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Shortly after graduating with an Honors in Business Administration, Nick turned his attention from traditional stocks and bonds to investing in the performance of sports teams. He uses a combination of advanced stats and historical data to create sports investment models to identify value and generate consistent profits. Nick's work can also be found at Basketball Insiders, Pistons Powered, The Sports Daily, Winners And Whiners, and more.

Percentage of Americans That Drink Coffee Study

America runs on coffee with the average US adult consuming more than one cup per day, a number which is increasing with more people working from home. After crunching numbers sourced from Statista, the data analysts at Safe Betting Sites have found that 79 percent of coffee drinkers in the US are drinking two or …

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NFT Games

Cryptocurrencies haven’t been the only thing losing value in 2022. Digital collectibles have also taken a major hit with NFT sales plummeting in the third quarter of 2022. According to data provided to Safe Betting Sites, monthly NFT sales on OpenSea have dropped almost 90 percent since January and average NFT sale prices have also …

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