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Lack Of International Fans At Tokyo Olympics Will Have No Impact On Their Viewing Plans- 51% Of US Adults

The Tokyo Olympic Games of 2020 had to be postponed due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, with the games instead commencing on July 23, 2021. The Japanese government recently announced that no international fans will be present during the Games. According to data presented by Safe Betting Sites US, 51% of US adults surveyed indicated that the lack of international fans will have no impact on how much they watch the Tokyo Olympics.

No International Fans at Tokyo Olympics

The historic Olympic games were not immune to the devastating effects of COVID-19. As a direct result of the pandemic, the games were postponed for the first time in its history, taking place in the summer of 2021 instead of 2020.

Due to the varying pandemic situation around the world, the Japanese government announced that the Summer Games are to be held without international fans. The Paralympic Games which are held a month later will also be held under the same conditions. Much of the international response was that of disappointment but ultimately resigned to the fact that the pandemic had left the Japanese government with little to no choice.

More Than Half Indicate Lack of International Fans Has No Impact On Viewing Plans

In a survey of 2200 American Adults in March 2021, 51% of respondents indicated that the lack of international fans at the Olympics had no impact on their plans to watch the Games. Only 9% of respondents indicated that they will watch less of the upcoming Tokyo Olympics because of the lack of international fans while 11% indicated that they plan to watch the games more.

In the same survey, 41% of respondents indicated that they believe the Olympic Games should go ahead as scheduled in July 2021. 26% believed in postponing the Games again to a later date while 8% believe that the Games should be cancelled entirely.

Rex Pascual, Sports editor at Safe Betting Sites US commented;

“As of writing, the Games are still scheduled to go ahead for a July 23 start, but with the COVID-19 situation still present around the world, albeit to a lesser extent than 2020, the plans for the Games still remain very much fluid.”


About Rex Pascual

About Rex Pascual

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