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Betzest is one of Canada’s fastest-growing gambling sites and to celebrate their recent success we can bring you our exclusive Betzest promo code that gives you access to a huge range of amazing welcome offers.

Not only have Betzest been able to create a sportsbook that is rivalled by few, but they’ve also a great casino and live casino to complete the package. Even though they may not have the history of some of the gambling sites that we’ve tested, there is little doubt that Betzest’s progress over the last 12 months has been incredible to watch.

Whilst making sure that you get the best from our Betzest promo codes, we also wanted to take the time to review the whole platform. In this review, we will take an extensive look at the offers you can access as a Canadian player, whilst also looking at the package that Betzest has been able to create for their players.

$200 Matched Deposit Bonus


$200 Matched Deposit Bonus

  • Excellent range of promotions
  • Good live betting markets
  • Nice variety of payment methods
5 Stars
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The minimum deposit in order to take advantage of the Welcome Deposit Bonus is 10CAD or currency equivalent. The maximum Welcome deposit bonus is 100CAD or currency equivalent. The Bonus is valid for 14 days from the activation date and must be wagered in that time.

Betzest Promo Codes

Betzest comes with several areas that we think stand out from a lot of gambling sites. One of the strongest features of the site is that of the integration of multiple products, such as sports, casinos, and live casino.

Depending on where you register your account and via which product will determine the offer you can receive. However, it’s worth noting that the Betzest promo code that you need to use is “SAFE” and for this, you can apply it to each product to get any of the welcome offers that you see below.

We’ve included an overview of each of the products below and their attached welcome offers. From the outside, they may look quite similar in terms of the deposit match and monetary value, but they work very differently in terms of clearing each bonus.

Later in this article, we deep-dive into each bonus highlighting exactly what you need to do to both claim and clear each bonus.

Bet365 Canada Offers Bet365 Canada Bonus Description Bet365 Canada Promo Code
Sports 100% deposit match up to $200 SAFE
Casino 100% deposit match up to $200 SAFE
Casino $5 no deposit bonus SAFE
Live Casino 100% deposit match up to $200 SAFE

Betzest Promo Code

How to Claim the Betzest Promo Code

When you set about to claim your promo code with Betzest the code that needs to use is “SAFE”. This is going to get you access to each of the promotions for the products that we’ve listed above.

Claiming the promo code with Betzest is a very simple process. The site is set up in a way that allows you to create an account and then from that, enter your code as you make your deposit.

One of the things that we want to note from the outset is that you will need to verify your account before you’re able to access it. This means that Betzest will send you an email with an activation link that you must click. You must use an active email address as this is a compulsory step before you can get access to your account.

We also wanted to highlight the fact that Betzest will process payments in Euros. When you come to make your deposit, you will choose the amount that you want to deposit in euros and then it will automatically convert this to CAD for you.

Whilst the site does tell you what it will cost in CAD, it’s roughly $1.5 for every €1. However, some payment methods may alter this slightly and Betzest does state that the exchange rate on-site can vary from what is processed by your bank.

For most, this won’t be an issue. However, you can work around this and instead set up an account in Euros and link it to this betting account exclusively. Most e-wallets will allow you to do this easily and it’s likely going to save a bit of money when it comes to converting currency in the long run.

Here are the 4 steps that you need to claim the Betzest Bonus Code:

  1. Click here to go to the Betzest homepage.
  2. Click on the “Join” button in the top right corner
  3. Enter all your details and make sure you use an active email address as you will need to activate your account via this before you can log in.
  4. Deposit using the promo code “SAFE” to trigger any of the promotions on this page.

How to Use the Betzest Promo Code

When testing any site one of the things that we look at is how easy it is to sign up and register a new account. This is an area that some sites can struggle with, but when testing Betzest we can confirm that the sign-up process is only going to take a couple of minutes.

What we found from the signup process is that you need to be extra careful about the information that you enter. It turned out that the first time we were trying to sign up we entered just a single digit wrong in our email address which then meant we couldn’t get access at all.

We had to contact customer support as we weren’t aware of the issue, but we’re happy to report that they promptly changed this for us. Whilst working with support we quickly asked them about verification and they highlighted that many issues they came across were with people who had failed to correctly enter personal account details when signing up and then could not verify to register their account.

It feels like we mention this in just about all of our bonus pages, but please take the time to make sure all your details are correct when you sign up. If you’re going to use a Betzest promo code with your account to trigger any of these offers, you’re going to get one chance, so ensure that you don’t mess up at the first stage.

Aside from that, using the bonus code is very easy. Our guide below will give you a detailed rundown of how to create your account and where to enter your Betzest bonus code.

Step 1 – Account Information

The process starts with Betzest asking you to set out your account information. You need to create some sort of username for your account. We recommended that you add in numbers just to make it a little more unique.

On top of this, you need to enter your name, email address and phone number. As far as we know, the phone number can be a landline number if you wish, but we used a mobile phone number. We aren’t massive fans of lots of companies knowing our mobile phone number, so we use a number separate from our main number for this.

However, you must have access to this number. You may need to verify your account at some point, and you can even turn on two-step verification if you want added security (great feature!) to link to your phone.

As we have already pointed out, you must have access to your email address, and you need to this from the off. Again, it doesn’t have to be your main address (we have one especially for betting sites) but you need to activate your account via email from the start.

Step 2 – Personal Information

Now it’s time to enter some personal info about who you are and where you live. It starts by creating a password that has to contain numbers and letters at a minimum. Don’t just make it the date of birth or something like that, instead make it unique and not something someone could easily guess.

You will then need to enter your gender, although you state “do not want to state” if you wish, before entering your currency. As we stated earlier, transactions are processed in Euros on the site, but they will convert this to CAD should you choose CAD at this point. It’s up to you how you want to work this.

The next step requires your date of birth and your address. Again, make sure DOB is correct and you have access to the address that you include. Verification may be needed down the line, and they sometimes ask for proof of address in the form of a driving license or equivalent.

Step 3 – Confirm Registration and Deposit

Finally, you need to confirm your registration and then verify your account once they send you an email. It might take a couple of minutes for the email to land, so just be patient here.

Once your account has been set up, you then need to log in and navigate to the banking section. When you make your deposit, you can use the promo code “SAFE” if you are prompted to do so.

Betzest includes a strong range of banking options that we will talk more about later in this article. As stated earlier, this whole process should take no longer than a couple of minutes to complete.

Who Can Use the Betzest Promo Code?

One of the highlights of the Betzest welcome offers is that the promotion is very inclusive. By this, we mean that pretty much all residents in Canada will be able to claim the Betzest bonus code.

There aren’t any terms that stand out as being unique or that we particularly need to go over to explain that isn’t very standard within the online gambling sector. However, there are some key points that you need to be aware of that we’ve listed below:

  • Players need to be aged 18 and over to create an account and claim the Betzest promo code.
  • You will need to verify your account initially via email to activate it. That verification process may be extended to include address and ID when you come to make a withdrawal.
  • Promotions are for new players only and you’re only able to claim one of these offers per account
  • Deposits can be made in CAD, but these will initially be processed in Euros. You may be charged a fee from your card issuer based on the currency conversion.
  • Wagering requirements must be met to clear any bonus that is attached to your account.

How to Use Free Bets at Betzest

When you go to create your new account with Betzest you’re going to be able to claim several welcome offers. Which you take is going to be based on the product that you want to play.

A predicament that many will come across is knowing which is best to use, especially if you’re someone who splits time evenly between the casino and the sportsbook. Our advice, based on how similar the offers are, is that it’s likely going to be easier to claim the sportsbook offer over the casino offer, just because the terms are a little more favourable.

We’re going to take a quick look at each bonus to see how they work and how to go about claiming them.

The first offer that we want to talk about is the no deposit bonus. As the name would suggest, you aren’t going to need to deposit to trigger $5 in bonus money. All you need to do is to opt-in when you hit the cashier section and the deposit money will hit your account.

A key point to note with this is that you need to have a verified phone number to access it. The bonus will send a link to your phone that you need to click to get this bonus.

Once the bonus is in your account the most you can win here is $10 and you will need to wager the bonus 50x before being able to withdraw. The terms aren’t all that favourable, to be honest, however, it’s a great way to check out the casino using what is essentially real money for free.

The main casino bonus is a little more enticing and with it, you can get up to $200 in bonus which works based on a 100% match of your opening deposit. This is triggered from deposits as low as $10, so it’s highly accessible. A 35x clearing rate is one of the better ones you can find for a bonus of this type and size.

One thing that we will note about using the casino bonus money is that the game’s clearing rate is heavily weighted towards that of online slots. Most other games in the casino barely contribute and some will not contribute at all.

This is very common with promotions and bonuses like this, but it’s still worth noting, nonetheless.

The sportsbook bonus is our favourite of the three and with this, you’re getting up to $200 which is another 100% match of your opening deposit. We like this offer based on the favourable clearance rate, which is set at just 15x the bonus amount.

The only thing that you need to note with this (for the most part) is that qualifying bets must be placed at odds of 2.0 or higher. Any bets placed at odds lower than this will not contribute toward clearing the bonus.

How to Make a Profit Using the Promo Code

Bonuses are a great addition to any gambling site, but the key to them is trying to maximize potential winnings and using the Betzest promo code to its full potential. This is not always as easy as it seems, but we’ve got a couple of options that you can take to try and get the most from your bonuses.

Kicking things off with the no deposit, as we’ve mentioned, this should be viewed as a bit of a freeroll and more to look around the casino than making money. Terms are not set up in the player’s favour here and the max you can win is just $10.

So, the best thing to do here is to jump across to one of the low-odds table games, such as blackjack where you’re likely going to get more bang for your buck than something like online slots. You can start small and work your way up, but if you apply a perfect blackjack strategy (use any free, hand chart for your house rules) then you’re going to give yourself a great chance of getting to that $10 mark before you go broke.

Another reason we like blackjack for this is that you can work slow and steady, which means you can hit that 50x clearing rate as well. This is $250 worth of wager from a $5 bonus, so you need to play a lot of hands here. Blackjack is a perfect game for this and then cross your fingers for a bit of luck.

The $200 casino bonus is so heavily weighted toward slots, that this is the only game that we would recommend trying to clear with. The 35x clearing rate attached is very player-friendly and it’s for this reason why we rate this bonus as one of the best in the business right now.

You need to strike a balance between trying to win some cash and clearing the bonus. Low variance slots are your friend here and we recommend that you try the Starburst slot as Betzest currently has this in stock. The game comes with a 96.10% RTP and a low variance rating, ideal for bonus clearing.

Flipping our attention to the sports section and for this offer, the best thing you can do is bet as close to the minimum qualifying odds as possible. In this case, that’s 2.0 which is a little on the high side, but still more than workable.

The goal is clear 15x the bonus that you’ve claimed, so by lowering the odds you’re essentially lowering the variance.

Another good tip for sports is taking advantage of betting exchanges. This allows you to both back and lay bets, meaning that there will be scenarios where you can instantly break even on all results for a bet. Given that we only need to clear the bonus and don’t necessarily need to make a profit, break-even bets are just fine for this.

Below we’ve included a table that includes the Betzest promo code bonuses and their turnover requirements:

Betzest Offers Betzest Bonus Description Betzest Turnover Requirements
Sports Up to $200 in bonus money 15x turnover and 14 days to clear the full balance
Casino 100% deposit match up to $200 35x turnover and 14 days to clear the bonus
Live Casino 100% deposit match up to $200 35x turnover and 14 days to clear the bonus
Casino $5 no deposit bonus 50x turnover and 14 days to clear the bonus

Betzest Promo Code Terms and Conditions

As with all bonuses and offers, there are terms and conditions that you need to adhere to before you get your money. Below we’ve included the key information that you need to know about each offer.

Whilst we will go into each individually, as a group, this is one of the strongest welcome packages that you can get as a Canadian punter. None of the terms jump out as being anything other than about industry standard and we’d even go as far as saying that the sports betting offer is exceptionally strong.

Even though we’ve given you a look at each of the bonuses on offer, we always recommend that you take the time to look through the fine print, should there be something that we haven’t addressed. It should also be noted that you can only claim one of the welcome bonuses, but the no deposit bonus can be claimed by all players alongside each deposit bonus.

Sports – 100% match up to $200

As we’ve mentioned, the sports bonus is one of the highlights at Betzest. You can claim this 100% match up to $200 by using the Betzest promo code “SAFE” when you come to make your first deposit.

Qualifying deposits for this bonus start from just $10 and can be claimed by all Canadian residents.

  • Use Betzest promo code “SAFE” when you make the first deposit to trigger the welcome offer.
  • Up to $200 which works as a 100% match of any deposit of $10 or more. You can deposit more than $200, but this will be the most that are matched.
  • Bonus needs to be wagered through 15 times before it moves from bonus balance to cash
  • You have 14 days to clear the full bonus before it and any winnings from the bonus balance are forfeited.
  • Qualifying bets are priced at odds of 2.0 or higher.
  • Offer available for players from the following countries: Norway, Finland, Austria, New Zealand, Ireland, Canada, Iceland, Malta, Brazil, Japan, Luxembourg, Slovenia, South Africa, Peru, Mexico, Chile, Czech Republic, Faroe, India, Argentina, Colombia, Denmark, Poland.

Casino – 100% match up to $200

If you create an account with the casino then you’re going to get the casino bonus that is attached to that. Don’t forget that you can only claim one or the other when it comes to sports and casinos, so make sure you choose the product you’re going to use most.

Whilst the casino bonus isn’t going to win any awards, it’s about as standard as you will find for offers like this. Like the sports offer, there’s nothing here that sets any alarm bells, but we would note that players take the time to investigate niche games to see how they contribute to clearing the bonus as not all are eligible.

  • Use Betzest promo code Canada “SAFE” to qualify for this promotion when depositing
  • Bonus is a 100% match worth up to $200 and is triggered by deposits of $10 or more.
  • The bonus must be wagered 35x before you can change the money into your withdrawable balance.
  • You have 14 days to clear the bonus in full before any bonus and winnings from bonus money are forfeited.
  • The maximum payout from bonus money is $250,000. Jackpots paid within 31 days of winning.
  • Game contributions are as follows: 100%: Slots, 0%: We are Casino, Concept Gaming Slots, 20%: All Roulettes, 0%: All Casino Hold’em, Red Dog, Caribbean Stud & Casino Stud Poker Games Pai Gow, Poker Games, Oasis Poker & Texas Hold’em Poker Games, 10%: All Blackjack, Baccarat and Punto Banco Games.

Casino – $5 no deposit bonus

This is a really good way to get into the casino and have a look around without having to make a cash deposit. However, like most of these offers, the chance of coming out with anything at the end is slim.

It shouldn’t put you off though and we’ve outlined the key terms from this promo below:

  • Valid for new customers to the Betzest casino only
  • The maximum that can be claimed is $5
  • Bonus needs wagering 50x ($250) before it can be withdrawn.
  • Max money that can be taken from his offer is $10.
  • You have 14 days to clear the bonus in full and once it’s gone, it’s gone.

Top Current Offers Available for New and Existing Customers at Betzest

We’ve praised Betzest for the most part throughout this article and there is no doubt that they are one of the best gambling sites for Canadian players right now. They have two very competitive welcome offers and they also have the no deposit bonus, which is incredibly rare these days.

However, when it comes to promotions outside of the welcome offers, they do tend to struggle a bit. It’s not so much what is on offer, it’s more the lack of options to choose from. When we compare this section to the likes of Bet365 and Betway, Betzest struggles, which means that existing players are not getting a great deal as a result.

One of the biggest disappointing factors at the time of writing was the lack of any other sports offers apart from the welcome offer. They had a holding page when testing saying along the lines of “coming soon”. When speaking with support about this they confirmed that there were no offers at the minute, but that they were coming.

We obviously can only test on what we find, but we will add that as soon as they do release any new offers, we will keep this page right up to date with the latest offers and what’s going on.

Below are the offers that are currently running at Betzest. You do not need a Betzest promo code Canada to claim any of these promotions.

  • Live casino Drops and Win – Up to $3,000,000 in prizes to be won at the live casino. includes 96x weekly tournaments with a combined prize pool of $125,000. Games include roulette, blackjack, Mega Wheel and baccarat.
  • Slots Drops and Win – Up to $4,000,000 of prizes to be won on online slots within the casino. Includes weekly tournaments and daily cash drops.

Why You Should Sign Up with Betzest – Pros and Cons

We’ve spent a huge amount of time researching how Betzest promotions and offers work, before then concluding with how they perform. Whilst the bonuses and offers are at the forefront of our mind for this article, it’s also required us to test how well Betzest works as an overall package.

What’s been impressive to see is just how complete the overall package is. It’s not perfect, but few sites are. There is a lot to like though and they’re going to surprise a lot of people.

The highlight is the casino for us. They have over 1,200 games to choose from and they take stock of the biggest and best in terms of game developers. It’s here where they have the most options when it comes to offers as well, making it a great package.

Below we’ve included an overview of the pros and cons that comes with Betzest. As the site changes, this list might change, so keep checking back for our latest thoughts.

What we like:

  • Massive casino, with a great selection of games to choose from
  • A great looking site that suits desktop and mobile play
  • Works hard with problem gambling charities to ensure that their players are safe and those that need help, get help
  • Massive range of sports and markets covered from all over the world
  • Nice to see they target Canadian sports as a priority on the sportsbook.
  • Huge e-sports section dedicated to only this. The virtual sports section was also recently added.
  • Good selection of welcome offers to choose from
  • No deposit bonus included which is very rare these days

What we don´t like:

  • Distinct lack of existing player promotions
  • No existing player promotions for sports at all
  • List menu on the desktop can feel a little cumbersome

Betzest Mobile Apps

The first thing to note about the Betzest mobile section is that there is no dedicated mobile app. This means you can’t download directly from any of the app stores.

It’s common for Canadian-facing gambling sites to work this way, mainly with the issues that come with hosting gambling apps for both Android and iOS devices.

However, the Betzest site is fully mobile compatible and there is a workaround that you can use for both options. Whilst it’s not the standard way that you would usually download an app, it works in just the same way as a regular betting app.

Starting with iOS, you first need to visit the Betzest app via your Safari browser on either iPhone or iPad devices. In the bottom left corner is a mobile shortcut icon that you can click which takes you to the mobile download page.

From there, just click the “Download for iOS” and then “Add to home screen”. This will add the Betzest icon to your phone or tablet meaning you can access it like a regular app.

Android devices first need to start with updating your security settings by allowing “Unknown sources” to download. Once again, head to the Betzest site on your mobile Chrome browser and click on the Betzest mobile shortcut.

Click on the “Download to Android” button and then “Add to Home Screen”. You will now have access to the app via your phone’s home screen.

Payment Options

Banking options at Betzest is another one of the many reasons why we’ve been so impressed with the whole package that’s on offer. They have a really good range of banking options that allows you to get money in and out promptly.

It’s worth noting that there are no fees to pay at any point for deposits or withdrawals. As we’ve mentioned previously, some deposits may be made in Euros and then converted into Canadian Dollars. You might also find that your account works in Euros as well. It’s roughly $1.5 to €1, so it’s very easy to work out.

Finally, if you’re using the same account for sports and casinos, you will need to use the transfer feature within the banking section. Account balances are separate, but you can instantly move money between the two for use on both. Minimum deposits start from $15.

Banking Method Deposit Time Minimum Deposit Withdrawal Time
Visa Instant $15 1-3 Hours
Mastercard Instant $15 1-3 Hours
Maestro Instant $15 1-3 Hours
Klarna Instant $15 N/A
Trustly Instant $15 1-3 Hours
Interac Instant $15 1-5 Business Days
Skrill Instant $15 1-3 Hours
Neteller Instant $15 1-3 Hours
EcoPayz Instant $15 1-3 Hours
Pay4Fun Instant $15 1-3 Hours
InovaPay Instant $15 1-3 Hours
Neosurf Instant $15 1-3 Hours
Astropay Instant $15 1-3 Hours
MuchBetter Instant $10 1-3 Hours
SiruMobile Instant $7 N/A
Cash to Code Instant $10 N/A

More Offer and Promotions at Betzest

The range of offers and promotions outside of the welcome offers are not that great if we’re being honest. It’s one of the areas that Betzest struggles to keep up with the competition in this regard.

However, when these are updated, we will update this section of the site so you’re right up to date with what you can claim as a new and existing player of Betzest.

Sports Promo Codes

The only sports offer that you can claim at the minute is that of the $200 bonus. To trigger this offer you need to use the Betzest promo code “SAFE” which will allow you to claim up to $200 in bonus cash.

New accounts will be getting a 100% on their first deposit of $10 or more. You then get 14 days to clear the bonus 15x before it expires. Qualifying bets are made at odds of 2.0 or higher and any bonus that has not been turned over within this period will be forfeited.

Casino Promo Codes

The casino section has a much better range than the sports and whilst we wouldn’t go as far as saying that it’s brimming with offers, it’s a much stronger range to choose from.

It starts with a strong offering from the welcome offer that allows you to claim up to $200 which is based on a 100% match of your initial deposit. You need to wager through this 35x before you’re able to withdraw these funds and you have 14 days to complete this.

On top of the welcome offer, you also get access to a $5 no deposit bonus. You can use this anywhere in the casino, but you must wager through the $5 50x before you can withdraw, and you have 14 days to do this. The max win from this bonus is $10.

Existing players are going to enjoy some massive tournaments that Betzest lines up for slots and live casino games. Between them, they have over $7,000,000 in prize money and tournaments run daily.

Within this offer comes several random prizes drops that are awarded to players who happen to be in the right place at the right time. For players who are online a lot and super consistent, this can prove to be an extremely lucrative promo package.

Customer Service

Betzest has two methods to contact customer service which are live chat and via email (contact form on the site). For most people the live chat function means that you’re going to get your query answered much quicker, however, they do say that if they can’t help that they will email you back, which usually ties to account issues.

Every contact that we’ve had with support has been highly positive. The team seems to be aware of what they’re talking about and incredibly knowledgeable. Even testing at peak times, wait times for live chat were negligible and email responses were generally within just a couple of hours.

They also have an excellent FAQ section that accompanies the support section nicely. We would guess that around 90% of queries can be resolved from the FAQ section and it’s well worth checking there before reaching out.

Betzest Promo Code FAQ

Does Betzest have a promo code?

Yes, you can use the promo code “SAFE” to claim a welcome offer worth up to 0. This is an exclusive promo code, and you can enter it when you deposit money into your account.

Does Betzest have a no deposit bonus?

Yes, you can claim a no deposit bonus when you register a new account with the casino. The bonus comes with a 50x wagering requirement and 14 days to clear the full amount before it expires.

Does Betzest have a license?

Yes, Betzest is fully licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority and is allowed to accept a range of players from all over the world.

How many times can I use the Betzest promo code?

You can only use the promo code “SAFE” once per account before it expires. You must use it before you make your first deposit or you may not be eligible to claim our exclusive sign-up offer.


Jonathan graduated from Northumbria University in 2007 with a degree in Business Marketing. Since then he has started, run, and sold dozens of online businesses in various niches. His expertise, however, lies in sports betting and has used his knowledge from playing multiple sports at a high level to create betting tips and strategy sites, such as WhatAcaa.com. He spends most days pouring through form guides for football and horse racing, contributing to several online forums with a dedicated following.