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In the ever-growing world of online betting, when it comes to the UK, football is king. The beautiful game attracts more money than any other sport, and it’s no surprise that the Premier League, England’s top division, is one of the most bet on competitions. It’s also no surprise that there are a huge number of Premier League betting sites, so much so that selecting the right one can be a tough task, particularly for those new to football betting.

Fortunately, we’ve done the hard work. If your goal is to find out which online providers are the best, then check out our list of the top ten Premier League betting sites.

Our Recommended Top 10 Premier League Betting Sites

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#1 UK Premier League Bookie

Up to £100 in bet credits

  • Early Premier League pay-out if teams go 2-0 up
  • Plethora of markets
  • Premier League accumulator bonus

£20 risk free bet

  • Early pay out on Premier League games if sides takes a two-goal lead
  • 'Power Prices'
  • Great selection of markets
  • Innovative 5-a-side betting feature
  • Premier League stats
  • Plenty of markets

Get £30 in free bets

  • Racing Post stats for Premier League
  • Asian handicap markets
  • 'Double Delight/Hat-trick Heaven'

Bet £10 get £30

  • Asian handicap markets
  • Premier League stats
  • Premier League match multi promo

Get £20 when you bet £5

  • Lots of Premier League markets
  • Premier League stats
  • Free to play Premier League game with cash prizes

Money back up to £40

  • Asian handicap markets for Champions League games
  • Asian handicap betting
  • Lots of markets

How we rank Premier League betting sites

  • Safety – As the name of this site suggests, safe betting is of the upmost importance to us. For instance, it may be encryption, while processing withdrawals correctly and in a timely manner is crucial too, as is complying with regulations. Because of this, Premier League betting sites simply must do right by their players when it comes to safety. Any sites recommended by us do just that.
  • Markets – Premier League betting sites must ensure that they offer punters a wide range of betting markets. The sites that have made our top ten fit the bill when it comes to number of markets.
  • Promotions – Great bonuses can turn a good Premier League betting site into a great one. From appealing sign-up offers and free bets to Premier League bet boosts, the sites featured in our top ten measure up well when it comes to promotions.
  • Odds – It’s no good offering plenty of markets if the odds offered are consistently out of the line with the industry standard. To feature in our top ten, betting sites need to be consistently offering competitive Premier League betting odds.
  • Features – Extra features can be the difference between one site beating its closest competitor in terms of punter preference or not. Premier League betting sites with useful features such as cash-out, stats, great content and live streaming will rank highly.
  • Usability – Usability is key. Premier League betting sites can offer all the best markets, but it means little if their site isn’t user-friendly. Only those sites and apps that are well designed and easy to navigate sites will feature on our top ten list.

 Popular Premier League betting markets


‘Win/Draw/Win’ is the old timer of football betting. Massively popular when it comes to the Premier League, punters can select a home win, the draw, or an away win.

Both Teams to Score

Unlike ‘Win/Draw/Win’, which involves the result, ‘Both Teams to Score’ is a goal-related bet. Simply, bettors choose whether both teams will score or not. If ‘BTTS – YES’ is chosen, then both the home and away side will need to find the net for the bet to be paid out as a winner. If ‘BTTS – NO’ is taken, then at least one of the teams must fail to score.


Another big English Premier League betting market, ‘Over/Under’, is all about goals. Punters simply to choose whether there will be more, or less than a certain number of goals. The most popular number is 2.5. If the over is taken, then at least three goals need to go in for a return. Similarly, if the under is taken, less than three goals must be scored.

League Winner

This market allows punters to bet on the league winner. This is primarily popular just before the season starts, though players can still select the league winner right up until the last game of the season.

Double Chance

A ‘Double Chance’ bet allows punters to bet on two of the three match outcomes, e.g. home win and draw. If Liverpool are playing Everton and you opt for Everton/Draw Double Chance’, you’d be paid out as a winner in the event of a draw or an Everton win. A Liverpool win would result in a loss.

Draw No Bet

‘Draw No Bet’ also allows bettors to cover two parts of a three-way market, but to less extent. ‘Draw No Bet’ is where the punter bets on either team to win but their stake refunded in the event of a draw.

First Scorer

This market allows punters to bet on a player to score the first goal of the match. If betting on match goals or the result isn’t for you, then ‘First Goal Score’ offers an alternative. In knockout/cup matches, only regular time (+injury time) counts. Goals scored in extra-time do not count.

Anytime Scorer

Much like ‘First Scorer’, ‘Anytime Scorer’ allows punters to bet on a player to score at any time during the match. In knockout/cup matches, only regular time (+injury time) counts. Goals scored in extra-time do not count.

Top Four Finish

Primarily done either before the start of the campaign or early in the season, ‘Top Four Finish’ allows punters to bet on whether a team will finish in the top four. If the selected team sits in 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th once the final ball has been kicked, a financial return is gained.

Top Six Finish

Like the above, this market is where bettors can bet on a team to finish the season in one of the top six places.


This is where punters can bet on a team to be relegated. Many punters choose to get such a bet placed early doors, either before season starts or after just a few games, though this is a market is available until late in the campaign.

How to succeed at Premier League betting

For most, betting on the Premier League is a bit of fun. A speculative accumulator to enhance the score-browsing experience of a Saturday afternoon, a few fun bets when watching a game with friends etc, etc. However, for some, betting on the Premier League is a more serious pursuit. If you’re somebody who wants to have a crack at grinding out a long-term profit on one of the most-watched leagues in the world, then there are a few things to keep in mind.

Premier League betting tips

  • Information. Information is a powerful thing. Gone are the days where the information is limited. There’s lots of information relevant to somebody looking to bet on the Premier League. Find this information and use it to inform your betting. From informative underlying stats to market information to trends to team news, there are lots of useful little nuggets floating about. There are also some great opinions from betting experts. Check out their Premier League betting tips, learn from such people and look to improve.
  • Team news. It’s important to factor in team news whenever weighing up a football match from a betting perspective. For example, you may see the prices ahead of a match and feel that, based on what you know about the teams, one price looks on the large side, though what you’ve failed to realise is that the team with an attractive-looking price-tag is missing two key players, which has been built into the odds. Reversely, by staying on top of personnel developments and team news, you find out that a hugely influential player is set to miss a match that is still five days away. Such news hasn’t yet been factored into the price, which may allow you to strike early and obtain value for money. Either way, team news is something to pay close attention to.
  • Keep a record. Serious punters keep a record of their bets. Not does this let them stay on top of the profit and loss, but it helps to provide an insight into what is going well and what isn’t. When recording Premier League bets, note down bet types to get a fuller picture.
  • Specialise. Another thing that serious punters do is specialise. Even when focused on just one competition, for example the Premier League, there are so many markets, that covering everything is counterproductive. Pick an area, such as ‘Over/Under’ or ‘Asian Handicap’. If you want to go even more niche, then you could, for example, specialise is betting on under-valued home teams, or betting on home underdogs on the handicap markets.
  • Performance patterns. As the season wears on, there is more and more data to get stuck into. Make a note of how teams tend to perform under certain conditions. Do they set up differently away from home against top six teams, are they likely to thrive playing against opposition that adopts a certain playing style. Noticing performance patterns can really help the punter to make better informed betting decisions.
  • Value. The principle of value should be at the forefront of the serious punter’s mind. Value is a much spoken about term, and with good reason. If you’re going to be successful betting on the Premier League, then you must be able to identify value and exploit said value. Value can’t really be covered in a few lines, but to cut a long story short, value exists when the odds of a selection are greater than the true probability, or rather the perceived true probability, as in football probabilities can vary depending on who does the calculating. There are lots of information about value out there, using such resources and learning how to spot and use value to your advantage is critical.
  • Work hard. Whatever it is that you’re doing, success levels will usually match effort levels. Betting on the Premier League is no different. Unfortunately, there is no shortcut to betting success. Relatively speaking there are only a small number of long-term winners. To give yourself the best chance of achieving success, even in a small way, you need to invest time and effort. Work hard, do the research, and make sensible, informed decisions.

Our Recommended Premier League Bookmaker

#1 UK Premier League Bookie

Up to £100 in bet credits

  • Early Premier League pay-out if teams go 2-0 up
  • Plethora of markets
  • Premier League accumulator bonus

Previous Premier League winners

Year Winner Runner up Top Scorer
2020 Liverpool Manchester City Jamie Vardy (23)
2019 Manchester City Liverpool Mohamed Salah (22)
Sadio Mane (22)
Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (22)
2018 Manchester City Manchester United Mohamed Salah (32)
2017 Chelsea Tottenham Hotspur Harry Kane (29)
2016 Leicester Arsenal Harry Kane (25)
2015 Chelsea Manchester City Sergio Aguero (26)
2014 Manchester City Liverpool Luis Suarez (31)
2013 Manchester United Manchester City Robin van Persie (26)
2012 Manchester City Manchester United Robin van Persie (30)
2011 Manchester United Chelsea Dimitar Berbatov (20)

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Bottom line on Premier League betting sites

Betting on the Premier League is a great way to spice up the viewing experience. It can be fun but can also be something of a more serious pursuit. There’s no shortage of Premier League betting sites, but not all sites are equal. The ten listed here, in our opinion, ran as the best in terms of safety, Premier League betting odds, markets, promotions and overall quality.


When does the Premier League take place?

The Premier League typically starts in early August, running through until May. Unlike many of the other top divisions in Europe, which shut down for several weeks in December, the Premier League runs all the way through Christmas.

Can I place a Premier League accumulator?

Accumulator betting is possible in the Premier League and is arguably the most popular type of Premier League bet. For those unfamiliar with accumulators, see a brief explanation below. An accumulator bet involves grouping together several single bets. If you bet on three teams to win at odds of 11/10, 7/5 and 13/8. Now, a winning £10 bet on either of those three teams as a single would return £21, £24 or £26.25. Three separate £10 winning bets would yield a combined return of £71.25, leaving a profit of £41.25. In contrast, a winning £10 bet on the three teams in an accumulator would return £122.30. Each leg of the accumulator is multiplied as follows: £10 x 11/10 x 7/5 x 13/8 = £122.30

How do I receive my free bet?

To receive a free bet, you must meet the requirements set out by the site offering betting for Premier League. Be sure to check the free bet criteria and terms and conditions before depositing/betting to obtain a free bet.

Can I bet on the league winner after the season has started?

It is possible to bet on the league winner at pretty much any point between the start of the season and just before the final ball is kicked. Many punters prefer to bet on the winner earlier rather than later, as the more teams left in the title race, the larger the betting odds Premier League.


About Bradley Gibbs

About Bradley Gibbs

Freelance sports betting writer, focusing primarily on football in the form of match previews and betting strategy. Over the last few years, Bradley has written for numerous publications, including popular UK newspaper Racing & Football Outlook.