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35% of Gen Z Are ‘Not A Fan’ Of Sports – Largest Share Among Generations

Traditional sports seem to be losing their popularity among the younger generation, as a recent survey showed. According to data presented by Safe Betting Sites US, 35% of Gen Z identified as ‘not a sports fan’ in a survey from March 2021 – the largest share among generations.

Gen Z Had Largest Share of ‘Not Sports Fans’ and Lowest Share of ‘Avid Sports Fans’

In a survey of 2200 respondents in the middle of March 2021, 35% of Gen Z (1997-2012) indicated that they were ‘not a fan of sports’ almost 10% more than the next largest share. 27% of the Baby Boomer generation (1946-1964) indicated they were not sports fans while Gen X (1965-1980) and Millennials (1981-1996) had the lowest shares with 25% and 23% respectively.

Gen Z also had the lowest share of respondents who identified as an ‘avid sports fan’ with only 21%. The largest share belonged to Millenials with 35% identifying as avid fans. Only 24% of Baby Boomers indicated to be avid sports fans but had the largest share of casual sports fans with 49%. Gen X registered 46% casual sports fans and 29% avid sports fans.

Other Demographics: Gender and Ethnicity

Of the 1138 female survey respondents, only 14% considered themselves avid sports fans, compared to 43% of 1062 male respondents. 52% of women indicated to be casual sports fans while 35% did not identify as sports fans. 39% of men surveyed identified as casual sports fans while only 17% did not identify as sports fans.

Among ethnicities, an impressive 45% of Black Americans surveyed identified as avid sports fans compared to just 28% and 27% among Hispanic Americans and White Americans respectively. While only 15% among those belonging to other ethnicities identified as avid sports fans.

Only 16% of Black Americans don’t identify as sports fans while 31% of other ethnicities had the largest share. The largest share of casual fans belonged to other ethnicities with 55% compared to the lowest share of 39% of Black Americans.

Rex Pascual, Sports Editor at Safe Betting Sites US, commented on the possible factors;

“The rise of modern versions of sports such as eSports and those within the fitness niche, have seen the popularity of traditional spectator sports decrease in recent years especially among the younger generation.”


About Rex Pascual

About Rex Pascual

Rex is an online writer and researcher informed by a global perspective that allows him to uniquely analyse numbers and convey them in a relatable way. He specialises in the area of Sports, Esports and the CBD industry as well as having an eye for the latest financial and technological trends. Well versed in SEO and other aspects of digital marketing, he uses his skills to good use on freelancing platforms while being based in the Netherlands.