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Take-Two Earned More Than $2B in Revenue From US in FY 2021 – NBA 2K Highest Grossing Franchise

Take-Two Interactive is one of the biggest gaming companies in the world and in their fiscal year ending in March 2021, the company reached an important milestone. According to data presented by Safe Betting Sites USA, Take-Two Interactive generated more than $2B from the United States alone for the first time in company history.

Take-Two Rakes In More Than $2B From US For First Time

Take-Two Interactive, more simply known as Take-Two, is one of the biggest names in the gaming world. The gaming giants own two major publishing labels in Rockstar Games and 2K, publishers of iconic gaming franchises, GTA and NBA 2K respectively. In Take-Two’s financial year ending in March 2021, the company generated $2.02B in revenue from the United States, their biggest market.

This was a 13.53% increase from FY 2020’s US revenue and the first time in company history to pass the $2B mark. In the five year period from 2016-2021, Take-Two’s revenue from the US grew at an impressive Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 22.1% from just $743M in FY 2016.

Take-Two generated a total of $3.37B in revenue in FY 2021, for an equally impressive five-year CAGR from 2016-2021 of 18.99% $1.34B of Take-Two’s total revenue was generated through their international market which grew at a CAGR of 15.13% from 2016-2021 when revenue was just at $670M.

Console Most Lucrative Platform for Take-Two; NBA 2k Franchise Highest Grossing Game

A large share of Take-Two’s revenue is generated from console games, which grew at a CAGR of 20.44% in the three year period from 2018-2021. In Fy 2021, Take-Two generated $2.52B from console games compared to just $856M from PCs and other platforms. This gives console games an estimated 75% share of Take-Two’s total revenue.

Notably, despite generating just a quarter of Take-Two’s total revenue, PC (and other platforms) games have grown at a substantial CAGR of 36.16% in the same three year period. The share of revenue generated through Take-Two’s digital online channels also reached its highest level at 86.6% in FY 2021.

Take Two’s NBA 2K franchise generated $378.6M in revenue in FY 2021 – the highest out of Take-Two’s games. Its second-highest-grossing franchise was its GTA franchise which generated $267.4B in FY 2021. Overall, five gaming franchises from Take-Two generated more than $100M in FY 2021.

Recurrent Consumer Spending Earns More Than Full Game Revenue For First Time

Take-Two generated more revenue from recurrent consumer spending in another company first than full games in FY 2021. Recurrent consumer spending generated $2.07B in revenue in FY 2021 giving it a 61.5% share of total revenue compared to revenue from Full games which accounted for just 44.8% in FY 2021.

Rex Pascual, eSports editor at Safe Betting Sites USA, commented

“Take-Two benefitted from calendar year 2020’s pandemic, much like the rest of the gaming industry. But Take-Two’s FY 2021 numbers are indicative of the gaming industry’s shifting monetization models. Expect the gap between its revenue from recurrent consumer spending and full games to widen even more in years to come as monetization in the gaming industry develops even further.”


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