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The Bahamas Leads The World In Olympic Medal Count Per Capita; 56 Medals Per 1M Citizens

Robert Pascal
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After the conclusion of the year-long delayed Tokyo Olympic Games, the United States of America once again topped the final medal tally furthering its dominance on the Games in recent times. However a fresh perspective that highlights average medals earned per capita has a surprising island nation on top of the rankings. According to data presented by Safe Betting Sites, the Bahamas leads in average number of medals won per capita at the Summer Olympic Games with an average of 55.75 medals per capita.

The Bahamas Takes Gold In Per Capita Medal Rankings, Finland Takes Silver and Hungary Settles For Bronze

The US has dominated the Olympics in recent times, and has the highest all-time medal count with over 2600 medals won in its entire Olympic history. The US’ ranking is not a surprise considering its long standing position as one of the world’s superpowers. However when considering a country’s population a perhaps surprising small island nation takes gold medal in the rankings.

The country of the Bahamas takes the top spot in the podium in terms of medals won per capita from the Summer Olympic Games. With a population of only 290,000 in 2020 and a medal tally that includes 8 golds for a total of 16 Olympic medals, The Bahamas have won 55.75 medals per million citizens.

Finland takes second spot with 55.05 medals pers million citizens after consistently holding the top spot before the 2020 Games in Tokyo. Hungary earns the bronze medal with an average of 52.09 medals. Notably, Hungary is also one of the consistently strong performers at the Olympics and is currently eighth in the all-time overall medal standings. It also holds the unenviable record of the most successful nation never to have hosted the Summer Olympic Games.

Top Olympic Countries US, Russia and China Fall Well Outside of Top 20

Owing to their large populations, the world’s top Olympics performers rank low in the per capita standings. The aforementioned overall top ranking of the US is deemed insignificant due to its over 330M population size which translates to about 8 medals per 1 million citizens.

The Soviet Union, which ranks second to the US in the overall rankings, is another notable example with an even lower estimated 4 medals per 1 million citizens. Unsurprisingly, China’s more than 1B citizens sees it record less than half a medal per million citizens, despite its recent strong performances and a top 5 ranking in the overall medal tally.

Rex Pascual, Sports Editor at Safe Betting Sites, commented:

“The Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games have finally concluded after being delayed for over a year despite the challenging obstacles that COVID-19 presented. Much of the Japanese population was opposed to the Games being held before the start of the competition but many reported a positive shift in attitude as the Games went on proving that the Olympic spirit is well and truly alive despite the hardships of the recent years.”

Robert Pascal

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