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Even in Australia, the English Premier League is the most popular domestic league to wager on. In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about EPL betting. We’ll explain the top betting markets and most popular betting strategies, recommend the 10 best sportsbooks, provide some top betting tips, and plenty more besides. 

Top 10 EPL Betting Sites in Australia

10 Bookmaker that match your criteria...

Best EPL Bookie for Beginners

  • Excellent mobile apps for on-the-go EPL betting
  • User-friendly layout
  • Good customer support hours
T&Cs apply

Best Tote Betting for EPL

  • 40+ sports and eSports, in addition to EPL
  • Newly launched domestic AU bookmaker
  • Fast and user-friendly mobile website
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Excellent EPL Live Betting

  • Top live betting tools for EPL
  • Wide selection of EPL bet types
  • Very simple platform to use

Fantastic Odds for EPL Markets

  • Outstanding pre-match and live EPL odds
  • Very wide range of betting markets
  • Fast withdrawals

Best EPL Welcome Offers

  • Two different welcome offers available
  • Excellent international reputation
  • Daily enhanced odds promos
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Top Option for EPL Exchange Bets

  • Offers both fixed-odds EPL betting and an exchange
  • Highly competitive EPL odds
  • Regular special offers
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Specialists in EPL Mobile Betting

  • Fantastic mobile apps
  • Speedy EPL live bet placement over the phone
  • Powerful partnership with Ladbrokes
T&Cs apply

Exceptional Mobile Apps for EPL Betting

  • Very strong mobile offering
  • Other soccer live streams available
  • Great live EPL betting options

Streamlined Interface for EPL Betting

  • Famous domestic option for soccer betting
  • Simple to use for inexperienced EPL bettors
  • Regular offers
Full T&Cs apply

Top EPL Spread Betting Option

  • Offers rare EPL spread betting markets
  • Seamless user experience
  • Competitive odds
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How to Choose the Best EPL Betting Site

Despite some pretty tight government restrictions, you’ve still got a whole range of great betting sites to choose from in Australia. Almost all of these will allow you to bet not just on soccer, but on the English Premier League specifically. 

Not all these sportsbooks, however, will provide the same quality of experience. These are the five key factors to look at when choosing the top EPL betting site.


  • Bet Types

All top Aussie betting sites will feature the Premier League. What separates the best ones, however, is the variety of bet types they provide, with Ladbrokes being exemplary in this area. 

You can get a full run-down of our favourite bet types in the ‘Best EPL Betting Markets’ section below. In short though, the more options your bookie provides you with here, and the greater flexibility they offer you to wager exactly how you want to, the better. 

  • Live Betting Tools

In-play is a huge part of Premier League betting nowadays. The top betting sites will let you not only place wagers during a game, but cash them out too. In both cases, the odds you’re offered should provide a fair reflection of the latest goings-on. The phone betting system should also be highly-responsive, letting you lock in great prices whenever you see them. Bet365 is particularly outstanding in this respect.

  • Betting Odds

The sheer quality of betting odds is often overlooked by bettors. This is a big mistake. With Premier League betting, as in other markets, poor odds will put a significant cap on your profits. 

All our recommended sites provide highly competitive prices, with SportsBet arguably being the best of the bunch. If you’re going your own way though, you must assess the quality of any prospective bookies EPL prices before signing up with them.

  • Customer Service

Even on the best sportsbooks, you’ll likely encounter problems during your Premier League betting sooner or later. That’s perfectly natural, but it’s important that you can get these issues solved as quickly as possible. 

Be sure to check a bookie’s customer service options before signing up with them. In particular, look not only at the options you have for getting in touch (live chat, phone, email, etc.), but also at the coverage hours for those options. PlayUp excel in both of these areas.

  • Security

With Premier League betting, as with any other form of online gambling, security plays an enormous role. Quite simply, you want to be sure that both your data and money are being protected for you, with Unibet being a great example of a bookie offering perfect peace of mind. 

Most modern EPL betting sites should have SSL encryption and powerful firewalls in place. In addition you should look for a separation between company and customer funds, and 2FA is handy too. Naturally, you must also check that a bookie is licensed by one of the eight regulatory bodies in Australia. 

Key Features

To help you immediately choose between a few of our own top options, and find the one best suited for you, here’s a quick run-down of how they stack up in several key areas.

Bookie Live Betting Live Soccer Streaming Handicap Betting Cashout

EPL Betting Odds

Like all betting odds, those on the English Premier League are calculated by bookies taking a few different things into account. SheerPremier League Logo – FIFPlay probability (based on extensive statistical analysis) plays a role, of course, but it’s only one of several factors. 

Another is the ‘vig’, or ‘overround’. This basically means that the probabilities of a simple Premier League Match Result wager, for example, don’t equate to 100% when you add them together. Instead, they might add up to 105%, with that extra 5% being the part which almost guarantees the bookie a profit. 

For the Premier League particularly though, one of the biggest factors of all is the mentality of the betting public. This competition is incredibly popular, and – when setting their odds – EPL betting sites, in part, trying to predict how the majority of those many people will view a given market. Sometimes, they get that wrong. That’s when you see massive price swings, as the bookie quickly tries to correct their odds to avoid taking a huge risk on one side of the market. 

As you search for Premier League betting opportunities, don’t simply limit yourself to the games or bet types you’re most interested in. Instead, you should look for value. If you think the probabilities implied by a set of odds are seriously off, act on that. If you think the betting public have swayed the prices way too far in one direction, go against them by betting the other side. 

To give you a reference point for the level of odds you can expect on a very popular wager, these are the current prices for the 10 favourites in the Premier League Winner 2021/22 outright market. The prices are taken from Sportsbet, who always provide some of the best odds on EPL each year.

Premier League Winner Odds – 2021/22

Man City – 1.005 @PayUp

Chelsea – 1.02 @Bet365

Liverpool – 1.02 @Ladbrokes

Man Utd – 1.04 @SportsBet

Tottenham – 1.80 @WinnersBet

Leicester – 2.00 @PayUp

Arsenal – 2.25 @Betfair

Everton – 4.50 @SportsBet

Leeds – 6.00 @Betstar

Aston Villa – 6.50 @WinnersBet

Best EPL Betting Markets

The top EPL betting sites will give you literally dozens of markets to choose between, on every single Premier League matchup. These are the five main bet types we’d recommend focusing on, whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned veteran. 

Match Result

This is the most basic bet type of all for Premier League betting. Quite simply, you’re predicting the outcome of the game: Home Win, Draw, or Away Win.

While it’s the most straightforward bet type, Match Result is also the most popular, and enjoys the most attention – by far – from betting tipsters. If you’re just getting started with EPL betting, therefore, you can get plenty of guidance to help you along here.

EPL betting - match result

Both Teams to Score

This is another incredibly straightforward bet type, which is also very popular indeed. As the name suggests here, you are quite simply betting on whether each team in a given matchup will score at least one goal. Naturally, you only have two choices: Yes or No. 

This can actually be a great wager to use in-play, rather than pre-match. If a goal is scored in the first few minutes, for example, the ‘Both Teams to Score: No’ becomes a stay-away. If you can get through the first 20-30 minutes without a goal though, while still getting a feel for the game, you’ll have a great idea of whether to commit to this wager or not.

epl betting - both teams to score

Over/Under Goals

For many experienced EPL bettors, this is the best bet type of all. It allows you to predict how you think a game will go, based on the two teams taking part, without actually having any stake in the final result. 

With Over/Under Goals, you take whatever starting point you like. Over/Under 2.5 Goals is the most common variation. After that, you bet whether there will be more or fewer total goals than that amount. Take an Over 2.5 Goals wager, and – if the game finishes 2-1, for example – you win. If it finishes 2-0 though, you lose.

epl betting - over/under goals


This is a popular variant on the classic Match Result bet type. Rather than just betting one team to win, you’re basically betting on the margin of victory. 

Let’s say you fancy Man U to destroy Brighton. Man U are heavy favourites to win straight-up, but – by taking them on a -1.5 Goal Handicap – you can get a great price. Now, if they win by at least two goals, your bet wins too. If they lose, draw, or win by one goal, your wager loses. 

epl betting - handicap

Player Props

There’s a huge variety of player props available on the Premier League. These are generally risky wagers, but can be a lot of fun. 

The single best prop is probably Anytime Goalscorer, in which your chosen player simply needs to score a goal. Other popular examples, though, include First Goalscorer and To Be Carded.

EPL Live Betting

Live betting is a completely different undertaking to regular pre-match Premier League gambling. In the latter case, you can essentially take as long as you like to consider your markets, stakes, and so on. With in-play wagers, however, you must react in real-time, placing bets while the action is still unfolding. 

Throughout a Premier League matchup, bookies offering live betting will provide a range of markets for you to choose from. The selection here will be smaller than the pre-match one, but the likes of Match Result and Both Teams to Score should still be available. 

While the game goes on, the odds for these will change constantly. This will reflect both the probability of an outcome, and the sportsbook adapting their prices in response to in-play wagers from the public. 

One of the keys to profiting from live betting on the Premier League, therefore, is making quick decisions, while also being smart about your wagers. On the one hand, you often require patience to wait for any odds you’re interested in to reach an acceptable value. On the other, you must also strike very quickly whenever a good opportunity does arise. 

With sportsbooks elsewhere, you can place in-play bets online. In Australia though, due to government restrictions, you can only make live wagers via phone. That’s a little inconvenient, obviously slowing down the placement of bets, but most bookies do have a pretty quick system in place for this nowadays.

If in-play sounds appealing to you, here are three of the top Australian sportsbooks for live betting on the Premier League.

Live EPL Betting Sites

Excellent EPL Live Betting

  • Top live betting tools for EPL
  • Wide selection of EPL bet types
  • Very simple platform to use

Specialists in EPL Mobile Betting

  • Fantastic mobile apps
  • Speedy EPL live bet placement over the phone
  • Powerful partnership with Ladbrokes
T&Cs apply

Exceptional Mobile Apps for EPL Betting

  • Very strong mobile offering
  • Other soccer live streams available
  • Great live EPL betting options

Top Strategies for Betting on EPL

There are dozens of soccer betting strategies out there, many of which can be applied to the Premier League. The vast majority of these, unfortunately, are pretty worthless. To save you from wasting both time and money, here are three proven betting strategies to use on EPL betting sites, which have stood the test of time. 

No Risk Matched Betting

This is arguably the most famous betting strategy of all, and it can absolutely be applied to soccer. As the name suggests, if you carry out this strategy correctly, there is no risk of making a loss. We’ve previously provided a full breakdown of no risk matched betting, but here’s a quick summary. 

The basic premise is that you bet both sides of a two-outcome market. This could be Both Teams to Score on the Premier League, for example. The back bet is placed on a regular sportsbook. The lay bet is placed on an exchange, like Betfair, which allows you to take whichever odds you please. 

Whichever outcome happens, one of your bets will obviously win. There are two keys to actually turning a profit, however. The first is to use a free bet on the sportsbook, acquired via a special offer. The second is to ensure both your stakes and odds are correct. Working this out for yourself is complicated, so we’d recommend using one of the many matched betting calculators online instead.

Odds Boost Exploitation

This is essentially a more straightforward version of no risk matched betting strategy. It is common for bookies to offer ‘enhanced odds’, or ‘odds boosts’, to their customers. Sometimes they’re applied automatically, but – In the best cases – bettors will be able to use these themselves on whatever markets they please. 

Either way, these deals enhance the prices on certain markets. This means you can reduce your stake and still have the same potential return. If you place a lower-stake back bet using enhanced odds on a sportsbook, therefore, then lay that wager on an exchange, then you can guarantee yourself a profit. As with our last strategy though, the key here is to ensure you’ve calculated everything correctly before placing the bet. 

Kelly Criterion

The Kelly Criterion isn’t as well-known as no risk matched betting, but it’s very popular indeed with veteran EPL punters. Again, we’ve explained this in more detail elsewhere, so we’ll just give you a quick overview here.

The Kelly Criterion is basically a formula to help you calculate your stake on an EPL market based on the risk involved. It involves comparing the odds for a market to the actual statistical probability of that outcome happening. If the calculator suggests good value, you place the bet. If it doesn’t, you move on and keep looking.

5 Ultimate EPL Soccer Betting Tips

As with any other soccer competition – or any form of sports betting, for that matter – turning a long-term profit on the Premier League is tricky. To help boost your chances though, we’d recommend following these five top tips. 

Tip 1: Do Your Research

The staggering worldwide interest in the Premier League means there’s always an enormous amount of online interest in every game. Use as much of this as possible to inform your wagers. In particular, pay attention to statistical analysis, which draws on the past to make logical predictions about the future. 

Overall, remember that the more informed you are about the Premier League, the better your picks will be. 

Tip 2: Mix Your Bet Types

Look to find a healthy mix of risk and reward in your EPL betting. Accumulators can definitely be exciting, but – if you lean too heavily on them – you’re likely to blow up your betting account quickly. Instead, balance out these riskier wagers with safer picks, like Match Result, Both Teams to Score, or Over/Under Goals.

Tip 3: Watch the Games

There really is no substitute for actually sitting down and watching Premier League games play out. This serves two main purposes. Most importantly, it helps you to identify live betting opportunities, and know exactly when to act on them. Also, it helps you to form your own opinion on both players and teams, which can influence your betting picks going forward.

Tip 4: Know When to Quit 

In addition to letting you place live wagers, many modern EPL betting sites will also let you cash them out while the game is still ongoing. Don’t be afraid to use this feature, either to lock in some early profit, or salvage a partial return from a bad bet. The latter option might feel like admitting defeat in the short-term. In the long-term though, these extra savings really can add up. 

Tip 5: Create a Staking Plan

Being responsible with your EPL betting is the key to staying in the game for the long-term. One of the easiest ways to ensure this is by making a staking plan. 

Begin by deciding how much you’re willing to bet on the Premier League per week or month. Next, identify how many wagers you want to place within that span. Then, simply divide the first number by the second to find out the maximum amount you should stake on each bet. Crucially, you must stay disciplined in sticking to this plan thereafter.

EPL Betting Predictions – Previous Premier League Winners

Even when focusing on the future for your outright Premier League betting, it can still be useful to take a look back at the past. This can remind you that, almost always, it’s one of the current ‘Big Four’ (Man City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Man U) who win the league. It can also remind you, though, that – as in the case of Leicester City – anything is possible in the EPL. 

These are the 10 most recent Premier League champions. Since Top Goalscorer is another popular outright market, we’ve also included the Golden Boot winners for each season.

Year Winner Runner-Up Top Goalscorer
2021 Manchester City Manchester United Harry Kane (23)
2020 Liverpool Manchester City Jamie Vardy (23)
2019 Manchester City Liverpool Salah, Mane, Aubameyang (22)
2018 Manchester City Manchester United Mo Salah (32)
2017 Chelsea Tottenham Harry Kane (29)
2016 Leicester Arsenal Harry Kane (25)
2015 Chelsea Manchester City Sergio Aguero (26)
2014 Manchester City Liverpool Luis Suarez (31)
2013 Manchester United Manchester City Robin van Persie (26)
2012 Manchester City Manchester United Robin van Persie (30)

Final Thoughts

If you’ve never tried EPL betting before, for any reason at all, there’s never been a better time to get started. There’s a whole range of great sportsbooks out there – based in both Australia and elsewhere – who provide markets on every single Premier League game. Many also offer live betting tools, along with a good variety of payment methods and customer service options, high quality mobile apps, and so on. 

The quickest way to kick off your Premier League betting is to go with one of our 10 recommended sportsbooks. We’ve still given you advice if you’d prefer to find your own bookie though, and – with so many good options available – it shouldn’t take you too long to do so. Whichever route you pick, we wish you a safe, enjoyable, and profitable betting experience on this excellent competition.

Best Overall EPL Betting Site in AU


Best EPL Bookie for Beginners

  • Excellent mobile apps for on-the-go EPL betting
  • User-friendly layout
  • Good customer support hours
T&Cs apply


What are the best EPL betting sites in Australia?

Our top overall option is PlayUp, which offers a highly modern and streamlined betting experience. Bet365 and Ladbrokes are great international choices though, while WinnersBet is another excellent domestic Australian brand.

What types of Premier League betting sites are available?

The most common type, by far, are regular fixed odds sportsbooks. There are two main alternatives though. The first is betting exchanges, like Betfair, which let you wager against other users. The second is spread betting sites, like PointsBet, in which you bet on a range of outcomes, rather than a specific one.

What are the most popular EPL bet types?

The best bookies will provide dozens of markets for every single Premier League game. Match Result is the most straightforward wager you can place, and the most popular. Both Teams to Score, Over/Under Goals, and Handicaps are all solid alternatives. Player props and accumulators are riskier, but can deliver much bigger rewards when they come through.

Which sites offer EPL winner betting?

Most top betting sites should let you wager on this. It’s easily one of the most popular outright markets around, along with Top Goalscorer, Top 4 Finish, and To Be Relegated.

What are the top EPL betting tips?

We’ve provided five great pieces of advice for you earlier in this article. The two most important tips of all, though, are to do as much research as you possibly can, and create a staking plan to help you bet responsibly.

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About Joe Halliday

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