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Ian Bruce
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Online poker is massively popular among its players, but it has also become an equally popular spectator sport thanks to people streaming games as they play them. This guide to the best poker streamers spotlights our favourite players. We’ll tell you a little about each player and what we like about them. We’ll also explain why watching poker streamers is not only entertaining but can also help you improve your own game.

Top Online Poker Streamers

Narrowing down hundreds of poker streamers to a handful of the best isn’t easy. While our final list isn’t definitive (reviewers often have differences of opinion), it’s based on a variety of factors that most viewers are looking for: the types of games they play, how often they stream, and how entertaining they are to watch. With that in mind, here’s our list of the best poker streamers:

Streamer Handle Real Name Platform
JNandezPoker Fernando Habegger Twitch, YouTube
LexVeldhuis Alexander Veldhuis Twitch, YouTube
EasyWithAces Fintan Hand Twitch, YouTube
Spraggy Ben Spragg Twitch, YouTube
PokerStaples James Staples Twitch, YouTube
MattStaples Matthew Staples Twitch
ArlieShaban Arlie Shaban Twitch, YouTube
xflixx Felix Schneiders Twitch, YouTube
Peacendloove Sebastian Huber Twitch, YouTube

The Best Poker Streamers Reviewed

Now that you’ve seen who’s made our list of the best poker streamers let’s take a look at each one in turn. This will help you decide which streamers to check out first based on what they do and how they do it.

1. JNandezPoker – Pot Limit Omaha Specialist and Author

Fernando Habegger has been a professional poker player for more than a decade. He has won more than $560,000 in live earnings and specialises in Pot Limit Omaha. While he’s written a book about crushing the small-stakes game (Mastering Small Stakes Pot-Limit Omaha), his streams are usually of high-stakes tournaments.

Best Poker Streamers JNandezPoker

JNandezPoker has been on YouTube for years and has more than 450 videos on his channel. He’s also on Twitch and is a great player to watch if you want to see a Pot Limit Omaha expert at work. You might also want to check out his Discord and Instagram channels.

2. LexVeldhuis – PokerStars Ambassador and Likeable Family Guy

Alexander “Lex” Veldhuis is a professional poker player from the Netherlands who has been playing for more than two decades. He’s accrued more than $700,000 in live earnings and is currently a member of Team PokerStars with over 320,000 followers on Twitch. A big fan of the tournament format, Lex is no stranger to final tables.

Best Poker Streamers LexVeldhuis

Lex is a regular streamer and has streamed every one of his games on Twitch since 2016. If you want to follow someone who’s as active on Twitch and YouTube as he is skilled at poker, he’s a great choice. He spends $100,000 each month in tournament buy-ins, and that’s his own cash. He also seems to be a very likeable guy and serves as a great example of how to handle bad beats with class and patience.

3. EasyWithAces –  Enthusiastic and Vocal Player Who Entertains

EasyWithAces is the online Twitch handle of Irish professional Fintan Hand. He’s another Team PokerStars member and has 133,000 Twitch followers at the time of writing. Fintan’s love of the game of poker started in childhood, and his enthusiasm for it comes through in every stream he puts out. His live earnings currently stand at over $156,000.

Best Poker Streamers EasyWithAces

What we love about Fintan is that he plays a wide range of games and is one of the most vocal players around. If you’re looking for a poker pro who handles his emotions like a stoic, you should probably go elsewhere. But if you like the idea of watching a player who says – and often screams – exactly what he thinks from moment to moment, EasyWithAces is a great choice.

4. Spraggy – British Bloke Next Door Made Good

Ben “Spraggy” Spragg got his poker streaming career off to a great start by winning a Progressive Knockout event, and he’s been on an upward curve ever since. He’s been a PokerStars Ambassador since 2017, and his live earnings stand at over $479,000.

Best Poker Streamers Spraggy

Spraggy is a laid-back, amiable, and frequently funny player whose qualities have garnered him more than 166,000 followers on Twitch. Watching his regular streams feels like hanging out with the bloke next door – but only if your neighbour can win pots as often as he can crack jokes.

5. PokerStaples – Friendly Professional Who Likes to Hit the Books

James “Jaime” Staples is a professional player in Canada with over 158,000 Twitch followers. His live earnings are more than $135,000, and his online winnings (like those of many of the best poker streamers) are much bigger. He currently plays at PartyPoker and has been a Team PartyPoker member since 2019.

Best Poker Streamers PokerStaples

Jaime is a very friendly streamer with a polite manner and a cool head. When he’s not playing poker, he often seems to be reading about it. And when he’s not doing that, he’s attending classical music concerts. If you’re looking for a studious streamer to follow, Jaime is your man.

6. MattStaples – Insightful Commentary Across Multiple Tables

If you like watching PokerStaples, you’re likely to enjoy watching MattStaples as well. That’s because Matthew Staples is his younger brother. He’s an accomplished poker player and Team PartyPoker member in his own right, and he has a Twitch following of over 110,000.

Best Poker Streamers MattStaples

One of the great things about watching Matt is that he always seems to be active at multiple tables, even when he’s playing in big tournaments. Yet despite all that action, he still manages to provide useful commentary and interact with his viewers.

7. ArlieShaban – PokerStars Ambassador Who Celebrates at High Volume

Arlie Shaban is a Canadian who quit his job as a car salesman to become a professional poker player. He focuses on the online game (although he’s also made over $65,000 in live earnings) and has been streaming since the very beginning. He continues to stream every game he plays on Twitch and currently has more than 55,000 followers.

Best Poker Streamers Arlie Shaban

Now a PokerStars Ambassador, Arlie is a relatable player who takes an analytical approach to the game but also raises his voice from time to time. Usually, that’s when he’s just taken down a particularly big pot or won a tournament. Just bear that in mind and adjust the volume if you want to be kind to your eardrums.

8. xFlixx – Streaming Poker Games from Land-Based Venues

Felix Schneiders is a professional poker player and teacher in Germany who has been streaming almost daily since 2014. What makes him different from the other poker streamers we’ve mentioned so far is that he plays at land-based venues more than he does online. That means he’s streaming from actual poker tables.

Best Poker Streamers xFlixx

Most streams are in German, and the Twitch chat is also in German more often than not. We don’t find that to be a problem because the poker is easy to follow regardless of language, and most German speakers in the chat have no problem speaking English.

9. peacendloove – Relatively New Streamer Rising Through the Ranks

Sebastian Huber is an Austrian poker streamer who became a PokerStars Ambassador in 2022, the same year he became a WCOOP champion. He started streaming on Twitch in 2020 with a Bankroll Challenge, intending to turn $100 into $10,000. It took him 189 days to achieve that goal, but he succeeded and gained plenty of followers on the way.

Best Poker Streamers peaceandloove

We like this poker streamer because he’s still in the relatively early stages of his career and it’s interesting to watch as he steadily rises through the ranks. Right now, he plays in everything up to $109 MTTs, and he’s looking to progress to higher stakes.

Why Follow the Best Poker Streamers?

If you’re new to the idea of following poker streamers, you might be wondering why it’s so popular. After all, anyone with an internet connection can easily sign up with an online poker room and start playing for themselves. So why follow other people to watch them play their games? That’s a good question, and we have several equally good answers to it:

Learn from Experience

As you’ve seen, the top poker streamers are experienced professionals who play the game for a living. That means they’re good at what they do, and they know how to finish in the money often enough to make a profit. Watching them play can be a very good way of seeing how accomplished players in the real world apply concepts that you might only have read about in textbooks. In other words, when you watch poker streamers, you can learn something from those who are more experienced.

Improve Your Game

Most Twitch poker streamers will provide commentary on their games as they play. The depth of commentary will vary from player to player, but all of them will talk through key hands and think out loud as they decide whether to raise, call or fold. This running commentary is a great way of learning to think like a professional poker player. If you watch live poker on a regular basis you’re almost certain to find that your own game improves quite naturally as a result.

Join a Community

You might follow poker Twitch streamers just to watch poker streams, but you’ll also be joining a community of like-minded people who love nothing more than chatting about the game. This social aspect of watching poker streams online shouldn’t be overlooked, and you will often learn just as much from other channel members as you will from the streamers themselves.

Where to Watch the Best Poker Streamers

All of the best poker streamers we’ve highlighted are most active on Twitch. That’s simply because it’s the most popular platform for poker streams online. However, it isn’t the only one. You can also watch poker live streaming on YouTube and Kick, and some streamers are active on several platforms. We’d advise you to focus on the best poker Twitch streamers to start with and to explore other platforms only if you don’t find what you’re looking for there.

How to Choose the Best Poker Streamers to Follow

We’ve named our own best poker streamers, but how do you choose the best streamers for you? Here are a handful of tips that can help you choose the best poker streamers on YouTube, Twitch or any other platform according to your own needs and preferences.

Know What You Want

Our first tip is to get clear on what you want from poker live streaming. When you know what you want, it will be a lot easier for you to choose a streamer that fits the bill. For example, do you primarily want to watch streamers for entertainment? If so, someone like EasyWithAces will keep you entertained for hours. Or maybe you want to learn about Pot Limit Omaha. In that case, JNandezPoker would be a better fit.

Know When You Want It

There are poker streamers all over the world, so you can’t assume that they will all be streaming at the time you might want to watch. In addition, different streamers have different schedules. Some will stream every day, some every couple of days, and some less frequently. For that reason, you should consider when you want to watch streams so that you can choose to follow players who are likely to be active at those times.

Think About Personality

Players who poker stream online are a varied bunch with very different personalities and temperaments. For example, some will be rather loud and excitable, while others will be quieter and more measured in their responses to game events. If you know that you favour one type of personality over another or that a particular trait will annoy you, choose a poker streamer who you think will be most compatible with your preferences.

Try Them Out

When you’ve used the previous tips to narrow down your options, follow a few of the best poker streamers who’ve made your shortlist and try them out. Watch them for a few days (everyone can have an off-day, so you don’t want to be too quick to judge), and stick with those who engage you.

Best Poker Streamers Compared

To help you decide which of our best poker streamers to check out first, here’s how they compare in several key areas.

Streamer Poker Site Language In a Nutshell
JNandezPoker CoinPoker English PLO Specialist
LexVeldhuis PokerStars English Analytical Family Guy
EasyWithAces PokerStars English Excitable and Loud
Spraggy PokerStars English Bloke Next Door
PokerStaples PartyPoker English Studious and Friendly
MattStaples PartyPoker English Studious and Friendly
ArlieShaban PokerStars English Relatable and Friendly
xflixx N/A German Land-Based Player
Peacendloove PokerStars English Rising up the Ranks

How to Follow Poker Streamers

Following the best poker streamers is easy. Here we’ll explain how to do it on Twitch, but the process will be much the same on any other platform:

  1. Join the Platform

    First, you will need to sign up with the platform you want to follow people on. With Twitch, all you have to do is hit the purple Sign Up button at the top of the page. That will open a simple account creation form. Enter your desired username and password, your date of birth, and your mobile phone number so that the request can be verified.
  2. Find a Poker Streamer

    Next, find a poker streamer you want to follow. Use the links provided in this guide to go straight to the relevant Twitch page for each of the best poker streamers, or perform a search for “poker live stream” on the platform itself.
  3. Follow the Streamer

    Every poker live streaming channel on Twitch (and other platforms) will have a Follow button. Simply click that button to follow the channel you’re interested in, and the job’s done. On Twitch, you’ll be able to access the streamer you’ve followed at any time via the “Following” page.

Which Poker Rooms Do Streamers Play At?

Poker streamers play at a huge variety of online poker rooms. Of course, when a poker streamer is an ambassador for a particular brand, such as PokerStars or Party Poker, he or she is likely to play only at the site of that brand. Other streamers might play at a particular poker room just because they like it. For example, JNandezPoker is a big fan of CoinPoker.


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