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Nintendo has sold 739 million game consoles, 365% more than Xbox

Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft have emerged as the biggest players in the video gaming industry. However, based on factors like innovations and brand loyalty, some companies have outsold others in terms of game consoles since launching. Data calculated and presented by Safe Betting Sites indicates that Nintendo has sold the highest number of game consoles …

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Sony Corp’s earnings during FY2020 Q2 benefitted from the robust performance of its gaming segment. According to Sony’s earnings report for the quarter, which ended in September 2020, its PlayStation-related revenue totaled 507 billion yen ($4.9 billion). Operating profit for the segment amounted to 105 billion yen ($1 billion). Based on the research data analyzed …

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Nintendo DS dominates North America and Japan selling over 90 million units main

The video game industry has evolved in the last two decades thanks to innovative consoles targeting various users globally. However, some consoles have attracted more attention in certain regions compared to others. Data presented by Safe Betting Sites shows that handheld game console Nintendo DS has dominated sales in North America and Japan with a …

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