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Esports is becoming a global phenomenon, growing exponentially each and every year. All sorts of video games are now played on a competitive level for huge sums of money. Many Australians regularly tune into these tournaments to cheer on their favorite players and teams. This goes for homegrown players and global superstars in the space. Dota 2 is one of the leading lights in esports and there is an abundance of different ways these days for people to place bets on these events. This guide will showcase the best Dota 2 betting sites in Australia today, as well as tips and tricks to help you along the way.

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High-Performance Esports Betting


High-Performance Esports Betting

  • PayPal one of many available payment methods
  • Fast payouts
  • 24/7 customer support
5 Stars
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Great Range of Dota 2 Betting Markets


Great Range of Dota 2 Betting Markets

  • Fast payments via PayPal
  • Live streaming
  • Dedicated mobile betting app
4.5 Stars
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Competitive Dota 2 Betting Odds


Competitive Dota 2 Betting Odds

  • Very competitive range of esports odds
  • Over 10 bet types per Dota 2 match
  • Great mobile platform
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All Round Market Giant


All Round Market Giant

  • Live greyhound streaming
  • Virtual greyhound betting
  • Regular specials
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Regular Bonus Offers


Regular Bonus Offers

  • Live betting Dota 2 markets
  • Good range of pre-match Dota 2 markets
  • Simple to use platform
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Top-Tier Customer Service


Top-Tier Customer Service

  • Great customer support available
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  • Handicap betting options
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The Best Dota 2 Betting Sites

A growing number of Australian bookmakers are now supporting extensive Dota 2 betting markets. This means that bettors now have access to a whole new type of market. This covers both pre-game and in-play betting markets, giving you a ton of flexibility when it comes to Dota 2. As there are many leading options out there today for Australians, here are some of the important criteria we look at when assessing the merits of a particular operator:

  • Security – First of all, we need to make sure that the given betting site is safe to use. Otherwise, it can be ruled out straight away. We look to see if it is licensed with one of the leading gambling regulators in Australia or some overseas respected body. We want to make sure that Australians have a proven track record of being able to cash out funds from the betting site without any issues and that all private data is kept protected in a proper manner. Ladbrokes is a globally respected brand.
  • Dota 2 Betting Markets – Not every bookie these days offers Dota 2 betting. Some might just offer very basic markets for the bigger Dota 2 events in a given year. Therefore, we need to assess the strength of each Dota 2 offering to see if it fits the bill. This covers pre-match and live betting. We want to have access to a range of different bet types and betting limits for Dota 2 betting. Betway is known for its great range of esports markets.
  • Dota 2 Betting Odds – Having an abundance of Dota 2 betting markets is great, but we also want to be getting good odds for our bets. This is why we take a general view of whether or not the betting site has a decent level of odds across the board when it comes to Dota 2 betting. This is something that can help boost your returns from each and every winning bet. SportsBet is known for its great esports betting odds.
  • Mobile Platform – Many bettors these days prefer placing their wagers through a mobile device. This allows them to be out and about, whether they are at a NRL game, at the pub, or on the beach, they will have the ability to place bets once they have an internet connection. The bulk of betting sites these days will provide you with some sort of mobile offering. This could be a mobile app that you download and/or a web browser-based offering. We check to make sure that these mobile offerings are going to be usable with a range of different types of operating systems. Picklebet has a particularly strong mobile offering.
  • Betting Features – A core part of any betting site these days is the features that are offered. This is an area where an operator can often make itself stand out from the competitors. Some of the popular features include live streaming of Dota 2 matches, cash out, bet builders, and access to extensive statistics. Bet365 has all sorts of great betting features.
  • Bonuses – While Australians cannot get access to any sort of welcome offers due to local laws, they are still able to get their hands on bonus bets when they are an existing customer. These will sometimes be tailored specifically to Dota 2 markets, such as moneyback offers, accumulator insurance, and enhanced prices. PointsBet makes sure to have regular promotions on offer.
  • Customer Service – If you ever have to sort out an issue with your betting account, then you want to know that you will be able to deal with a good customer service team. We look at the different contact options that will be open to you, as well as the hours in which they are open and the quality of these responses. Unibet has a reputation for having a good customer service team.

Key Features of the Best Dota 2 Betting Sites

Sportsbook Live Betting Live Streaming Handicap Betting Cashout Dota 2 Markets
Bet365   32+
Betfair 8+
Betway 40+
Picklebet 5+
SportsBet 8+
Ladbrokes   20+
PointsBet 8+
SportsBetting.com.au 5+
TopSport 5+
Unibet 44+

What is Dota 2 Betting? 

Dota 2 is a highly popular game that has been developed and published by the folks at Valve Corporation. It is an online battle arena multiplayer game. It was first launched in 2013 and has been going strong ever since. There are two teams made up of five players in each match.

Dota 2 betting sites

Each team will have its own base and each of the participants has its own unique abilities. You collect items and experience points during the course of a match. The victor is decided by whichever team successfully manages to destroy the other’s ancient structure that lies inside of their base.

It has been a massively popular game for competitive esports in recent years. The professional circuit has a prize pool of more than $30 million up for grabs, making it a very significant market. There are large levels of viewership numbers, both in Australia and abroad. This means that there is also a lot of demand for Dota 2 betting. Many existing bookies have been adding esports to their sports betting offerings in recent years.

Dota 2 is usually one of the core focuses of these offerings. You will often be able to bet on a wide range of markets, including match winner, total kills, and correct score markets. A lot of bookies also offer live betting on matches meaning that you can watch the match and then place bets as it unfolds, adding extra excitement to proceedings.

How to Bet on Dota 2: Our Beginner’s Guide

One of the reasons that Dota 2 is so popular among bettors is because it has very competitive gameplay, involves plenty of tactics, strategy, and skill levels. There is also a nice variety in the available betting options for Dota 2. Therefore, bettors are always looking to place real money wagers on big and small events alike. As well as fixed-odds betting, the likes of skins betting and fantasy betting are other popular ways to engage in Dota 2 betting.

We will first look at the more traditional types of betting markets that Australians will be familiar with when it comes to other sports like AFL and NRL betting. Here are some of the main types of Dota 2 betting markets that you will come across when looking at the best Dota 2 betting sites:

    • Match Winner: The most fundamental market of sports betting is the match-winner bet type. This allows you to place a bet on which of the teams you think is going to emerge victorious from a given fixture. This is the most common betting market you will see with Dota 2. You might be betting on the Quincy Crew to beat Evil Geniuses, meaning that you need Quincy Crew to win the entire match in order to get a return.
    • Handicap Betting: Handicap betting is another major part of most sports and esports betting markets. The allows you to level the playing field, making it more viable to place wagers on a matchup that is mismatched on paper. For Dota 2, you might see that a favorite has 1.5 games taken away from their total score. Therefore, if you are betting on the favorite, the team will need to win by at least two games in order for your bet to be a winner.
    • Totals: Betting on different forms of totals markets in a given Dota 2 match is another option. This could be betting on the over/under for the total number of games that a given matchup will last over the course of the series. Another popular market will be the over/under kills that a team will have during the course of the match.
    • Prop Betting: Prop betting is very popular among punters for all sports. This allows you to bet on the performances of a specific team or player. This could be the total number of kills a particular person gets or who dies the most during a game, or who earns the most points. These types of bets will not be offered by every Dota 2 betting site.
    • Outright Betting: Another classic way to bet on Dota 2 is to try to predict what team will win the entire tournament. This could mean that you are trying to guess who will ultimately win the International tournament when it is all said and done.

Dota 2 Item Betting

As well as traditional types of fixed-odds betting on Dota 2 matches, there is also something called Dota 2 item betting that is popular. This sees you placing bets with in-game items rather than real money. The value of the given item will usually be dictated by the current market value on the Steam marketplace. The process works very similarly to fixed-odds betting, as you bet the items on certain outcomes of a given Dota 2 match.

For example, you might have certain in-game items that you want to place on Evil Geniuses beating D2 Hustlers in a given game. Certain platforms will have pre-defined returns if your given bet is successful, while other sites allow another bettor to put up corresponding items and act as the house. If your bet is successful, you will get the promised items. If your bet is not a winner, then you will lose the items you used as your stake.

Top 3 Dota 2 Item Betting Sites

  • GG.Bet – Great range of markets
  • Thunderpick – Popular among crypto enthusiasts
  • Unikrn – Sole focus on esports

Dota 2 Skin Betting

Skin betting is another popular way for you to place wagers on Dota 2 events without using real money. This sees you using weapon skins to place wagers on the outcome of Dota 2 matches. Each skin will have its own market value that will be updated regularly.

Skins are able to be bought and sold through Dota 2, with some of them being rarer than other ones. Therefore, monetary sums are attached to them. You will find a list of popular Dota 2 skins betting sites, many of which also cater to CS:GO skins betting.

Top 3 Dota 2 Item Betting Sites

Dota 2 Betting Predictions

dota 2 in a stadium

Just like with most forms of betting, there are many so-called experts out there today who try to provide you with Dota 2 betting predictions. There is a place for these types of experts as part of your overall strategy but it is usually not something that you should completely depend on.

Many people will be experts when it comes to Dota 2. They know the players and teams inside out, often having played the game to a high level themselves. They can provide you with useful information about a given event or team that could prove useful to your own betting. However, blindly following the predictions from a given person is always not advisable.

It is usually better to take in information from a wide range of sources and then come to your own conclusion. This ultimately is more rewarding, especially when you pull off a nice win at good odds. You also need to be careful of anyone who claims that they can guarantee you results from your Dota 2 betting.

Most Popular Dota 2 Events

There are some major tournaments that take place each and every year in the Dota 2 calendar. The best players in the world come together to battle it out for prize pools that have millions of dollars on the table. Here are a few of the most notable tournaments that take place each year:

The International

The international has been taking place since 2011 and is the crown jewel of the Dota 2 calendar each year. Valve itself operates this event and there are normally 18 teams battling it out. These come from each of the major regions across the world following a number of qualification events. The prize pool has reached $34 million, showcasing the stakes on offer.

Year Winner Prize Pool Date
2019 OG $34,330,068 August 20-25
2018 OG $25,532,177 August 20-25
2017 Team Liquid $24,787,916 August 7-12
2016 Wings Gaming $20,770,460 August 3-13
2015 Evil Geniuses $18,429,613 August 3-6

WePlay AniMajor

The WePlay AniMajor is one of the major tournaments that make up the Dota 2 calendar. This sees 18 teams taking part in total, with different regions getting a certain allocation of starting positions. It takes place in June and has a prize pool of $500,000. The event itself is usually held in Kiev, Ukraine, and is a tier-one event.

ONE Esports Singapore Major

ONE Esports Singapore Major is usually the first big tournament in the Dota 2 season each year. Taking place at the end of March and the beginning of April, it is usually hosted in Singapore. There will normally be 16 teams taking part and the prize pool is set at $500,000. The 2021 renewal was the first cross-regional tournament to take place following the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dota 2 Betting Tips: How to Succeed in Betting on Dota 2

There are some Dota 2 betting tips that can be good to keep in mind if you are getting started or you are trying to improve your skillset. There are a lot of different moving parts with this form of betting, but by following some proven strategies and tweaking your approach over time, you can often see some good results. Here is some straightforward Dota 2 betting advice:

1. Be Aware of Every Betting Market

It is important that you are very familiar with each of the available betting markets for Dota 2 matches. This means trying them out for yourself to make sure that you know exactly how they work. This will then allow you to take a tailored approach to each match that you are betting on. A particular match might call for a very specific betting market, allowing you to make the most of your research and know the best way to stack the odds in your favor as much as possible.

2. Consider Different Styles

Dota 2 is a game that involves a lot of tactics and strategies. It is important that you’re aware of the usual style of a given team before placing bets. Some teams will prefer to leave it late in the game to make a charge, while others will try to dominate from the word go. Awareness of these traits is particularly important if you are looking at Dota 2 live betting.

3. Do Your Homework

Staying up to date with the Dota 2 scene is going to boost your chances of doing well. This means that you are aware of the latest trends in the game, as well as the hot and cold teams. There might be a new patch to the game that switches up the meta, allowing you to take advantage of this shift by placing smart bets.

4. Utilize a Staking Strategy

With any form of betting, you need to have a solid staking strategy. This means that you are not spreading yourself too thin on just a few bets. You want to stay in the game consistently over time, rather than blowing all of your balance on one or two bets. It is important that you stick to this plan, rather than throwing it out of the window and try to chase losses if things don’t go your way.

Final Thoughts

Dota 2 betting is going from strength to strength. As more Australian bookies support these events, it is only going to attract more people. With many experts predicting that esports will rival traditional sports in terms of viewership in just a few years, it is definitely something that piques the interest. You can be at the forefront of this evolution by getting started with one of the leading Dota 2 betting sites in Australia and placing wagers on the exciting events.


Is skin betting a good idea?

There have been a lot of concerns about the legitimacy of many Dota 2 skin betting sites. This is because they are not usually regulated and often cannot be trusted. This is why most people prefer to stick to more traditional types of Dota 2 betting.

What is the most popular type of Dota 2 betting?

The classic markets like outright winner and tournament winner are always going to be the go-to options for any form of betting. However, prop betting on Dota 2 matches has become increasingly popular as people like to focus in on particular players and teams.

Can you watch Dota 2 matches on bookie sites?

A lot of bookie sites will provide you with access to live streams of the Dota 2 events that are currently ongoing. These streams are also usually available elsewhere for free if you cannot find them on a given bookie platform.

Are there dedicated Dota 2 betting bonuses?

Some bookies will run promotions that are specific to Dota 2 events, particularly the bigger tournaments. This could see you get your money back if a strong favorite ends up losing or getting a price boost on all of your accumulator bets.

Should I focus on one Dota 2 team?

A lot of people have a favorite Dota 2 team that they like to follow each and every week. However, it is important to keep an open mind when it comes to Dota 2 betting as you don’t want to narrow your opportunities too much. Building up your knowledge of a particular team however, can pay dividends in the long run as you can often be more informed than the odds setters.

Andrew O'Malley

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