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Darren Till Exclusive KSI v Fury Press Conference Reaction: Till Labels Press Conference “Cringeworthy, Embarrassing & Absolute Horse S**T”; John Fury Needs To Follow Up Outburst & Smack Someone

Darren Till
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KSI, Tommy Fury, Dillon Danis, Logan Paul & John Fury had one of the wildest press conferences in Boxing history on Tuesday, & here at SafeBettingSites.com we have former UFC fighter Darren Till’s exclusive reaction to what transpired.

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Interview Highlights:

  • Till Labels Press Conference “Cringeworthy, Embarrassing & Absolute Horse S**T”
  • John Fury Needs To Follow Up Outburst & Smack Someone
  • KSI Looked Scared From Face Off With Tommy 
  • Tommy Fury Won’t Get Rid Of YouTuber Boxing – “It’s Here To Stay” 
  • Logan Paul Was Just Cringey – Dillon Won Round 2

Full Transcript:

Question: What Did You Make Of The Press Conference?

Darren Till: “The press conference was everything we expected. Cringeworthy and embarrassing. I thought Tommy and Dillon came across better than I expected. John’s John isn’t he? He likes to make a kerfuffle and do nothing about it, so what can you say? It’s big John Fury! We all have to love him.”

Question: Was John Fury’s outburst embarrassing for Tyson & the Fury name?

Darren Till: “I think John Fury’s outburst was quite expected to be honest. We all expect that from him these days. Obviously I’m mates with Tyson and the Fury family and they’re a good bunch but how many outbursts can you have without actually doing something? Now it’s time for him to follow it up and have an outburst and then smack someone!”

Question: Did KSI look scared of Tommy Fury? *if you can talk about your experience in the face offs & what it says when the first fighter gets physical, similar to the first one to blink

Darren Till: “I don’t know if he looks scared or not. I think face offs are tough to judge. Can you really gauge much from your opponent at a face off? Tommy’s been boxing all his life. He’s from a fighting family, so we’ll see it plays out. In my experience of face offs you usually just have a little push and nothing really happens because the security jumps in and calms it all down. Maybe KSI did look a little bit scared but they’re both probably scared.”

Question: Do you agree with Tommy Fury that if he beats KSI he will end YouTuber boxing?

Darren Till: “I think YouTuber boxing is here to stay no so I don’t really agree with Tommy on that. In terms of them fighting real fighters, Jake Paul’s probably the only guy who’s beating any real fighters at the moment. I think the rest are still way behind. Jake’s at the forefront and Tommy’s already beaten him, although it was a close fight. I think influencer boxing is here to stay and we just have to make do with it because it’s where the money is.”

Question: What did you make of Logan & Dillon’s presser performances?

Darren Till: “I thought Logan Paul was just cringey. It wasn’t the best. I mean Dillon’s already bodied him on Twitter (X) and then he half bodied him at the press conference today. I think Dillon won round two. I didn’t like anything Logan did, not even the cake. But Dillon stuttered too much and he looked a little bit scared if I’m being honest. So the presser was everything we expected. Absolute horse s**t.”

Darren Till

Born on December 24, 1992, in Liverpool, England, Darren Till's journey from a tough upbringing to becoming a prominent Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter started in 2013. In 2015, Till made his UFC debut, and it didn't take long for him to stand out in the highly competitive promotion. Notable victories over Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson and Kelvin Gastelum elevated Till's status within the UFC's welterweight division. Till left the UFC in March 2023 and has recently launched his own South African fighting promotion called Gorilla Fight Club.

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