start with parlays of just two or more picks and range from 5% (two picks) up to 70% (14+ picks). The best thing about is that the bonus is paid in cash to your withdrawable balance, so there is no need to meet any wagering requirements with this.

If you break it down, you’re essentially getting an odds boost with each parlay that you make. When you compare the returns with competitors that do not offer the boost, the difference is massive and it’s one of the many reasons why parlay bettors should be using bet365 almost exclusively for these types of bets.

The best thing is that there are no bet365 bonus codes needed for any of these offers.

Games Bonus Codes

The games section is not quite as active as the sports section when it comes to offers, but there are still a couple that offers really good value.

Cash Drop is one of the longer-running promos on the site and with it, you get the chance to win up to $10,000 each week. The draw is random and you can only win on games that have been selected for that week (usually slots).

All you need to do is opt-In for this offer and make sure you’re playing the games on the selected dates. You can see which games are currently live and what dates they are running within the “offers” section once you’re logged in.

Win and Spin is probably the better offer of the two within the games section. As the name would suggest you need to win on certain games to get a reward.

Each week bet365 Canada will highlight games that you need to be playing and once you’ve staked $100 or more in at least 10 spins then any winnings from the game will be matched up to $50. If you’re down over this period, then you’ll get five free spins which can be used on any eligible slot.

Customer Service

If you’ve got any issues at bet365 Canada or you need to chat more about the bet365 bonus code Canada, then you can get in touch with a brilliant customer service team that comes as part of the package.

The first thing that jumped out at us was the number of ways you can get in touch. This included live chat, email, toll-free phone numbers and even a mailing address. The latter is almost unheard of with the way that the online gaming sector is set up these days.

The support team is prompt at getting back to you, but we would recommend that you check out the FAQ and help section first, as there is a ton of info on there and it’s likely your query has already been both asked and answered within there.

bet365 Promo Code

100% Up To $C200 Bet Credits

  • World's biggest betting brand
  • More markets than any other sportsbook
  • Live betting and live streaming of major sporting events available
T&Cs apply

Bet365 Canada Bonus Code FAQ

How do I get my bonus code on bet365?

You can use the bonus code “SAFE” to trigger any of the welcome offers. You need to insert this code within the box when you create your account, and the offer will then be fully linked.

Is bet365 legal in Canada?

Yes, as a Canadian resident you can register an account and place a bet with bet365. You’re able to bet with bet365 Canada with no consequences and they are fully licensed to accept Canadian-based players.

Does bet365 have a sign-up bonus?

Yes, you can get up to $200 in bet credits from bet365 Canada. You need to enter the bonus code “SAFE” to trigger the offer when you register your new account.