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Peter Addison
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Our eight best slot tips aim to give you a great chance of maximising your slot machine payouts.

Please bear in mind we are not going to tell you any kind of one hundred percent, foolproof method of how you can win at slots … because there is none. You can win big payouts when playing slots, that much is true, but there is no way you can guarantee it.

So, instead of flimflamming you with bogus info, or trying to sell you slotting snake oil, we are going to give you our eight best tips for slot machines of how you can give yourself the best chance of boosting your slots wins.

If you are new to slots, we suggest you also check out our dedicated online slots guide.

Slot Tip #1 – Choose Your Game With Care

There are lots of types of slot – video slots, classic slots, cascade slots, progressive jackpot slots, cluster pays slots, Megaways slots … before you start spinning to win it’s best you find the slotting genre that you find the most entertaining.

video slots

Why is this? Well, if you care about the slot you are playing, and are having fun, then you are more likely to make rational decisions. People tend to react to losing streaks (which do happen with slots) by upping their stakes, or slamming their money into a slot as if it’s not theirs or at least real money. If you playing an entertaining slot, then you’re less likely to make irrational decisions, which is a key part of maximising your slots payout.

By the way, if you are new to slots we suggest that you start out simple – video slots with five reels and three rows with scatters, wilds and side games. Once you have mastered a simple title, it’s time to move onto more complicated games although slots never get too complicated.

Slot Tip #2 – Understand Value and RTP

Maximising slot machine payouts is only possible if you are playing slots that payout on a regular basis. There are two key metrics that you need to understand here – volatility (also called variance) and RTP (return to player).

Volatility measures how a slot plays. If it is highly volatile, then it pays out big but rarely. If it is not highly volatile, then it pays out often but small. The choice is then down to you – if you are just playing for that big win then go high; if you want to grind out your bankroll, go low.

RTP is another measure of generosity. It’s a theoretical number expressed as a percentage. If you begin a slot session with £100 and the slot has a 96 percent RTP, then after a very, very long session you should have £96 remaining. This is only theoretical though – after a hour’s play you could have nothing left, or you could have £200 – but it is very useful as a measure. The key rule is you should only choose slots with high RTPs, the minimum being that 96 percent.

Slot Tip #3 – Practice for Free

Let’s clear this up first – you cannot play slots for free at online casinos in the UK. You used to be able to, but the UKGC decided to ban demo play on slots in 2019.

So, how can you practice slots for free? Well, you can play them at places that are not online casinos. Demo play on slots is only banned at sites with UKGC licences, so sites without UKGC licences can offer demo play, but only if these sites also do not permit real-money gambling.

Changes to Slots Made by the UKGC, a Summary

The UKGC has made several rules pertaining to how online slots play at UKGC-licensed casinos. Here is a quick summary of slot features banned at UK online casinos.

  • Free, play money or demo play
  • The ability to ‘buy’ features such as free spins or bonus games
  • Autoplay
  • ‘Turbo’ spins – a slot spin must last at least 2.5 seconds
  • ‘Celebrating’ wins that are not more than the stake used to generate the spin

Several slot providers sites will allow you to play their games for free, which will enable you to play slots for practice purposes before moving on to slots that you play for real money. Such sites include the main sites for Pragmatic Play, Play’n GO and Habanero.

Slot Tip #4 – Budget Carefully

No matter your aim when playing slots, it’s always best if you set a slotting budget and stick to it. There is no point landing a big slots jackpot if you’ve already spent hundreds of pounds getting to it.

Always practice responsible gambling techniques. Before you even consider any form of gambling, work out how much money you need each month for the important factors in life – mortgage/rent payments, food, utility bills, leisure activities and so on – then work out how much you can afford to lose each month without it affecting anything else.

online slots 2

You can then set your maximise spin cost, which should be your overall slots budget divided by 100. If you wipe out your slotting bankroll at any stage during the month, then wait until next month’s bankroll is available – don’t borrow from it or the money you’ve set aside for bills. Another tip here – if you manage to double your bankroll take a break and go spend your winnings on something nice.

All slots and casino sites have controls in place (such as sanity checks and deposit limits) that will help you keep tight control of your gambling. If you do find your gambling is getting out of hand, then there are plenty of organisations such as Gamblers Anonymous that can help you.

Slot Tip #5 – Winning Big vs Small Jackpots

Are you a lottery ticket buyer? Do you dream of that life-changing win? Then progressive jackpot slots such as Mega Moolah are the lottery ticket version of slots. If you want a chance of a knicker-wetting win (the current Mega Moolah record jackpot payout is over €18 million) then such slots are for you. You probably won’t win, but you do have to be in it to win (and make sure you maintain responsible gambling practices).

If, however, you prefer the entertainment factor of slots with the chance of a jackpot win, then its best to keep your stake smaller and play slots without a progressive jackpot (as they are cheaper to play). You can grind away for prolonged playing sessions, ever hopeful of five high-paying symbols in a row on a winning payline.

Slots Tip #6 – Take a Breather

Playing slots can be something of a roller coaster – you will experience the ups of prolonged winning streaks, and the downs of prolonged losing streaks. Unlike a roller coaster though, you can get off whenever you like!

The key is knowing when to get off. As soon as that winning streak starts to dip, it’s perhaps time to go do something else. Is that losing streak heading towards a long, dark tunnel? Then again, it’s time to vacate.

Slots are entertaining, but they should never be viewed as more than a temporary time filler. They are certainly not a way of life.

Slots Tip #7 – Cross the Stream

We do live in a world where people broadcast everything online, and that includes playing slots. Believe it or not, there are people who have made a career out of playing slots and broadcasting themselves doing so online.

Just like competitive video games, there are video slots streamers. Why not explore a few and see which games they are playing? You just might find a new favourite (streamer and game), plus you could find out that a game you’re considering playing just isn’t worthy of your time.

Slots Tip #8 – Don’t Take it Personally

Humans are very good at crediting inanimate objects with intelligence. Perhaps you have a coffee maker that randomly misbehaves? No, it’s not having a pop at you because you drank take-out coffee for two days, it has just developed an intermittent fault.

The same goes for slots … just because you have a bad run the slot is not taking things out personally on you. Slots ‘run’ using a random number generator on the slot provider’s (not the online casino’s) server. The number is transmitted over the internet and translated to a specific configuration of the reels on your device … and that’s all it is, random, completely and utterly.

This might sound frivolous but it actually isn’t. If you develop the notion that a slot ‘has something against us’ you are much more likely to start making irrational decisions, which will eat into your slotting funds and lower your slots payouts. A slot is no more ‘intelligent’ than a coin when you toss it.

A Slotty Conclusion

We hope you have found our pro tips for slots players payout maximisation useful. If you were hoping for slot machines tips to win, well, we can’t provide those as there is no cast iron way of creating faultless slot machine strategies. Winning strategies for slots just don’t exist – the best tips for playing slots are to make sure you having an entertaining time when playing them, and keeping your fingers crossed for that rare winning symbol combo, boosting your slot wins.

Want to learn how to win at slots? Hopefully our slot machine success tips will help you win by getting the most out of your video slots play.


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Peter Addison

A vastly experienced sports betting specialist, Peter joined SafeBettingSites in 2021 as a sports editor. Peter has been focusing on the iGaming realm since 2013, and had written millions of words on all aspects of online casino play and sports betting since then. His articles have been featured in numerous high-profile online publications. When not writing, Peter can be found playing his electric guitar. He is such a talented guitarist that his next-door neighbours often join in, adding percussion by banging loudly on the walls.

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